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Professional Information Search: Technology Transfer Summit in Vienna

4th IRF Symposium, 6-9 June 2011, Vienna, Austria The IRF Symposium has established itself over the last years as a unique meeting place where both science and industry come together to discuss and solve technological challenges for professional information retrieval. The main objective is the alignment of research activities to the real needs of end-users who cope with skyrocketing amounts of information. The complexity of patent documents as well as

PLuTO: Why overcoming language barriers fosters a more innovative society.

European consortium formed to improve access to multilingual patent digital libraries. Entering a new market is a costly endeavour for individual inventors and SMEs. Searches must be made for any existing patents in the domain and this requires high-level technical and legal expertise. Language barriers represent an additional hurdle, because of the specific language in patents: both technical and legal at the same time. The multi-national distribution of patent sources

Intellectual property versus open science: an unbridgeable gap?

James Boyle, Creative Commons founder, opens the IRF Symposium 2010 in Vienna On 2 June 2010 the 3rd Information Retrieval Facility (IRF) Symposium in Vienna starts with a highlight: The non-profit research organisation has successfully secured James Boyle, one of the Creative Commons co-founders, as a keynote speaker. Complex data pools in corporate data bases, the internet and public media require new search technologies. This year’s symposium aims at fostering dialogue between

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