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The global B2C E-Commerce market is expected to double from 2022 to 2025: New re …

[Hamburg, Germany - September 14, 2023] - The latest release from Hamburg-based market research company, titled "Global B2C E-Commerce Market 2023," provides an overview of global trends in the B2C E-Commerce market and insights into the growth potential of various markets through key figures, forecasts, and trends. B2C E-Commerce market initially experiences strong growth followed by a moderate growth outlook. While the world witnessed a boom in online shopping during the

B2C E-Commerce sales in Eastern Europe projected to rise in 2019, reports yStats …, Hamburg-based desk research firm specialized in E-Commerce & Online Payment market intelligence, has released a new publication: “Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2019”. According to this report’s findings, online retail sales in the countries of Eastern Europe are expected to maintain double-digit growth in 2019. More consumers in Eastern Europe shop online Online shopper penetration is on the rise across Eastern Europe, but remains behind that of Western Europe. In the

New report from suggests continued expansion of online retail in Viet …

A recent publication from Hamburg-based business intelligence company, “Vietnam B2C E-Commerce Market 2019,” projects continued strong growth of the online retail sector in the Southeast Asia nation through the middle of the next decade. Factors contributing to the growth include the entry of regional and global online merchants in Vietnam, plus the growing Internet connectivity through mobile phones. Online retail sales year on year to increase at a double-digit

Online retail sales in Thailand projected to continue strong growth: …

The latest publication from Hamburg-based research firm, “Thailand B2C E-Commerce Market 2019,” reveals the expectation of continued year-to-year online retail sales increases. Thailand’s mobile and social shopping trends make it one of the leaders in the region in total web-base sales. Internet connection increase and social media shopping result in more online shoppers Thailand’s constant rate of growth of internet connectivity and the growing comfort of connected individuals in making purchases

Mobile use spurs growth of online shopping in Indonesia, says new rep …

Online commerce growth attributed to mobile use. The high penetration of smartphones in Indonesia and their use for shopping is one of the main drivers of B2C E-Commerce growth. The report includes the fining that most Internet access in the country is through mobile phone and the device is increasingly used for shopping online. The expansion of online shopping has led to draft legislation, not yet implemented by the’s New Report: Payment Security Regulations Transform the E-Commerce …

“Europe Online Payment Fraud & Security 2019” has been released by Germany-based market research specialist The report provides an overview of the top online and mobile payment security trends in Europe, and concludes that the latest regulations are expected to have a major impact on the European E-Commerce payments market. Online Payment Fraud Rises in Europe and Worldwide The volume of online payment fraud loss is on the rise worldwide, projected

Global payment innovation covered in a new report by

“Global Payment Innovation Trends 2019” is a new report published by, a leading secondary market research firm based in Hamburg, Germany. Yücel Yelken, CEO & Founder of, shares the observation that “technology innovations like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain are rapidly transforming the payments industry worldwide”. AI and IoT disrupt the global payments industry The integration of virtual voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri into

Rapid growth expected for global digital payments by 2022

Global E-Commerce & Payments research provider, based in Hamburg, Germany, has released a new market report with the title “Global Digital Payment Forecasts 2019-2022”. The publication cites key predictions for the online and mobile payments market in five global regions through 2022 and beyond. Digital payments growth led by Asia-Pacific With a double-digit growth rate, the global digital payments market is expected to reach new heights by 2022. Asia-Pacific is the’s new report: Saudi Arabia’s online shoppers go mobile

A new publication from a leading E-Commerce-focused secondary market research specialist, based in Hamburg, Germany, reports on the rapid growth of online retail sales in Saudi Arabia. According to the report “Saudi Arabia B2C E-Commerce Market 2019”, digital commerce is on the rise, driven by high mobile usage rates. High smartphone penetration rate drives online shopping in Saudi Arabia B2C E-Commerce sales in Saudi Arabia are projected to rise at a

Mobile wallet adoption rates are the highest in Asia-Pacific, says, an E-Commerce and Payments desk research specialist based in Hamburg, Germany, has published a new report with the title “Global Mobile Wallets 2019”. The publication summarizes the latest figures in mobile wallet growth worldwide and contains profiles of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, as well as of the two Chinese leaders Alipay and WeChat Pay. Asia-Pacific accounts for above two-thirds of mobile wallet users worldwide Following a rapid growth

Asia-Pacific’s mobile wallet market expands, according to a new report by ySta …

“Asia-Pacific Top 10 Mobile Wallet Profiles 2019” is a new publication from Hamburg-based secondary market research specialist The report summarizes the latest market figures for mobile payments in Asia-Pacific and details the profiles of the 10 leading mobile wallet services. Asia-Pacific tops the world in mobile wallet adoption Asia-Pacific has the world’s highest mobile payment user penetration, surpassing 50% of smartphone users in 2019, according to the market data cited by

A profile by WeChat Pay has the second largest mobile payment share …, a leading desk research company based in Hamburg, Germany, has published a profile of China’s second most popular mobile payment service. According to the findings cited in “WeChat Pay Profile 2019”, WeChat Pay accounts for a double-digit share of mobile payment volume in China, but remains behind the market leader Alipay. WeChat Pay pursues an international expansion strategy As a digital wallet service of China’s popular mobile messaging app WeChat, WeChat

Apple Pay outshines Google’s and Samsung’s mobile wallets, reveals …

A new publication from Germany-based secondary market research specialist, “Mobile Wallet Profiles 2019: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay,” summarizes the latest usage figures and projections for the three mobile wallets. The report reveals that Apple is expected to maintain its lead over Google and Samsung in terms of number of users worldwide. Growing usage figures expected for Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay The number of mobile The number of Samsung Pay users to double by 2020

“Samsung Pay 2019”, a new mobile wallet profile published by Hamburg-based secondary market research specialist reveals that the number of Samsung Pay users is expected to nearly double between 2018 and 2020. Samsung Pay topped 1 billion transactions and continues to grow Having surpassed 1 billion in transactions, Samsung Pay remains on the growth path, according to the report. By 2020, the number of Samsung Pay users is projected to

Google Pay to See Rapid Growth in Users Through 2020, says

“Google Pay Profile 2019” is a new mobile wallet profile published by Germany-based secondary market research firm The publication details the wallet’s features and summarizes its main usage statistics and trends. More consumers start to use Google Pay According to the latest figures cited by, Google Pay users are growing at double-digit rates. In the USA alone, Google Pay is expected to gain more than 1 million new users in

Latest stats on Apple Pay revealed in a profile by, Germany-based secondary market research specialist, has launched a series of mobile wallet profiles including the recent publication of “Apple Pay Profile 2019”. According to their research, Apple Pay is adding new users every year and is projected to maintain its lead over Samsung Pay and Google Pay at least through 2020. Apple Pay grows internationally Launched in 2014, Apple Pay has evolved into a major mobile payment market player in

In terms of mobile payment adoption, Asia-Pacific is on top, states

A newly released report by Germany-based secondary market research firm, “Global Mobile Payment Methods 2019,” finds that around the world, the adoption of mobile payments is rising, with the nations of the Asia-Pacific region leading the trend. Mobile Wallets performing well in Asia-Pacific Mobile payments are used by more than a third of Internet users globally, quoted’s latest report. The Asia-Pacific region outperforms the rest of the global regions by

In global E-Commerce, alternative payment methods start to outpace cards with he …

Hamburg-based leading secondary market research company,, reports on the global alternative online payments landscape and the increase of their share in overall E-Commerce payments in the latest publication, “Global Alternative Online Payment Methods 2019”. Global E-Commerce sees the impact of alternative payment methods Worldwide E-Commerce sales are experiencing a rivalry between alternative payment methods and cards, with alternative payment methods aggregating a larger portion of the market. Among these methods, E-Wallets Global E-Commerce still dubs payment security a concern

Hamburg-based leading secondary market research company reports on the latest developments in digital payment landscape in the new publication “Global Online Payment Methods 2019”. Yücel Yelken, the CEO & Founder of, comments: “Around the globe, we see a greater incorporation of digital payment methods. However, sellers and consumers in E-Commerce are still largely concerned with online payment fraud, projected to generate a substantial and growing amount of losses

In North America, cards still dominate in E-Commerce payments, according to ySta …

A new report, “North America Online Payment Methods 2019”, released by Germany-based secondary market research specialist,, summarizes the latest trends in North American online and mobile payments. Highlighted in the report is the finding that cards remain strong in the U.S.- Canadian E-Commerce payment landscape. Online shoppers prefer plastic in North America In reference to surveys mentioned in the report, North American E-Commerce’s leading payment method of 2018 was

MENA E-Commerce sees cash on delivery challenged by cards and mobile wallets, de …

Hamburg-based leading secondary market research company,, reports on the digital payment landscape in Middle East & Africa in their latest publication, “Middle East and Africa Online Payment Methods 2019”. Cash on delivery still prevails among online shoppers in MENA, but the use of cards, digital wallets, and other electronic means are developing, according to this report. In Saudi Arabia and the UAE, cash is used by digital buyers Online shoppers in

Adoption of new technologies spurs development of B2C E-Commerce in North Americ …

B2C E-Commerce is expected to show positive dynamics in both economies of North America. Online retail sales in North America are projected to maintain a compound annual growth rate in the double-digits between 2019 and 2021, according to market forecasts cited in this report by The USA is the largest market in the region and the second largest worldwide. B2C E-Commerce sale in the USA exceed by far the sales

Global digital business to business sales outpacing online retail, says yStats.c …

The latest publication from Germany-based secondary market research company covers the prolific growth of online business to business sales. “Global B2B E-Commerce Market 2018” cites projections that by the end of this decade, volume of online B2B sales will be twice that of digital retail sales, as the wholesale sector adopts convenience traits of B2C merchants. Sales figures of worldwide B2B E-Commerce are already in trillions of US dollars, and

New report contains predictions of cashless economies in the Asia-Pac …

Germany-based online business intelligence firm has published a new report, “Asia-Pacific Payment & E-Commerce Forecasts Snapshot 2018,” citing predictions of rapid growth of digital payments in the Asia-Pacific region. The publication includes forecasts that some nations may become cashless in the next decade. Shoppers in Asia-Pacific economies accelerate trend to digital payments With the increase of digital payments in online shopping plus the growing use of mobile payment in-store, some nations

Cross-border online shopping expanding in Europe: report

Hamburg-based secondary market research firm’s new publication, “Europe Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce 2018,” provides detailed information on the continued growth of cross-border online shopping in 20 countries of Europe. Online shoppers in Europe increasingly purchase outside home nation The lure of products not available through domestic sources or a price advantage elsewhere has led to a double-digit increase of cross-border online shopping over the past five years. The report indicates that

Online shoppers in Europe buy clothing more than other products, says …

Clothing is the top product category purchased online in Europe. This and other interesting information about products, sales volume, and trends is found in a new publication from Hamburg-based secondary market research firm, “Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2018”. The UK leads Europe in online retail sales volume The UK, France and Germany are the B2C E-Commerce sales leaders in Europe and are expected to remain so for the next few years.

B2C E-Commerce in Western Europe sees new trends amid continued growth: yStats.c …

A new publication from Hamburg-based online business research firm, “Western Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2018,” provides sales data and forecasts on the 10+ nations in the Western Europe sub-region. The report includes information on developing trends such as voice command and cross-border purchases, plus omnichannel shopping. The UK leads Western Europe in B2C E-Commerce sales The United Kingdom has the highest B2C E-Commerce sales volume in Western Europe. While some other

Online retail sales in Poland expanding rapidly, says report

“Poland B2C E-Commerce Market 2018,” a new publication from Hamburg-based market research company tells of the recent rapid expansion of online retail sales in Poland, with details of sales figures, projections, and trends. Recent double-digit growth projected to continue Online sales of products and services to consumers in Poland have experienced double digit growth for the past few years, with projections for continued strong growth, according to the report. The

Online retail sales will continue rapid growth through 2021: report

A new report from online retail business intelligence firm, “Global B2C E-Commerce Market 2018,” provides details on the recent developments and ongoing trends in web-based merchandising. The publication synthesizes data from primary sources, including projections of continued double-digit growth in worldwide B2C E-Commerce into the next decade. Mobile shopping contributes to worldwide growth The worldwide movement to Internet connection through handheld devices, with the associated ease of making purchases, drives the

New publication from shows online payment preferences of European con …

Yücel Yelken, CEO and founder of secondary market research company announces the publication of “Europe Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2017,” a new report with information regarding online and mobile payments as used by shoppers in over twenty European countries. The preferred method of payment for online shoppers in Europe varies, through some trends transpire throughout the region. Taken as a whole, the most used methods for online purchases are

Rapid growth predicted for online retail in India, says publication

Hamburg-based online business research firm’s new publication “India B2C E-Commerce Market 2018” reveals expectations of rapid growth in the Asian nation. Yücel Yelken, CEO and founder observes that most of the incremental growth will stem from increased Internet connectivity and shopper penetration in second tier cities and rural areas. Just one third of India’s huge population was connected to the Internet in 2017 and few of those made online researchers present at Newegg Global Seller Summit

Online market research firm was invited to participate in the recent Global Seller Summit organized by leading technology merchant Newegg in London. The presentation by the research team covered the latest information on global E-Commerce and online payment trends, including transactions through social and mobile platforms and innovation in payments, such as digital wallets. Participants in the Newegg Seller Summit left the presentation informed with ideas to to highlight Global E-Commerce market trends at Newegg Global Seller …

Leading global electronics merchant Newegg has invited Germany-based research firm to present at the Newegg Global Seller Summit being held in London on June 14. The participation will provide Summit attendees with up-to-date information on trends in the online retail environment such as social commerce, cross-border online retail, mobile wallets and other developing digital payment methods. Because of the extensive research background of in the

Rapid growth foreseen for online retail commerce in the Philippines, according to Market researchers at Hamburg-based have released a new report on the online retail situation in the Philippines. The report “Philippines B2C E-Commerce Market 2018” contains forecasts for near-term rapid growth in the online commerce sector, propelled by increased Internet and the populations’ warming to the online shopping experience. Online retail sales in the Philippines have lagged the recent

Indonesia’s B2C E-Commerce to experience the fastest growth in Southeast Asia, …

“Indonesia B2C E-Commerce Market 2018” is the title of a new publication from Germany-based secondary market research firm The report unveils the growth potential of the online retail market in Indonesia, citing a prediction that it will expand the fastest among six Southeast Asian nations through 2021. The publication also contains key market data, trends and consumer preferences in this emerging market. B2C E-Commerce in Indonesia is growing at high

Africa’s online retail sales set for rapid growth, says new report

The latest report from Germany-based online business research firm, “Africa B2C E-Commerce Market 2018,” cites sources indicating that online retail sales in the continent are prepared for rapid expansion in the next five years. The report provides information on sales, growth projections, leading online merchants and purchase category preferences for several countries in the region. Online retail sales in Africa accounted for less than 1% of the global total last

Marketplaces capture half of retail sales online, says report

Secondary market research firm has released a new publication titled “Global E-Commerce Marketplaces 2018.” This report from the Germany-based online commerce researchers reveals that multi-seller retail platforms now account for about half of online sales, with their share expected to increase in the next few years. Global online marketplaces like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten and their competitors accounted for roughly 50% of online retail sales globally last year and

New report by one third of connected consumers use mobile payments

Hamburg-based desk research firm has released a new report “Global Mobile Payment Methods: Second Half 2017,” detailing the advancing penetration of mobile payments. One finding is that one third of Internet connected shoppers around the world use mobile payment methods for their purchases, with consumers in the Asia-Pacific region leading the trend. The report cites primary sources showing that mobile payments are growing in use worldwide. China has more

Online retail payments trending away from cards, according to report

A new publication from the research analysts at Germany-based, “Global Alternative Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2017” includes the payment preference for online shopping in over 30 countries. The report predicts that the leadership of payment cards in worldwide E-Commerce will give way to digital payments such as PayPal and Alipay by 2021. E-Wallets, exemplified by PayPal and Alipay, are the most common of the new payment alternatives used by

Report from digital payment methods surge in global online retail

Germany-based desk research firm has released a new publication, “Global Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2017” summarizing trends in payment methods in online retail. The report contains a prediction that early in the next decade the share of B2C E-Commerce paid for by E-Wallets will surpass that of credit or debit cards. Cash on delivery and plastic cards have long been the dominant payment methods globally for online retail purchases,

Payment with digital wallets spreads in Asia-Pacific region says repo …

Germany based secondary market research firm’s new report, “Asia-Pacific Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2017,” among other findings, points to the rapid rise in popularity of payment by digital wallets throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The publication covers the payment preferences of shoppers in 10 nations of the vast Asia-Pacific area. Third-party online and mobile wallets are growing in popularity in China and India and spreading through other countries of the

Payment security a concern for online shoppers in Europe, according to new yStat …

Germany-based secondary market research firm has published “Europe Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2017” as part of a series of reports about online and mobile payments. The check-out choices of shoppers in 20 European nations are highlighted in this report, which also points out a growing concern about payment security. Payment methods are evolving as new regulations are enacted and online retail shopping continues to spread, while traditional methods of

B2C E-Commerce in the GCC to double by 2020 says report

A new market report, “GCC B2C E-Commerce Market 2018,” has been released by online business research firm of Hamburg, detailing the current status and projections for online retail sales in the six nations comprising the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC). The publication includes a forecast that online retail sales volume in 2020 will be twice the level of 2017. There is much room for growth

Fast growth of online retail expected in Middle East, says report

Germany-based secondary market research firm’s new publication, “Middle East B2C E-Commerce Market 2018”, reports on the growth of online retail in nine countries of the region. Improvements in infrastructure and increased Internet connectivity are among the factors pointing to near-term growth of B2C E-Commerce. Retail E-Commerce sales in the countries of the Middle East are projected to increase significantly between 2017 and 2020. The main impulse for the rapid growth

Doubling of UAE online retail sales by 2021 foreseen in new report

The research specialists of Hamburg-based have published a new report titled "UAE B2C E-Commerce Market 2018. The publication details the expected rapid growth of online retail sales in the UAE between 2017 and 2021. While online retail sales presently in the UAE lag behind global averages, there are several factors pointing to a rapid future growth. ivity and developed infrastructure, along with recent investment in B2C E-Commerce auger well for rapid

Mobile payments continue to rise in Asia-Pacific, reports new publication from y …, a leading secondary market research company located in Hamburg, released a new publication “Asia-Pacific Online Payment Methods: First Half 2017” revealing the prosperity of mobile payments across Asian markets. This report also reveals consumer preferences for E-Commerce payment options as well as their concerns involving online and mobile payment security. A global survey cited in the report highlights how China, India and Indonesia ranked first in the world for

M-Commerce taking center stage in Europe, highlights new publication

Recently released from secondary E-Commerce market intelligence firm,, the report “Europe M-Commerce 2017” entails key information regarding M-Commerce sales and digital buyers in the leading 10 markets in Europe such as that mobile phones will soon outrank tablets as the most popular device for mobile shopping. Nearly one-third of European Internet users completed purchases via mobile in 2016, confirms a survey from the report. Regional countries with both

M-Commerce taking center stage in Europe, highlights new publication

Recently released from secondary E-Commerce market intelligence firm,, the report “Europe M-Commerce 2017” entails key information regarding M-Commerce sales and digital buyers in the leading 10 markets in Europe such as that mobile phones will soon outrank tablets as the most popular device for mobile shopping. Nearly one-third of European Internet users completed purchases via mobile in 2016, confirms a survey from the report. Regional countries with both

India projected to outpace other top markets in Asia in B2C E-Commerce growth ra …

Based in Hamburg, Germany,, a leading firm with expertise in secondary market research, released the new report “India B2C E-Commerce Market 2017” that focuses on India’s E-Commerce and highlights new findings such as that out of the leading Asian online retail markets, India is expected to have the strongest growth rate through 2021. Online retail made up a mere one-digit percentage share of all retail sales in India in 2016. Philippine online retail forecasted to experience immense growth thr …, an international secondary E-Commerce market research firm headquartered in Hamburg, published a new report “Philippines B2C E-Commerce Market 2017” that showcases that although the Philippines’ online retail market was the most minuscule out of the six leading E-Commerce markets in Southeast Asia, its growth rate is expected to be higher than most other countries in the region through 2025. Online retail in the Philippines is in infantile stages due to

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