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Rising world market shares of the 10 largest automakers

From 2011 to 2012 the worldwide motor vehicle production rose by 5.2%. That was connected with a noticeable change of the world market shares among the 10 largest automakers. Three changes are crucial. Quest TechnoMarketing has investigated the internationalization of the worldwide automobile production since 2000 and published some results in the Quest Trend Magazine. Now this long-term trend analysis has been amended by the actual changes from 2011 to 2012

The German machinery industry is divided into three groups - new in the Quest Tr …

Compared with large industries such as chemistry or motor vehicle industry the machinery industry is rightly considered as medium-sized. However, it is divided into three groups that shift the medium-size character in the background. Quest TechnoMarketing investigated the industry structure of the German machinery industry and published the result in the Quest Trend Magazine. In particular for the manufacturers of automation technology it may be useful to adjust the products for

Structural changes in the course of the worldwide industrial production and the …

The Quest Trend Magazine has analyzed the course of the worldwide industrial production in the last 30 years. Three structural changes became visible. They are forming the economic situation also these days. The industrial production of the USA, Japan, Germany and the European Union showed an altogether continuous growth in the 20 years from 1980 to 2000. Economic crises with a decline in industrial production occurred in an interval of

German machine-builders have been shifting their export markets since the world …

The still dominating role of the European Union countries for the machine export has dramatically been relativized since 2008. And even the export shares into the BRIC countries show up noticeable shifts. The turnover of the German machinery industry achieved its crisis low with 67.5 index points (value index of the German Federal Statistical Office) at the beginning of 2010. Then started a rapid upward movement slightly exceeding with 137.6 at

How the 10 largest automakers have internationalized their production - new from …

Since 2000 the production shares of the 10 largest automakers in the 10 largest car countries have been changing in such a way that four out of ten manufacturers do not produce any more the most automobiles in their home land. Quest TechnoMarketing made these serious changes clearly visible and published them in the Quest Trend Magazine. In the period of eleven years, starting with 2000, when the internationalization of motor

Safety Ethernet in the German Machinery Industry Until 2015

Currently 33% of the machine-builders are using Safety Ethernet but Safety Ethernet is being implemented at just 6% of the machines. That is based on good reasons as the new Quest study “Ethernet and Safety Ethernet in the German machinery industry until 2015“ highlights. Some results of this study are published by the Quest Trend Magazine. In the year 2010 15% of the machine-builders used Safety Ethernet, further 14% planned

The dramatic internationalization of the locations of world-wide motor vehicle p …

The market shares of the individual countries at world-wide automobile production have been dramatically changing in the more than 10 years since 2000. Quest TechnoMarketing made these changes clearly visible and published them in the Quest Trend Magazine. In 2000 the five countries USA, Japan, Germany, France and Spain produced still almost 60% of the world-wide motor vehicle production. Eleven years later this world market share was cut almost in half

„Rare Earths and Automation Technology“ – New Quest Research

August 1st, 2012 - The unstable supply situation with rare earths has specific causes. Quest Research publishes 7 theses in order to look behind the scenes trying to make an objective and useful orientation easier for manufacturers and users of automation technology. The seven theses, published in the Quest Trend Magazine Online, spot geological and technological structural problems, oversupply and undersupply at the same time, price determination without considering costs

The Internationalization of the World-Wide Automobile Production from 2000 to 20 …

The new Quest Research reveals the substiantial shifts in the market shares of the automobile countries and manufacturers since the year 2000. 76% of the world-wide automobile production rolls from the assembly belts that are located in the 10 strongest automobile countries. The share of each country at this world production changed from 2000 to 2011. These shifts during the last 10 years are made visible by two recently published articles

„What the machine-builders want to change in the automation technology in 2012 …

The new Quest study covers the current changes of the machine-builders in regard to Ethernet and field buses at the machines, the control technology, the drive technology, IO-Link and RFID, in what respect changes of the control system and the drive technology are joined with changes of suppliers and with a view beyond 2012: how the machine-builders are evaluating a comprehensive integration of the machines’ automation. Now the machine-builders can

Ever more robots at food and packaging machines until 2014

The manufacturers of food and packaging machines are planning to strongly expand the use of robots at these machines until 2014. Three applications of robots are thereby in the centre point. This is one of the results of the new Quest study „The future of the robots use until 2014 in the German machinery industry“. The new Quest study states that with 53% more than each second of these manufacturers are

The Future of the Robots Use until 2014 - New Quest Study

The new Quest study determines the robots use at the machines in the German machinery industry until 2014. This comprehensive topic is divides into four focuses. These focuses are the robot itself, the engineering of the robots application by the machine-builder, the integration of robots into the machine automation and finally the innovations demanded by the machine-builders. The study is aiming at the manufacturers of robots and automation technology likewise. The

The change of the control technologies 2011 from users’ view

Bochum, Germany, November 21, 2011 - The fair SPS/IPC/Drives in November 2011 in Nuremberg bids with newest technologies for users. However, how can the impact of the users, the machine-builders on the technological change be currently und detailed determined? Quest TechnoMarketing covered with scarcely 250 machine-builders in 10 machine-building industry sectors the changes intended by these machine-builders in the use of the control technologies this year. These changes are creating positions of

Increasing use of robots in the German machinery industry 2011, Quest study repo …

19% of the investigated machine-builders intend to change the use of robots at the machines this year, be it to use robots for the first time or be it to extend current uses as the Quest study „What the machine-builders want to change in automation technology 2011“ reports. The 19% of the machine-builder are not limited to special applications but distributed over nine of ten investigated machine-building industry sectors. Machine-builders having

IO-Link has been continuously growing in the German machinery industry since 200 …

Bochum, Germany, May 26, 2011 - The implementation of IO-Link shows neither an erratic upward development nor a tough stagnation but a continuous, step by step spreading with more and more machine-builders in more and more sectors of the German machinery industry. IO-Link is a field bus-neutral interface, which makes the point-to-point connection between I/O modules and sensors able to communicate. The existing 2/3 wiring can be used. So any additional

Ethernet at packaging machines from 2005 to 2012

Bochum, Germany, May 9th, 2011 - Packaging machines belong to the pacesetter for the use of Ethernet in the machinery industry. So 83% of the packaging machine-builders already used Ethernet exceeding the reference value of 80% in the total machinery industry in the year 2010. However, the dynamic growth of Ethernet at packaging machines will be weakened in the future. Up to the year 2012 87% of the packaging machine-builders want

Integrated control technologies are preferred in the change, new Quest study rev …

Machine-builders in Germany who are changing the control technology at the machines this year prefer integrated control technologies. This reveals the new Quest study as the Quest Trend Magazine reports. Bochum, Germany, April 26, 2011 - This year 24% of the investigated machine-builders intend to change the control technology at the machines. The changes of the machine-builders mean compared with the previous year that the technology change of the control

„What the machine-builders want to change in the automation technology 2011“ …

Bochum, Germany, March 29th, 2011 OPENPR - The new Quest study identifies the changes the machine-builders are considering this year in the control technology and the drive technology. It makes the technological change transparent like a voter migration analysis. It identifies the increasing and the decreasing technologies and the connection between both. In addition the study covers the current implementations of robotics, energy efficient drives, I/O modules, IO-Link and RFID in

Ethernet and real time Ethernet 2005 - 2012 - Summary of three Quest studies

Bochum, Germany, February 28th, 2011 - A summary of three Quest studies tracks how ProfiNet, EtherCat, Ethernet IP, Powerlink, Modbus-TCP, Sercos III, VARAN and TCP/IP have been developing in the German machinery industry from 2005 to 2010 und will develop to 2012. The three Quest studies carried out in the years 2005, 2008 and 2010 cover the trends from users’ view i.e. from the view of potential-strong machine-builders in the 10

„Ethernet and Safety Ethernet 2010 – 2012“ – new Quest study

The new Quest study unveils trends and innovations to Ethernet from the machinery industry’s point of view. This study reports the trends from the point of view of potential-strong machine-builders in the 10 automation-relevant sectors of the German machinery industry with 100 and more employees. Ethernet at the machines will grow by 30% per year until 2012 and will then be implemented at 72% of the machines. 37% of the machines will

The Market Shares of the Ethernet Field Buses in the German Machinery Industry u …

Bochum, Germany, January 11th, 2011 - Ethernet at the machines will grow fast until 2012 – reveals a new study by Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London. The Quest Trend Magazine publishes some highlights. In the year 2010 Ethernet was already used at each second machines, thereof 29% with TCP/IP and 21% with real time Ethernet. According to the planning of the machine-builders the portion of the machines with Ethernet will increase

How the Market Structure of the Automation’s Suppliers has been changing - Par …

Bochum, September 13th, 2010. The Quest Trend Magazine has recently published the second part of the three-part series of articles with the headline „Automation trends, market structure, economic crisis“. This serial investigates the connection between the trends in the automation technology, the market structure of their suppliers and the economic crisis. The first article with the headline „The trends in the automation technology“ identified the two main trends in automation. The

New Focus on Criteria and Solutions Selecting the Right Energy Efficient Drives …

Bochum, Germany, July 27, 2010 – The Quest Trend Magazines has created a new focus on the criteria and solutions to assist the current decision-making process in the F&B Industry regarding changing the drive technologies. The implementation of energy saving drives has become a directive of the European Commission. In particular in the F&B Industry it is difficult to spot the right approach to meet these regulation because of the broad

Electric linear actuators have been growing for 10 years

Bochum, July 14, 2010. During the last 10 years from 2001 to 2010 the use of electric linear actuators in the German machinery industry has increased fivefold. So the portion of the machine-builders using electric linear actuators at the machines increased from 3,5% to 19%. Linear actuators produce a straight-line resp. translational motion. So e.g. the hot glue nozzle of a packaging machine can be guided straight-lined across a paper

RFID - constantly and throughout the machinery industry implemented

Bochum, July 5, 2010. This year 14% of the machine-builders intend to implement RFID at the machines. RFID stands for radio frequency identification and provides the wireless identification of goods, semi-manufactures or workpieces in the industrial sector. Last year 15% of the machine-builders wanted to implement RFID at the machines. So RFID shows a constant implementation during the last two years. This implementation is taking place with all or almost all of

The current technological change in the control technology from users’ point o …

Bochum, June 29, 2010. Quest Trend Magazine publishes the current “voter transition analysis” for the control technology. It shows, which control technologies are attractive, substitution-threatened or stable in the change according to the machine-builders this year. „The voter transition analysis“ for the control technology is focussed on the changes and the exchanges of the control technologies at the machines. Not market shares but the dynamic of their possible future changes are

Requirements on sensors in the German F&B Industry

Bochum, June 21, 2010. The requirements on sensors show clear but differentiated emphases. The central point of the requirements on sensors is as expected its high type of protection. This results from the high hygiene requirements demanding intensive cleaning of the production plants and accordingly of the sensors as well. 65% of the F&B companies called the high type of protection as product criterion. This criterion ranges from IP 54 or IP

Intensified interest in application-optimised I/O modules

Bochum, June 15, 2010. The machine-builders are intensified interested in application-optimised I/O modules this year. This confirms the trend to fine-tuning the control and drive technologies that determines the changes in the automation technology this year. With 11% each tenth machine-builders intend to change to application-optimised I/O modules this year. That is an increase in relation to the previous year by more than one third as this value was 8%. What application-optimised

Panel PC benefits from the current trend to fine-tuning the control technology

Bochum, 7th June 2010. Machine-builders prefer fine-tuning the control technology this year. This means to improve the consisting control technology at the machines instead of changing the control technology. The Panel PC benefits from this current trend. Panel PC means operator panel with integrated control system. Compared with other control technologies such as PLC, PC, microprocessor control, CNC or contactor-based control technology the Panel PC shows the highest portion with new

The trends in the automation - start of the serial „automation, supplier struc …

Bochum, May 25, 2010. The Quest Trend Magazine has recently published the first part of a three-part series of articles to the topic „automation, supplier structure, economic crisis“. It concerns the connection between automation technology, its suppliers and the economic crisis. By now two main trends in the automation technology have been appearing. The first main trend of the automation substituted the electro-mechanics by microelectronics. The second main trend consists of

Current trend to IO-Link slightly improving

Bochum, Germany, May 18th 2010. This year 10% of the machine-builders intend to implement IO-Link at the machines. IO-Link is a field bus-neutral interface, which makes the existing point-to-point connection between I/O modules and sensors able to communicate omitting an additional core. 71% of the machine-builders gave a positive feedback to IO-Link according to a survey by Quest TechnoMarketing, comprising over 300 machine-builders in 2007. Then the economic crisis curbed the interest

Changes of the drive technology 2010 in the machinery industry - fine-tuning int …

Bochum, 10th May 2010. Fine-tuning the drive technology at the machines has been intensifying this year, however, the fine-tuning’s emphases remain unchanged the same as last year. Fine-tuning the drive technology concentrates on 3 emphases. 27% of the change-willing machine-builders intend to change from classical to integrated safety engineering at the drives this year. Classical safety engineering requires separate additional components while integrated safety engineering provides electronics that is integrated

Control technology in the machinery industry 2010 – Fine-tuning determining fo …

Bochum, 3rd May 2010. Fine-tuning the consisting control systems at the machines instead of changing the control technology – the motto of the machine-builders this year. These goals pursue the machine-builders for the first time since 2003. Since then the annual technological change in the automation technology is pursued by Quest TechnoMarketing. Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, is specialised in market surveys of the automation technology from users’ point of view

Actual changes to Ethernet-based field buses in the German machinery industry

Bochum, 26th April 2010. Machine-builders will change to Ethernet-based field buses this year. 48% of the change-willing machine-builders want to introduce ProfiNet, (Siemens) and 22% EtherCat (Beckhoff) at the machines this year. These changes take particularly place at expense of the classical, non Ethernet-based field buses such as Profibus (Siemens) or CAN. Regarding Powerlink (B&R), Sercos III, DeviceNet and in-house solutions of the machine-builders a differentiated picture shows up. The readiness

Trends in automation technology from users’ point of view - now on the Interne …

Bochum, 12th April 2010. The Quest Trend Magazine publishes trends in automation technology from user’s point of view in machinery industry, automotive and F&B industries in Germany. In time before the Hanover Fair complementary to the print edition an on-line edition on its own has been published in German and English language. The benefit for the decision-makers in automation technology is that they get to know the demand trends in automation

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