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Increased Force: PICMA® Chip Actuator with Larger Dimensions

PI Ceramic now manufactures PICMA® chip actuators with the dimensions 10 mm × 10 mm × 2 mm. These ultra-compact piezo actuators attain forces of up to 2000 N with a displacement of 2.2 µm. The chip actuators complete the series of miniature piezo actuators, available in the sizes 2 mm x 2 mm x 2 mm, 3 mm x 3 mm x 2 mm and 5 mm x 5 mm

Highly Reliable PICMA® Multilayer Piezo Actuators: New Versions Available for U …

PI Ceramic has added PICMA® Stack multilayer piezo actuators that are encapsulated in a stainless steel casing to its standard product range. The encapsulation guarantees the reliability and superior lifetime of the multilayer piezo actuators even under extreme operating conditions, for example, when the application environment is characterized by oil, splash water or continuously high humidity. The multilayer piezo actuator is hermetically sealed in a stainless steel casing which is filled

PI Ceramic publishes new catalog "Piezoelectric Actuators"

PI Ceramic publishes its new product catalog "Piezoelectric Actuators - Components, Technologies, Operation". The new edition contains all standard products in the area of piezo actuators as well as detailed information on the principles of piezo technology. It also contains an overview of the suitable piezo amplifiers from PI (Physik Instrumente), which can be used to operate the actuators. In addition to the existing product range, PI Ceramic presents many new

PICMA® Bender Actuators From PI Ceramic Can Be Easily Customized

Thanks to a new type of production technology, multilayer bender actuators can be manufactured in large quantities with almost any desired contours and dimensions. Even unusual shapes such as trapezoid and internal holes with a full ceramic insulation are thus possible. The piezo actuator is protected against humidity and has a high insulation strength, which considerably increases the lifetime in comparison to conventional polymer-insulated actuators. The height of the active

Lead-Free Piezo Material Enters Series Production

PI Ceramic (PIC), a worldwide leading player in the field of actuator and sensoric piezo products, now offers a lead-free piezo material for lead-free ultrasonic transducers. The PIC 700 material is based on bismuth-sodium-titanat (BNT) and is produced as a block by pressing technology. The piezoelectric characteristics are promising: PIC 700 has a high coupling factor for the flexural vibration and is thus suitable as an ultrasonic transducer in the

Picoactuator® – “Good Things Come in Small Packages”

PI Ceramic is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers in the field for piezoelectric actuators and sensors. With their Picoactuator® PI Ceramic offers longitudinal and shear actuators which are made of the PIC 050 crystalline piezoelectric material. In contrast to the classic piezo actuator made of lead zirconate-lead titanate (PZ), Picoactuators show a high degree of linear displacement. In real numbers that is: ten-times higher linearity with ten-times lower displacement is

Development, Manufacture and System Support: Comprehensive Performance from the …

PI Ceramic is a worldwide leading player in the field of actuator and sensoric piezo products. PI Ceramic currently presents the newly revised "Piezoelectric Ceramic Products" catalog. The catalog comprises detailed descriptions of the materials offered and their classification according to international standards, data tables of the individual materials, and dimensions of the components offered in disk or plate shape. Among others, lead-free piezo components are now newly offered. PI Ceramic presents

PI Ceramic on Continuous Growth

PI Ceramic, one of the world’s market leaders for piezoelectric actuators and sensors, reports a favorable sales trend: the record result from the year 2007 was exceeded in 2010 by nearly 30%. Albrecht Otto, Managing Director, has good reason to be pleased: After having declining sales in the years 2008 and 2009, those markets that are supplied directly by PI Ceramic with piezo components in different refinement steps have shown

High-Tech Production Technology at PI Ceramic: More Freedom for PICMA®

PI Ceramic now has a new type of production technology which enables it to produce multilayer piezo actuators with inner holes or in unusual shapes. The new technology can produce tiny holes and structured ceramic surface and almost any type of contour - even three-dimensional ones. Special milling machines work the sensitive ceramic films in the green state, i.e. before sintering. The individual layers are then equipped with electrodes and laminated.

Harvesting energy from vibration

Radio sensors can monitor installations at locations which are difficult to get to and thus support automation. The energy supply is an important consideration in such applications. In order to dispense with the need for batteries and the associated servicing work, it is possible to use energy from the surrounding environment: energy harvesting. Piezoelements convert the kinetic energy from vibrations or shocks in the surrounding environment into electrical energy, and

The piezo plays detective

In medical engineering it is often necessary to ensure there is an undisturbed flow with no air or gas pockets. This is achieved with the aid of ultrasonic technology in so-called bubble or air-bubble detectors (ABD). Piezoelectric components from PI Ceramic are used as the ultrasonic transducers. They generate and receive the ultrasonic waves for these sensors. The sensors are mounted on the outside of flexible tubes and operate under

PI Ceramic Nominated for the Thuringian Innovation Award:New Piezo Stepping Actu …

The Thuringian Innovation Award took place for the 12th time in December 2009. The award, which has been established in 1994, has become both an impulse generator for the Free State of Thuringia and a mirror of its successful economic development. PI Ceramic from Lederhose was nominated out of more than 100 candidates in the categorie "Industry & Material" for their piezo stepping drive of the Nexact series. With this

NEW: Sealed PICMA® Actuators

PI Ceramic (PIC) is one of the leading global players in the field of piezo-based actuator and sensor products. PICMA® multilayer actuator technology, which has won awards for its reliability, is just one of the elements manufactured by PIC. PIC now offers PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators in a version with stainless steel casing. The casing is hermetically sealed and filled with an inert gas. The piezo actuators are thus outstanding for

Small, robust, intelligent: Adaptive solution ‘en miniature’

PI Ceramic presents the latest development in the field of piezo composites, P-876.SP1, the smallest ever version of the patented DuraAct™ patch transducer. A thin piezo ceramic film only 0.2 mm thick is used to construct a robust element which can be used as both an actuator and a sensor. The P-876.SP1 is simple to handle and its extremely compact size makes it suitable for use in very small spaces. DuraAct™

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