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Always On: More flexibility in the fleet and leasing management through mobile a …

The fleet management software comm.fleet and the leasing management software in the version 3 are available for customers online and with mobile apps as well, guaranteeing an optimal information flow. New standards are being set by comm.fleet and in the current version 3 with their modular application portal for mobile devices and for the web, thus providing an innovative and completely internet-based frontend. The software systems support the

Keeping fleet costs always under control - comm.fleet makes it possible

The Schletter GmbH as well as the Josef Küpper Söhne GmbH rely on the competence of the successful fleet management software comm.fleet developed in Chemnitz. The Schletter GmbH located in Kirchdorf / Haag i. OB has around 1,200 employees worldwide and offers innovative light metal products produced using modern technologies. Solar mounting systems, trade fair stands and advertisement constructions, aluminum and stainless steel products for railway and automotives, environmental technologies as

Green light for comm.fleet - the electronic vehicle record convinces well-establ …

The DAHEIM LIEFER-SERVICE GmbH, Europe’s largest reader community, and the Große-Vehne Transport and Logistics GmbH, the specialist for transports of any kind, optimize their fleet management with comm.fleet, the software from community4you. The reader community LESERKREIS DAHEIM was founded in 1907 by Richard Ganske in Kiel and is Europe’s largest provider of magazines on loan with 24 stores in whole Germany. The company belongs to the Ganske-Publishing Group (Jahreszeiten Verlag, Hoffmann

E-mobility research: comm.fleet supports the intelligent disposition of electric …

RWE Efficiency relies on the smart functionalities of the fleet management software comm.fleet in the research project “metropol-E”. As part of the research project "metropol-E" carried out by the city of Dortmund and funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) communal mobility concepts are increasingly focused towards electric vehicles and tested under the conditions of intelligent and fast charging, geographically concentrated in the metropolitan region of

comm.fleet 3 convinced visitors on the bfp fleet Forum 2013

community4you presented the brand new version of its fleet management software comm.fleet at “bfp Forum 2013”, Germany’s top fair for fleet management held at Nurburgring. In 2013 we participated again at the bfp fleet FORUM - Germany’s trade fair for fleet management. The fair, which opened its doors on 19th and 20th June, has established itself as the most important meeting place for the fleet industry. 900 fleet managers and more

National and international - the innovative software products of community4you a …

comm.fleet and comm.object support Mancomunidad de los Canales del Taibilla in Spain as well as the MAKRA Group. The autonomous body Mancomunidad de los Canales del Taibilla, as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Spanish Government, established in Cartagena (Murcia), has the objective to supply 79 municipalities in southeastern Spain with drinking water. Their tasks include the collection, water treatment or desalination, and the distribution and

Quality decides - comm.fleet wins prestigious new customers

The top university TU Dresden and the traditional transport company Robert Bayer GmbH are enthusiastic about the innovative fleet software comm.fleet from Chemnitz. The Technical University of Dresden (TUD) is the largest university in the state of Saxony with nearly 37,000 students and more than 6,500 employees. In addition to engineering and the natural sciences, the wide range of subjects contains also humanities, social sciences and medical studies. As a full

BEST OF 2013: comm.fleet awarded with Industry Prize

The fleet management software comm.fleet of community4you convinced the jury of the industry prize. Resource scarcity, pollution, globalization and mobility are currently a significant topic in the world economy. These challenges can face companies successfully only with products that offer particularly dedicated solutions. Under the slogan "Push For Smart Industry" outstanding companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were awarded with the Industry Prize from the publishing company “Huber Verlag für Neue

Fleet Management and Leasing Management: Two top products of community4you stren …

The Innovation Award Winner Software comm.fleet supports GIZ in Afghanistan and VW Distributor Autosdiffusion M. Losch S.e.c.s works with in Luxembourg The fleet management software comm.fleet of community4you, which is awarded with the Innovation Prize of the IT-Initative for medium-sized businesses, convinced not only the jury as a particularly innovative solution, but also the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). As a competent service provider, GIZ supports the German government

community4you presents a new version of its fleet management, lease management a …

comm.fleet, and comm.object come up in version 3 with many new and innovative features. community4you has spared neither expense nor effort to modernize the flagships of comm.fleet product line - comm.fleet, and comm.object - to modernize technical and professional aspects, to remodel structurally and to perfect further in this subject. While comm.fleet is used for the management of complex fleets, optimized the settlement of lease and financing contracts and

comm.fleet at the bfp Fuhrpark-FORUM 2013 at Nürburgring

community4you presents the new version of its fleet management software comm.fleet On June 19 and 20, the fleet industry meets at the bfp Fuhrpark-FORUM at Nurburgring, Germany's most important trade fair for fleet managers. The trade fair brings together more than 150 exhibitors, among them the leading automotive manufacturers and service providers for fleet management and leasing. This year as well, community4you GmbH will be at the Fuhrpark-FORUM with its own

Two well-established firms opt for comm.fleet - a good choice

comm.fleet supports the fleet-relevant business processes of Martin Braun and administrates the vehicles and objects at Bonitas. Fleet and property management represents a very capital-intensive part of a company’s business. A complete cost transparency is hereby a prerequisite for economic success; it helps to assess the efficiency and enables a sustainable resource planning. For a modern and effective management of fleets of vehicles and objects, the full-service system house community4you GmbH developed

The fleets of tobaccoland and Siemens Enterprise Communications are reformed wit …

Germany's largest vending machine operator tobaccoland and the communication expert Siemens Enterprise Communications are convinced of the advantages of community4you’s modern fleet software. The renowned tobacco wholesaler – the tobaccoland Automatengesellschaft mbH & Co. KG operates over 100,000 cigarette vending machines in Germany and is the market leader in the sale of branded cigarettes from vending machines. The headquarters are located in Mönchengladbach, here the company was founded in the 70s

Fleet Management Software comm.fleet is appreciated

For many years the fleet management software comm.fleet has established itself on the German as well as on the international market as a professional and well-engineered complete solution for the management of any company fleet. community4you’s fleet management product comm.fleet is intuitive, modular and modern fleet management software, allowing customers to manage their entire fleet in an optimal way, regardless of type and size of the fleet. Master data management, reporting

Optimized fleet management at XXXLutz and Hermes by comm.fleet

XXXLutz in the Czech Republic and the German company Hermes rely on the proven skills of community4you’s fleet management software Since 1945 the XXXLutz group has established itself as the second largest retailer for branded furniture in the world. Each year an average of six new furniture stores have been established in various European countries. An optimal management of the fleet of vehicles at each location is a prerequisite in order

community4you presents the vehicle procurement software

The comm.fleet product line of the software manufacturer community4you in Chemnitz is now complemented by, the innovative software for a transparent vehicle procurement and approval process. is a professional, proven solution for the procurement of vehicles. From the individual configuration and calculation, the approval process until the final order: bundles all processes of a vehicle procurement program in transparent steps. By using this software companies save time through

With comm.fleet up to date in fleet management: Prosegur and manucartur

Prosegur’s modern fleet of vehicles is managed with the fleet management software comm.fleet; also the company manucartur optimizes its fleet services with community4you’s powerful tool. The efficient software comm.fleet not only supports professional fleet managers, vehicle owners and full-service leasing companies. The system also contains many features in order to ensure an optimal management, cost reductions or an optimized utilization ratio of vehicles and fleets of all sizes. Whether for cars,

WMF and EUROMASTER rely on ERP software from community4ou’s comm.fleet product …

WMF optimizes its fleet with the comm.fleet fleet management software and the object management software comm.object allows a competent object management at the Michelin-daughter EUROMASTER WMF, the renowned manufacturer of high-quality products for households, hotels and catering companies is a new customer of community4you GmbH. The internationally operating WMF Group is a leading provider of branded products that meet the highest standards with regard to quality, functionality and design. This claim for

community4you intensifies cooperation relationship in Latin America and provides …

Modern and flexible ERP software products from Chemnitz support the booming Latin American market in the professional management of its fleet operations. The Argentinean company ABC Latinoamérica s.r.l. – specialized in consulting services in fleet management – successfully works with comm.fleet since the beginning of this year and – within a partnership with community4you GmbH – distributes the comm.fleet product line from its headquarters in Buenos Aires, consisting of the following

comm.fleet is also established in the Austrian market

XXXLutz, Panopa and Stadtwerke Lünen rely on the proven skills of the fleet management software of community4you. Known by their trademark, the giant red chair, the company XXXLutz KG is now the second largest furniture manufacturer in the world. The proper management of their fleet of 5000 vehicles provides for this ever expanding company with its nearly 200 stores across Europe a huge challenge. With the fleet management software comm.fleet they

Professional vehicle management with integrated electronic vehicle record

The fleet management software comm.fleet from community4you GmbH integrates electronic vehicle record for consistent vehicle history documentation Integrated electronic vehicle records, thanks to their many advantages and their tight integration of all relevant information, have nowadays taken their well-deserved place within the fleet management field and make it possible to access and manage the whole history of a vehicle at the tap of a fingertip. Whereas paper documents in the past were

Fleet software comm.fleet: Effective cost control for fleet managers

Relief for fleet managers: identify the cost drivers of the company and take appropriate actions with the fleet management software comm.fleet The adoption of a multifunctional controlling system is an indispensable prerequisite for an effective and systematic management of all company fleet costs. Be it a question of planning enhancement and control, budgeting coordination or the execution and analysis of a target-performance comparison with the purpose of a perfect fleet administration,

Follow us: Software producer community4you in the Social Networks

The full-service systems house community4you GmbH is now represented on Facebook, Google+ Twitter, LinkedIn and XING. community4you GmbH, the worldwide successful software producer of ERP product and solutions is now presenting itself in the social networks Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. For the full-service system house community4you GmbH, these omnipresent social media tools are important communication channels for public relations and for a personal sales approach. After the company has already created

Vehicles and mobile objects always in view - with the tracking software comm.gps

The software for GPS and cell phone tracking comm.gps of community4you GmbH is part of comm.fleet product line for enterprise resource planning. comm.gps ( is a comprehensive product for GPS and cell phone tracking vehicles and objects. Here, an integrated software and hardware solution is provided or – if necessary – integrate already existing tracking devices into the companies’ platforms. Thus, firms can locate their vehicles and mobile objects anywhere and

Enterprise Resource Planning: Fleet management software comm.fleet gets its own …

The fleet management software comm.fleet and the associated ERP product line of community4you GmbH is now online with its own website. Just in time for the start of summer, with a symbolic push of a button, Uwe Bauch and Janko Nebel, managing directors of community4you GmbH, launched the new website of the fleet management software comm.fleet which is accessible at Innovation is of significant importance for community4you GmbH. For this reason,

Contract management made easy: the leasing management software suppor …

The software for contract and leasing management of community4you GmbH is part of comm.fleet product line for enterprise resource planning. ( is a professional all-in-one software solution for the processing of financing and leasing contracts. Whether companies offer their customers leasing, full service leasing, rental, hire-purchase or other forms of contracts, the particular contract type can be mapped easily. The nature of the underlying objects, regardless of the contract

comm.object: Efficiency for Managing Objects with an Intelligent Software

The object management software comm.object of community4you GmbH is part of the comm.fleet product line for Enterprise Resource Planning. comm.object - - is a professional, proven and complete solution for the management of objects of any kind which can be adapted to the individual requirements of any company. With the object management software, enterprises are able to reduce costs, win transparency and establish new, streamlined workflows which lead to considerable

Reduce costs through effective fleet management: comm.fleet product line present …

community4you presented the vehicle management software comm.fleet at Germany’s trade fair for fleet management at the Nurburgring. In June 2012, the fleet industry met at the Nurburgring for the Fuhrpark-FORUM 2012 – the most important trade fair for German fleet managers. Every year, the trade fair brings together more than 1,000 fleet experts and 150 exhibitors from Germany and the adjacent countries. This year, community4you GmbH was present with its own

Follow us: Fleet Management Software comm.fleet in the Social Networks

The fleet management software comm.fleet of community4you GmbH now has its own site on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The worldwide used fleet management system comm.fleet is now presenting itself in the social networks Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with its own site. For the full-service system house community4you GmbH, these omnipresent social media tools are important communication channels for public relations and for a personal sales approach. Due to this reason, the

comm.fleet at the bfp Fuhrpark-FORUM 2012 at Nurburgring

community4you presents its fleet management software comm.fleet at the Fuhrpark-FORUM On June 13 and 14, the fleet industry meets at the bfp Fuhrpark-FORUM at Nurburgring, Germany's most important trade fair for fleet managers. The trade fair brings together more than 140 exhibitors, among them the leading automotive manufacturers and service providers for fleet management and leasing. This year, community4you GmbH ( will be at the Fuhrpark-FORUM for the first time with its

community4you welcomed former Volkswagen chairman in the company's villa

The ex-chairman of Volkswagen visited his former domicile and the community4oyu team. As a prelude to an extended weekend in Chemnitz, Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Carl H. Hahn visited the community4you GmbH in its head office in Haendelstrasse in Chemnitz - for the first time together with his whole family. Since 2008, the mansion bears the respectable name "Villa Hahn" in order to honor the accomplishments of its former

comm.fleet relies on open-EIS

The fleet management software comm.fleet of community4you GmbH is based on the company's own integration platform open-EIS. comm.fleet is an intuitive, modular and modern software that allows the entire vehicle fleet of a company to be managed optimally - regardless of size and type. comm.fleet is able to meet any demand. No matter how a company is organized and operating, comm.fleet adapts to different structures and sectors. Like all products of community4you,

community4you concludes agreement for partnership in Russia

Kordon Plus is now a business partner for the comm.fleet product line for fleet and leasing management. The BRIC countries represent a huge potential for community4you in the fleet, leasing and object management area – the enterprise resource planning (ERP). Therefore, next to Brazil, especially the Russian Federation constitutes an enormous market for the comm.fleet product line with the products • comm.fleet: fleet management • leasing management • comm.object: object management • comm.gps: vehicle and object tracking For the

community4you gains new cooperation partner in Latin America

ABC Latinoamérica becomes community4you’s business partner in its fleet management business With regard to its fleet management software, which is one of its core business divisions, community4you GmbH enters into a partnership with the renowned Argentine fleet consulting company ABC Latinoamérica to tap the full potential of the booming Latin American market. From its headquarters in Argentina, the company ABC Latinoamérica operates throughout Latin America and has specialized in automotive consulting, with

Communty4you participates in the biggest Latin American IT fair – the BITS in …

From May 10 to 12, 2011, the Business IT South America (BITS) will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which will be carried out by the Deutsche Messe AG Hannover as well as by the industrial association CIERGS. The ICT fair is focused on the following sectors: Business IT & ICT Infrastructure, Communications B2B and Local Based Services, Future Lab, Banking & Finance as well as Public Sector. Both the fleet market

community4you’s fleet management system comm.fleet now available in Portuguese

As of now, community4you’s fleet management software comm.fleet ( can also be used in Portuguese. Having recognized the huge potential of the Brazilian market for our software, the next logical step was to adapt the system to the requirements of the market, one of which was the translation into Portuguese. After tests have been run and adaptations have been finished, we are able to announce that comm.fleet is now also

community4you successfully promotes IT qualification in Bolivia

Second training phase was completed successful. community4you GmbH ( implements a comprehensive qualification measure concerning Java programming for Bolivia's IT talents. The objective of the project is to promote the education and training of Bolivian IT professionals in the form of blended learning courses, i.e. alternating attendance and virtual training phases. In order to ensure a successful project course, specialists from community4you are carrying out the qualification measure, supported by the company's

community4you reaches out for Brazil with comm.fleet, its fleet management syste …

Brazil is the eighth biggest economy worldwide, has the world's tenth largest petroleum reserves and is the leading global exporter of iron, coffee and beef. When looking at the vehicle and transport market, these impressive figures continue: the country is the world's seventh largest manufacturer of automobiles, the Brazilian market for commercial vehicles, busses and agricultural machines is one of the most important worldwide and Brazil's current fleet amounts to

community4you offers extensive reporting functions in its fleet management syste …

From experience, community4you GmbH ( knows that keeping an overview over large corporate vehicle fleets is a challenge, but imperative. Therefore, its fleet management system comm.fleet offers a clearly structured overview and details concerning the customer's vehicle fleet in the form standard and customized reports. This supports fleet owners and leasing corporations in avoiding needless expenses and costs. For community4you, the basic idea is that, in order to save costs, it

community4you integrates extensive calendar management functions in its fleet ma …

The management of huge vehicle fleets is a complex and demanding task. It is essential to maintain an overview over all vehicles, including the purchasing of new cars or vehicle parts, the registration of vehicles, the financing and the various services which are linked to vehicles such as maintenance and refueling. When it comes to fleets of 100 vehicles and more, a good fleet management system is indispensable. Especially the numerous

Fleet Management in Latin America: community4you includes specific functions in …

Fleet Management Software is of high importance for companies with large vehicle fleets. It has to cater for the different requirements emerging when administrating corporate fleets. Generally, it has to include functions like master data management, cost administration and contract management. In Latin America, especially the market for commercial vehicles is growing and there is evidence that this development will continue. Moreover, most of the transport is carried out on the

community4you expands its network to Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain and present …

From May 16th to May 21st, community4you took part in a delegation’s journey to Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain, organized by iMove in cooperation with the Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Didacta Association. The journey brought community4you into the three capital cities Riyadh, Doha and Manama. Official visits to relevant governmental institutions, cooperation meetings with companies and educational institutions and evening receptions gave as us a lot of

comm.fleet – the new fleet management system: individual and future-proof

When it comes to professional fleet management, transparency and individuality are vital. A software solution for this segment must therefore offer both a high degree of flexibility and a comprehensive reporting. These and other features are provided by comm.fleet, the fleet management system of community4you GmbH, which was developed in cooperation with Hiepler + Partner GmbH. This product offers a comprehensive and powerful complete solution, tailored to the individual needs of

community4you presents comm.fleet, its fleet management system to the global aud …

At the Intermodal South America 2010 in São Paulo, the German IT company community4you GmbH presented comm.fleet (, its solution for the management of vehicle parks, to the global market for the first time. The software attracted numerous visitors to the stand of community4you. Especially the product’s ability to exactly meet the customers’ individual needs, its customizability, transparency and flexibility appealed to the visitors. The professional and complete solution for

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