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PCIS Adds Cenzic to Security Partnership

Vancouver-based IT consulting firm PCIS continues to build on core partnerships with leading security vendors to better service the security demands of its customer base. Today, PCIS announced a new partnership with Cenzic, complementing its Boonbox Devfense security offering by becoming a reseller of Cenzic Hailstorm Web Application software. This announcement follows closely on the heels of PCIS' announcement earlier this month of becoming a reseller of Imperva’s SecureSphere Web

PCIS Offers "Exceptional" WebSphere Portal Security

VANCOUVER – As cyber criminals devise ever-more sophisticated tactics to overcome portal and application security measures, companies are looking for a security solution to protect their essential business operations. Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd. has combined a team of WebSphere portal and application security experts with effective security tools to provide an exceptional level of security for WebSphere portal users. “Thanks to a smart collaboration of our Devfense WSA (Web Security

Cyber Security a Business Priority

VANCOUVER - A business owner clicked on a link in a message in her email and three days later, her credit card is maxed-out. Getting to her office, she finds her IT manager waiting for her, pulling his hair out in frustration. The company has been hacked, and it’s got consequences for the owner, her company and anyone who has ever done business with them. How do the hackers get away

Cyber Security Helps Strapped Companies Survive

VANCOUVER, CANADA – As companies struggle to scrape through the market downturn, learning how to protect the revenue stream becomes critical. “When your network or web applications get hacked, your ability to operate is severely compromised,” says PCIS President Vaclav Vincalek. “Most companies simply can’t afford the downtime right now. So how do you protect your computer systems? This is what every company needs to know.” PCIS is hosting an ongoing series

Webinar Shows Web Security Tactics

VANCOUVER, CANADA – As web applications continue to bear the brunt of hacker attacks, companies need the knowledge to protect their operations. Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd. is offering a Web Application Security Fundamentals Webinar to help time-and-resource strapped departments in charge of security cope with the challenge. “This webinar is a great opportunity for IT managers, web developers, webmasters and other professionals to understand the complex and ever-changing web

Informer Helps Companies Stay Secure

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Embattled companies needing better information to counter security threats in an already-tough marketplace have some good news: Cyber Security Informer is here to give them the information they need to keep their businesses running smoothly. Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd. has re-launched its flagship security news source as Cyber Security Informer (CSI), to help companies cope with a quickly-changing security landscape while dealing with tight budgets in a

Business Survival Linked To Smarter Security

VANCOUVER, CANADA – With privacy and security threats growing in 2009, companies that want to survive economic tough times need to make sure their network infrastructure and web applications are locked down intelligently, says PCIS President Vaclav Vincalek. “We’ve found that when IT objectives are not aligned with business requirements, organizations are basically sabotaging themselves,” says Vincalek. “We’ve seen IT people implementing policies for the sake of security to such a

Businesses Learn To Stop Cyber Criminals

VANCOUVER, CANADA – January 8, 2009 – Online threats to business operations are likely to grow in 2009, but some companies are getting the information they need to prepare for the coming storm. This month, Vancouver Board of Trade Managers’ Toolbox presents “Online Protection: How to secure your business and build consumer trust”, where Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd. President Vaclav Vincalek will provide essential tips and practical steps businesses can

Network solution helps companies avoid downsizing into a security breach

VANCOUVER, CANADA – December 8, 2008 – A new IT-security packaged service, Devfense DNA, helps organizations identify their network assets and how their IT infrastructure is connected. This is the latest security offering from the Boonbox division of Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd. “Computer networks still face considerable security threats both from inside and outside the network,” says Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd. President Vaclav Vincalek. “But before companies can begin

New Devfense NSA (Network Security Assessment) Launches from PCIS

VANCOUVER, CANADA – November 19, 2008 – IT-security solutions-provider PCIS has officially launched its Boonbox Devfense NSA (Network Security Assessment) offering, which provides an inventory of and organization's network and builds an accurate map of their assets. Devfense NSA identifies network vulnerabilities and creates a roadmap to implement fixes to make networks more secure. “Cyber criminals are attacking computer systems all the time and it’s important for companies not to drop

PCIS Launches “Web Threats Weekly” to Help Public Take Action

VANCOUVER, CANADA – November 14, 2008 – Want to know which websites could be next on a hackers’ to-do list? A Vancouver-based web and network security provider is launching Web Threats Weekly, an email alert giving the public the tools to make sure they get better protection for their private information and their own computer systems. “We’re doing this for the public, to give them better protection for their identities and

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