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Beef Wellington – The Taste Of Napoleon’s Defeat

Admirers of traditional British cuisine can experience it even in Turkish Riviera, in elegant Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant. British people have a bee in their bonnet about food. Travelling by subway, it can be easily observed. Almost every second conversation’s topic refers to cuisine. Of course there is nothing surprising considering the fact how many various restaurants London is abound in. Inhabitants of England are in the habit of dividing meals into

Kalkan Chosen One Of The Best Tourist Destinations

The historic town of Kalkan is a charming place and one of the most amazing locations along Turkey's Lycian Coast. Kalkan is a picturesque, unspoiled and romantic holiday resort situated in the place where mythical Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea meet on the beautiful coast between Fethiye and Kaş cities. The heart of Kalkan is its old town, the real labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets leading to harbor. Kalkan is

A Must-see Place In Turkey – Charming City Kaş

One of worth visiting places in Turkish Riviera is Kaş, small ancient town which has enough power to amaze every tourist. Kaş, formerly a small fishing village, is one of the most famous littoral resorts (three hours' drive southwest of Antalya) but still provincial atmosphere prevails here. Recently, on the surrounding hills modern buildings have been built but bigger constructions are excluded because of natural barriers – rocky, hardly accessible slopes.

Silent Witness Of The Past - Karain Cave

The Karain Cave is a fascinating place which was inhabited for 25 000 years and can amaze visitors easily with its natural beauty. The Karain Cave located on the Mediterranean coast north of Antalya is one of the most striking spots in Turkey where cumulated the inheritance of centuries. Karain, thank to being a large complex of small caves and chambers and presumable wealth of past’s testimonies aroused archeologists’ interest quickly. The

The Fire Of Anatolia Show - The Most Energetic East-West Synthesis

The Fire of Anatolia Show offers a unique and totally outstanding performance with a stunning mixture of ballet, modern and oriental elements. “The Fire of Anatolia” is a bating breath performance epitomizing the diversity of Anatolian culture being a fusion of west and east output. An inspiration for Mustafa Erdogan – project’s creator and general art director – were culture, mythology and impressive history of the region. A wonderful performance’s choreography

The Ancient City Myra Casts A Spell Over Thousands Of Tourists Every Year

Myra which was leading city of the Lycian Union in ancient times, located 1,5 km to the north of modern town Demre, amazes tourists with its phenomenal ruins. Remains of the ancient city Myra are in majority covered by alluvial silts. On the acropolis survived defensive walls and throne of stone from the Lycian period. At the foot of acropolis is located the biggest in Lycia Roman amphitheatre with 38 rows

Termessos - Unconquerable Eagle’s Nest With Ancient Ruins

Termessos with its well-preserved ruins and monuments is one of the most valuable ancient cities in Turkey. In the Güllük Dağı National Park, 30 kilometres to the north-west of Antalya, expand the ruins of ancient Termessos, also called Aerie. Former city of brave warriors overgrown with Mediterranean forests hides a lot of historic relics. Termessos is probably the most intriguing and interesting city in Antalya region. Termessos, a picturesque ruin flourishing

Combination Of Turquoise Water, Intact Nature And Sunken Ruins – Kekova Island

Small, uninhabited Island Kekova is a GO-TO to place with its natural charm and scenic views. Kekova, also called Caravola, is a small uninhabited island near Kaş covering area of 4.5 km² which in administrative aspect belongs to Antalya. The Kekova region, specially protected area, extends on 260 km² surface comprising the island of Kekova, the villages of Kaleköy and Üçağız and the ancient towns: Simena, Aperlae, Dolchiste and Teimioussa.

Trekking In Turkey – Lycian Way

Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations thanks to its beautiful Mediterranean coast with top quality sandy beaches. Not many people know trekking hobbyists also can find entertainment in this amazing country. The Lycian Way, which takes its name from the ancient civilization which once ruled the area, has become one of the world's best known long-distance footpaths. The Sunday Times announced it one of the ten most beautiful

Konyaalti Beach – great holiday option for active travelers

Konyaalti Beach is the best holiday destination because of being located close to the city action and offering many entertaining options. Konyaalti Beach with its 7 km long sand and shingle shore in the west of Antalya is the most popular and crowded spot in summer season. However, Konyaalti beach is very spacious that even in rush hours everybody can find own patch of sand to relax. It is also a

Perga – City With The Palpable Marks of History

Perga, today’s archeological site and a major tourist attraction, was an ancient Greek city in Anatolia playing defensive role to avoid pirate bands’ attacks demolishing Pamphylia region. Perga is a very attractive spot for tourists because of its rich history and the important role it played – located along Aksu riverside was one of the main points of navigation in spite of being 12 km far from sea. This ancient city,

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