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PlacidWay Medical Tourism Adds over 100 New Healthcare Providers Post-Covid

PlacidWay continues to expand its digital platform providing a hybrid medical tourism experience to patients and providers globally Denver, Colorado, May 11, 2022: PlacidWay, a premier digital medical tourism platform, continues to expand its global medical provider network with the addition of over 100 medical centers. As the demand for medical travel rises post-covid, there is a renewed sense of optimism with health and wellness providers globally. Elective procedures such

Canadians Venturing South of the Border for Medical Care

Growing numbers of Canadians are traveling south of the border to Mexico for elective procedures, including stem cell treatments, obesity and bariatric surgical options, fertility treatments, dental care and procedures, and finally, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Why? The easy answer is that it medical providers, experts and facilities in Mexico provide excellent, timely and affordable care in these fields. Waiting lists in Canada can be quite long for procedures and

Placidway Partner -Beike Technology Tackles Spina Bifida

Beike Biotechnology, located in Shenzhen China, is one of the world’s leading research organizations when it comes to stem cell research. Most recently, Beike-produced stem cells and related research were utilized this summer by Qingdao’s Chengyang People’s Hospital in the treatment of a 13-year-old young man diagnosed with spina bifida. Spina bifida is a medical condition caused by congenital or birth defect. It results in an incomplete covering or uneven development

Twoj Dentysta: A Unique Approach to Dental Care

Most people don't think of philosophy when the thinking about the dentist's office, but a dental office is one of the best places where philosophy and psychology comes into play. For example, the dental staff at the offices of Twoj Dentysta, located in Poland is more than aware that most people are afraid of the dentist. Complete dentistry as practiced by the professionals at one of the most popular dental

Panama Medical Tourism offers Ageless Wonders

Ageless Wonders Panama, a health tourism company from Panama, has joined with PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado, to offer complete health & wellness services in Panama. The international patients seeking affordable and quality care can access exclusive individualized packages to fulfill all their expectations. Executive Director of Ageless Wonders Panama, Eric De Ycaza says, “Ageless Wonders Panama assists international travelers through the entire medical procedure and care.

Cancun: Sandy Beach Vacations Meet World-class Cosmetic Surgery

Paula, Melissa, Susannah, Valerie, and Aurora are all women looking for the same thing; affordable cosmetic or plastic surgery. They found their answer at Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery center in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Women like these don't trust their bodies or face is to just anybody. They're looking for expertise, experience, and the best, highly trained cosmetic surgeons around the world. Certified by the Medical Tourism Association, Perfection

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