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Inkatechnology hired Mr.Habib Sakka as project manager

One of the leading social media application development Company of UK, Inkatechnology has recently hired Mr Habib Sakka as project manager. Mr Habib Sakka has a vast experience in the field and he will focus on the projects related to Facebook application development in Inkatechnology. Because of the increasing demand of Facebook applications developed by Inkatechnology, we have hired a project manager to maintain our service level and satisfy our customers

Inkatechnology offer special discount to charity and NGO's on Application Develo …

The best way to serve humanity is to aid those who help fellow creations. Inkatechnology, truly believe in this philosophy and has always been participating in a Socially Responsible way. It has been involved in chain of disclosed and undisclosed activities to support its purpose. The latest progress in this regards is that Inkatechnology is offering special discounts to charity, NGOs and other non-profit organization on its diverse Application Development

InkaTechnology started looking into High-end Android Applications for its Europe …

Inkatechnology, the digital agency for high-end applications, is full fledge ready to facilitate its European clients for the better with Android Application Development. Realizing the need to develop an Android Application, that facilitate the customers across Europe to have a better mobile phone experience, the Senior Designers and Developer at InkaTechnology has joined heads to come up with a high-end Android Application. This has made the air at this Android Application Development

InkaTechnology ready to make safe and secure Facebook Application

Because of the growing demand of clients to make a safe and secure Facebook Application, Inkatechnology has rolled its sleeve, to provide a solution that through coding enables HTML and SQL security to the best. The InkaTechnology Facebook Application developers, have been preparing strong hard to break codes to provide the users of the newly developed application simple yet secure interface, adding value to its customized Facebook Application developed for clients. The

InkaTechnology’s iPhone Application Developers start to help telecom companies …

The Inkatechnology has finally started the implementation stage of an iPhone Application to support customers of multiple telecom service providers. The necessary steps have been taken to make the application successful. The application will help in facilitating customers to lodge their complaints with ease without the need of going to the service provider’s website or calling customer service center. So now the need to go through lengthy registration processes and waiting

Inkatechnology is Offering User Friendly iPhone Apps

Inkatechnology has already proven its quality in serving its customers with quality web development services. We the increasing need of consumers, Inkatechnology is widening the horizons of its services and offering User Friendly iPhone Apps for its AAA clients. iPhone Apps has proved to be a smart and involving tool in promoting products and business. iPhone Application Developers at Inkatechnology are confident about the quality and ease of their apps,

InkaTechnology planning for iPhone 5G Applications Development

After the much hype of iPhone 5G launching, the Inkatechnology has rolled its sleeves and is full fledge ready to work on this soon to launch iPhone 5G. The planning phase is fully in progress, where multiple teams of designers and developers are working day and night to develop an interface which gives the ease and yet the compatibility with the new generation iPhone 5G. The basic designs and layouts

InkaTechnology Hiring Application Developers to Facilitate New Clients

Inkatechnology has been very busy, acquiring new clients, this May. To facilitate the new business linkages, we are planning to hire new development professionals. The developers will facilitate clients who need solution to their application development needs. The new clients are a combination of iPhone development and Facebook Application Development clientele. When contacted the senior HR manager of Inkatechnology, he said that the increasing good reputation and enhancing goodwill with

Inkatechnology-Hired new iPhone Application Designers

The iPhone Applications is the star application of Inkatechnology. The increasing customer base of iPhone Applications has made Inkatechnology expand its designer base as well after increasing the number of developers. Senior HR Manager said that the hiring of a number of developers was a great help for us to manage our existing and new clientele. The new customers are becoming part of our client base, and with

Inkatechnology facilitating on-line purchase and selling of mobile

Inkatechnology has now taken steps to facilitate its customers “Sell My” in making an effective medium for buying and selling of the mobile phones through Facebook Application usage. Facebook being the social medium used by masses include a large population who wants to buy/ sell phone online. So developing application, on this platform has been a challenge for Inkatechnology. According to the Chief Application Developer of Inkatechnology, “The growing needs

Inkatechnology aims further high to explore new avenues

One of the most effective and arguably the best Social Media Applications Development Company in all over Europe, Inkatechnology plans to further augment its status and raise the bar of standards for any other firm operating in the same industry as them. Talking to a Press meet regarding their recent developments, the Head of Projects at Inkatechnology announced that its more of their responsibility being part of the industry, “Since we

Inkatechnology to integrate business processes

One of the most potent and experienced web development agencies in the world today has announced taking up of smarter processes and strategies in order to integrate business processes for the overall betterment of company processes. The Manager Corporate Solutions at Inkatechnology said that, “It is time for smarter solutions and many people are striving to get better work processes and better management in order to enhance their overall company standings.

INKA Techonology to give better engagement through iPhone Applications Developme …

iPhone Applications Development has taken aback the iPhone users all over the world towards a very strong shift of thought-provoking and idea generating iPhone Applications. Courtesy the numerous iPhone Applications Developers all over the globe and the constant complementation of the Blue Ocean strategy that people at Apple computers follow, the shock and ‘aww’ of the iPhone community has found newer and higher grounds to be at. There are a

Inka Technology plans next generation Flash Games

Inka Technology has planned to launch a new generation of flash games for Facebook in the near future. According to a focal person, the customers are valuable assets and due to changing demand of customers they are plan to do something innovative. When asked about the details, the Inka Technology spokesperson said that the plan is still in progress, but it will be definitely something that will make game lover’s