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02.04.09 - ACUMEN Int. Corp.

ACUMEN announces new Ai capture cards in the first quarter 2009

Expansion of capture cards is the focus for ACUMEN in the first quarter. The range of Ai capture cards has increased triple; 4- channel (Ai-SC145, Ai-SC347), 8-channel (Ai-SC185, Ai-SC383, Ai-SC387) a... mehr

17.03.09 - ACUMEN Int. Corp.

32-channel capture card Ai-SC333 from ACUMEN

ACUMEN introduces a new capture card, Ai-SC333, it can support 32 cameras for playback, record and monitoring. Ai-SC333 is capable of audio recording in 8 cameras simultaneously. Its software supports... mehr

09.03.09 - ACUMEN Int. Corp.

Ai-D243, hybrid H.264 DVR from ACUMEN

The latest 4-channel DVR, Ai-D243 for medium to large-scale video surveillance systems is available now. Its dimensions are smaller than an A4 paper with a thickness only 4.5 cm. ... mehr

26.02.09 - ACUMEN Int. Corp.

ACUMEN's new development and new sponsorship of the TB2009 Form in Moscow

ACUMEN was the general sponsor of the Forum «Security and Safety Technologies» this year. The organizers, Reed Exhibitions, are expanding cooperation with Acumen on an extensive range of events in t... mehr

09.02.09 - ACUMEN Int. Corp.

ACUMEN Int. Corp. in Intersec Exhibition 2009

ACUMEN Int. Corp. participated in Intersec 2009 Exhibition in the first year displaying over 30 Ai models in Dubai, UAE. The largest Security & Safe Exhibition in Middle East was held successfully and... mehr

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