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Press Releases from ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG (23 total)

New dual PIR-outdoor motion detector by ABUS Security-Center

This outdoor motion detector is a passive infrared motion detector with a dual PIR element. It responds to any type of heat movement and is therefore the ideal pre-event for burglar alarm systems or video monitoring systems. With protection class IP55, AZBW20000 by ABUS Security-Center is ideally equipped for outdoor use and has two disconnected outputs for integration into an alarm or video system. The integrated PIR elements can be

ABUS smoke detectors for double protection

The new HSRM30000 smoke and heat detector form ABUS Security-Center uses a bi-sensor processor to monitor both smoke and heat, and therefore provides a doubly reliable alarm when this type of hazard arises. This means that unlike conventional smoke detectors, it is also suitable for use in difficult locations such as kitchens and bathrooms. Dual verification of smoke and temperature The HSRM30000 can monitor an area of up to 40 m²

Home video surveillance set TVAC15000 from ABUS Security-Center - Security, that …

The starter set TVAC15000 from ABUS Security-Center is the individual home video surveillance solution for the front door. A handy 3.5 inch monitor is connected to the corresponding wireless outdoor camera via a wireless system and the user can find out who is outside the door from anywhere in the house. Simple installation and versatile monitor makes the home video surveillance system the perfect beginner set for digital wireless monitoring

iDVR App now for Android - Mobile access to ABUS video surveillance recorders

The iDVR App for Android from ABUS Security-Center enables convenient access to ABUS video surveillance recorders. Video data from up to four analogue or network cameras can be seen and directly saved from the live view. One of the main functions of the app is accessing up to 16 recorders that can be saved. What makes it special: The app can be used for analogue as well as network cameras

Intelligent protection for doors – Secvest 2WAY wireless additional door locks

The new mechatronic Secvest 2WAY wireless additional door locks from ABUS Security-Center offer even more effective protection from unwanted visitors: They provide huge mechanical resistance of over a ton against intruders while the alarm system already raises the alarm. The various ABUS wireless and hybrid alarm systems can also be conveniently activated and deactivated using the Secvest 2WAY wireless additional door locks. Electronic alarm detectors with active intruder protection Even when

ABUS Secvest IP sets – the cost-effective start in networked alarm technology

The new Secvest IP wireless alarm system is now available in two different sets. The basic set includes two detectors and one remote control. The video set comes with a PIR network camera. Both sets are very cost effective compared to buying individual components. They are also a quick and easy start in IP based surveillance technology for small apartments and smaller units. FUAA10030 Secvest IP video set The Secvest IP

ABUS Security-Center provides WLAN network cameras for outdoor areas

ABUS Security-Center is presenting a new WLAN network camera for outdoor surveillance. This new VGA IP camera has been specially developed for private use, e.g. video surveillance of entrances. It provides colour recordings with 640 x 480 pixels in real-time. Video data is transmitted wirelessly via WLAN. A covered power cable provides optimum protection against manipulation. To simplify integration in existing surveillance systems, the camera supports the manufacturer-independent ONVIF standard. Thanks

Secvest 2WAY FG350E wireless window handle – the discreet solution for externa …

ABUS Security-Center is presenting the new Secvest 2WAY FG350E wireless window handle – another member of the mechatronic wireless detector family. The window handle is the discreet solution for external perimeter protection. It is compatible with the Secvest 2WAY and Secvest IP wireless alarm systems and is also a practical alternative to wireless opening detectors. The wireless window handle not only locks windows or balcony doors, but also reliably transmits

ABUS Professional Network Camera Provides 1080p HD Resolution in Real-Time

The new day/night HD 1080p 2.0 MPx real-time network camera from ABUS Security-Center does not even miss the smallest of details – even at long range – in real-time with full resolution. This makes the TVIP52501 the professional surveillance tool for face recognition. With 2.0 MPx (1920 x 1080 pixels) the detection and identification range is up to four times greater , compared to VGA resolution. This yields a surveillance

Over 190 pages of innovation – the new ABUS Security-Center Video, Alarm & Mec …

ABUS Security-Center will unveil its new catalogue on April 1st 2011. In just under 200 pages, the comprehensive solutions provider will present its extensive alarm and video surveillance solutions. Apart from analogue and network cameras, digital recorders and everything else necessary for today’s alarm and video surveillance needs, the catalogue also contains many new products. Specialist retailers just click on the following link to order the new catalogue free of

New “Interpreters” from ABUS Security-Center Assist Signal Transmission from …

ABUS Security-Center is introducing two new transmission sets. They are especially suitable for the transmission of network data using conventional coaxial or dual-wire cables. Therefore, time and money can be saved during installation as it is no longer necessary to lay expensive network cables. Compared to network cables, they also have considerably greater range of up to 1500 metres. The IP via coaxial transmission set TVAC25100 and the IP via dual-wire

Secvest IP wireless alarm system from ABUS Security-Center is now available

ABUS Security-Center’s new wireless alarm control panel Secvest IP is now being shipped. It not only combines the advantages of IP technology with time tested functions of wireless alarm technology, but also enables culprit identification by integrating the new PIR network camera. Security for apartments and smaller premises can be upgraded quickly and easily to provide perfect protection against intruders. Simple installation and operation The Secvest IP control panel is quick launched: All about the advantages of video surveillance solution …

Everything you want to know about video surveillance is now available on the new ABUS website. Private and business customers find comprehensive information on benefits and applications at The new ABUS video website provides answers to questions and problems and explains the various video surveillance solutions. It is aimed at security-conscious company managers and private users, as well as experienced security technicians who wish to keep up to speed

Eyseo IP D1 network video server from ABUS Security-Center – network access, e …

The new Eyseo IP D1 video server from ABUS Security-Center makes analogue cameras IP-capable. The video server processes the image signal from analogue cameras and sends it to the network, meaning the data can be sent or recorded on an IP basis – and all in real-time D1 resolution! The Eyseo IP D1 network video server receives data from analogue video cameras that are already connected in the building, and

ABUS Secvest wireless socket – convenient control of lamps and more

With the new Secvest wireless socket from ABUS Security-Center, the alarm panel can control domestic electrical appliances. Lamps and other appliances are activated in the event of an alarm or according to a schedule, thus helping to deter burglars. The Secvest wireless socket is compatible with the Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm control panel, the IP alarm module and the new Secvest IP wireless alarm control panel. Unlit houses attract the

IR Mini Easy Focus outdoor camera from ABUS Security Center – the “all-round …

ABUS Security-Center presents the new Eyseo IR Mini Easy Focus outdoor camera. The camera focuses in on the respective section of the image automatically when zooming, and at night controls the intensity of the IR LEDs, depending on the zoom factor and distance to the object. Analogue “all-rounder” With its three-level 3.8-10 mm motor zoom lens, the new IR Mini Easy Focus outdoor camera TVCC40530 can automatically bring any zoomed area into

ABUS Security-Center unveils new mechatronic wireless detectors for Secvest wire …

At the Security 2010 trade fair in Essen, ABUS Security-Center is presenting the latest wireless detectors for Secvest wireless alarm systems. These new Secvest products give doors and windows an even greater degree of protection against intrusions. The mechatronic wireless detectors provide considerable resistance against break-in while the Secvest wireless alarm system is already raising the alarm. The wireless detectors can be installed quickly and simply by maintenance specialists in

The highest picture quality and resolution from ABUS Security-Center: IP cameras …

ABUS Security-Center is presenting new day/night IP cameras for indoors and outdoors at the Security 2010 in Essen. The day/night TVIP52501 HD 2.0 megapixel network camera and the TVIP62500 outdoor camera with their 2.0 megapixel resolution can replace more than four standard VGA cameras. This makes them suitable for monitoring large areas. Thanks to progressive scan 1/2" CMOS technology, the pictures are transmitted as flicker-free full-screen images. Compression is done

ABUS Security-Center introduces the new Eyseo IP dome cameras for unobtrusive vi …

ABUS Security-Center is launching the new Eyseo IP dome camera series at the Security 2010 in Essen. The vandal-proof TVIP70000 and TVIP72000 network dome cameras have an especially flat housing and an angle of vision of 108° which makes them especially suitable for unobtrusive monitoring in elongated premises with low ceilings such as underpasses and passages. The vandal-proof IP dome cameras have been specially developed for use in tough conditions –

ABUS Security-Center presents the new Eyseo dome cameras for professional use

ABUS Security-Center is presenting two new ranges of the Eyseo WD DNR dome camera for professional use at the Security 2010 in Essen. These dome cameras are particularly suitable for monitoring areas with unfavourable lighting. The new EFFIO™ signal processor returns clear images in areas with backlight as well as in poorly lit areas. The WD DNR day/night dome cameras are available as indoor models and also as vandal-proof outdoor

ABUS Security-Center presents new dome cameras with S-Lux technology

ABUS Security-Center is presenting new dome cameras with S-Lux technology at the Security 2010 in Essen. These dome cameras have been especially developed for monitoring poorly lit areas. The S-Lux dome cameras are available as indoor models and also as vandal-proof outdoor models as well as with and without IR illumination. They are the perfect analogue video monitoring cameras for illuminated underground garages, entrance areas, corridors and warehouses. Eyseo S-Lux/IR dome

ABUS Security-Center presents new storage media for digital video monitoring

At the Security 2010 in Essen, ABUS Security-Center is presenting two new Eytron storage solutions for IP-based video recording: the Eytron TVVR35000 4-channel video buffer and the Eytron TVVR70020 16-channel NAS. Live display and data administration of the devices is conducted with a web browser, Samba or the video management software (VMS). These recording solutions are inexpensive and practical alternatives to stand-alone recorders and are ideally suited for recording data

The new Eytron HDRplus hybrid digital recorder from ABUS Security-Center

At the Security 2010 trade fair in Essen, ABUS Security-Center is presenting the new Eytron HDRplus hybrid digital recorder models: the TVVR60010 with eight analogue channels and the TVVR60020, with 16. In addition to this, recordings from up to eight IP cameras are possible. The “plus” in the name of the new hybrid digital recorder is the real-time recording at full resolution. The new HDRplus models come with a wide range

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