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EVRY introduces financial dashboards to enhance its corporate banking offering

EVRY has entered into a partnership with CoCoNet to enhance its offering for corporate banks. By integrating CoCoNet’s financial dashboards into its offering, EVRY will help its corporate banking customers to better manage the complexity of financial information. As access to financial data expands, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to visualise complicated correlations and complex data in a user-friendly way. The smart dashboards that EVRY and

CoCoNet launches e-banking iPhone app for corporate customers

Banks see an increasing demand from corporate customers for a mobile access to their accounts, from anywhere and at any time. For this reason CoCoNet launches the new iPhone app as an extension to the corporate e-banking portal MULTIVERSA IFP. Authorising payments and keeping track of movements on balances at any time is a challenge for many managers. Now CoCoNet’s MULTIVERSA IFP App makes it very easy to keep up to

CoCoNet Press-Release: Volkswagen Bank migrates to MULTIVERSA product suite

Volkswagen Bank has migrated from CoCoNet’s established e-banking solutions to its modern banking server MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server and its innovative finance portal MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal in order to benefit from cross-national innovations in e-banking formats and banking connectivity. The finance portal MULTIVERSA IFP enables Volkswagen Bank to perform payment transactions with third party banks, while the banking server MULTIVERSA IBS serves as the payment hub of Volkswagen

Synergies for corporate payment processes thanks to SEPA and UNIFI

UNIFI and SEPA represent the standardisation trends in the field of payment transactions and together with modern e-banking systems offer interesting cost saving potentials. The SEPA Credit Transfer and the SEPA Direct Debit are the first payment instruments released by the European Payments Council (EPC) for the Single Euro Payments Area. They are based on the ISO standard for financial services messaging ISO 20022 or UNIFI (UNIversal Financial Industry message scheme)

Neue Willkommensseite für E-Banking Software MULTIVERSA IFP

Users of sophisticated portal solutions expect opportunities to personalise their views on their data. The redesigned and extended MULTIVERSA IFP dashboard landing page now shows users all relevant data on their personal view directly after log-in. Right after logging into the system the dashboard landing page comes up and displays all the information sections previously defined by the user. This keeps the user constantly updated e.g. on special important balances

Multibank portal MULTIVERSA IFP with EBICS 2.4 offers enhanced security

The multibank-enabled e-banking solution MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal by CoCoNet supports the internet communications standard between banks and corporate customers EBICS version 2.4 launched by the ZKA (Zentraler Kreditausschuss, made up of the leading associations of the German banking industry). The main focus of enhancements of the current EBICS version 2.4 is on a further increased security level. This EBICS version with the currently deployed internationally recognized and common cryptographic

CoCoNet presents GUI redesign on International UserGroup Banks 2009

On the latest International UserGroup for Banks CoCoNet presented the MULTIVERSA IFP roadmap for the upcoming years. The focus of this year’s UserGroup was the redesign of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal. Also new functionality and regulatory adaptations were in discussion. The most important topic was the presentation of the first view on the new GUI of MULTIVERSA IFP version 3.0. The participants really

CoCoNet at EuroFinance 2009 in Copenhagen

At this year’s EuroFinance International Cash and Treasury Management in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 21–23 October 2009 with the innovative e-banking solution MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal CoCoNet could give many answers to the open questions of treasury departments in international corporations. Among the most important topics experts for treasury and cash management discussed in this panel were the centralisation of the company-wide payment transactions, the direct SWIFTNet connectivity and the

CoCoNet celebrates its 25th anniversary

In November 1984 a group of talented young scientists at the University Dusseldorf computer centre decided to get together to set up in business and CoCoNet was born. CoCoNets rapidly grew from a dozen employees to 50 employees by the beginning of the nineties and now stands at over 150 employees. Since 2004 the Polish subsidiary CoCoNet Polska has also become part of the CoCoNet group. Today CoCoNet clearly focuses

CoCoNet's e-banking solutions support new SEPA order types

CoCoNet’s finance portals and e-banking servers support the new SEPA order types in all customer and bank systems according to ZKA specifications of data formats version 2.4. The ZKA (Zentraler Kreditausschuss) representing the German Banking industry has defined new SEPA order types and thus incorporated the new rulebooks 3.x for SEPA payment instruments of the EPC (European Payment Council). The new order types based on the existing order types for

CoCoNet’s e-banking products ready for SEPA Direct Debit

CoCoNet has a clearly defined roadmap for preparing its innovative e-banking solutions for SEPA in a stepwise approach. CoCoNet’s products are already able to process SEPA Credit Transfers. The next steps will integrate SEPA Direct Debit functionality in three stages. The MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal has been handling SEPA Credit Transfers in different country and bank flavours since the SEPA standard was introduced in January 2008, just like the

Deutsche Telekom decided on CoCoNet’s MULTIVERSA IFP

Deutsche Telekom has established MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal as the basis for the centralisation of their group-wide payment transactions via one single platform. The transaction volume in 2008 was more than 3.4 million payments in the Group Headquarters & Shared Services (GHS) and the treasury department and also included large value payments deriving from their asset management. "After an intense process with different suppliers we finally decided on CoCoNet

Diamis and CoCoNet combine their expertise to introduce joint solution for ETEBA …

Diamis and CoCoNet today announced that they have concluded a partnership agreement for providing the French market with a solution for managing the transition from ETEBAC to EBICS. The solution is based on MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server, a multi-channel server for exchanges between banks and corporate customers. MULTIVERSA has been operating EBICS exchanges for years within some of the major Cash Management actors in Germany. It also includes a platform

CoCoNet enhances MULTIVERSA IBS by OFTP access protocol

CoCoNet enhances the modern e-banking-platform MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server through an OFTP access channel (Odette File Transfer Protocol) for the data transmission between international banks and corporate customers. MULTIVERSA IBS is a modular and scalable platform for receiving and processing payment transaction data and delivering customer specific account information like account statements, intraday reports, returns and foreign exchange rate information. The initial situation at banks that now also offer

Auto Transfer Tool (ATT) for seamless integration of MULTIVERSA IFP with ERP- an …

CoCoNet offers an enhanced Auto Transfer Tool (ATT) serving as an interface for the data exchange between its e-banking-platform MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal and corporate ERP & TMS systems. As a market leading e-banking solution MULTIVERSA IFP provides banks and corporates not only with clearly structured overviews of data such as liquidity, forecasts, balances and transaction reporting (BTR), but also offers effective tools for payment transactions and cash pooling.

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