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Optimized bending production - New software facilitates daily work

Just in time for the EuroBLECH, AICON 3D Systems launches version 3.1 of the software platform BendingStudio. Especially user-friendliness was revised. Interconnected work at different workstations becomes even more efficient. The module DATA SERVICE is more transparent: Connections to other workstations are visibly displayed. The user sees network problems immediately and can directly restore the network connection. Furthermore, currently used components are marked in the selection lists. They are displayed in

New! ProCam wireless: Measure crash vehicles more easily

Fast and easy crash vehicle measurements – a simple task for AICON’s innovative measuring system ProCam. Now, work with ProCam becomes even more convenient, with the new wireless system generation. ProCam wireless offers total freedom of movement around the vehicle. The user works freely and quickly with the hand-held probe, without disturbing cables. The system is equipped with a high-resolution CMOS camera and fast WLAN data transfer. Even the ProCam measuring software

MI.Probe mini – small probe supports breuckmann scanners

Measure a gearbox housing with flange hole patterns, undercuts and hidden measuring points? That is no problem with a breuckmann 3D scanner, even though hidden geometries and bores can be reached only by changing the set-up several times. A small handheld probe now solves this task much more comfortably: The MI.Probe mini. It was spe-cially developed for measurements with the breuckmann stereoSCAN. Only 15 cm long, the MI.Probe mini identifies all

AICON’s optical measuring system now with interface to PowerINSPECT

Braunschweig/Germany, 26 April 2011 – As of now AICONs optical measuring system MoveInspect HR will be delivered with a direct interface to Delcam’s analysis software PowerINSPECT. MoveInspect HR is a portable coordinate measurement machine, consisting of high-resolution digital cameras and the hand-operated MI.Probe. The data are collected by sampling defined measuring points with the probe. In doing so, the system even measures hidden points fast and precisely. In contrast to

AICON generates solar power

Braunschweig/Germany, 11 January 2011 – Not only does AICON go for technological progress. Equally important to the company is a responsible approach to the environment. As the use of renewable energies plays an important role, AICON has just setup an own photovoltaic system. The system covers a roof area of 850m² and is installed on the roofs of AICON’s two headquarter buildings. It comprises 344 solar modules that convert solar energy

Metrology in the fast lane

Object alignment with MoveInspect HR is much faster than with articulated arms or laser trackers! Braunschweig, 1 December 2010 – At the EuroMold show which opens its gates today in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), AICON showcases the optical measuring system MoveInspect HR. With immediate effect, this system can be used for the alignment and positioning of objects. Aligning components or machines is a daily routine both in prototyping and production: In vehicle

“If you want to be world class, you need the best measuring equipment“

Braunschweig/Germany, 25 October 2010 – Uwira Oy - based in the West-Finnish harbor town Vaasa – belongs to Leinolat Group, a corporation of six companies. Already since 1993, the company has successfully manufactured welding products for the sectors of energy, shipbuilding and machine building. One of Uwira’s special fields is the production of oil and fuel pipes as well as cooling water lines. Uwira’s key to competitiveness is the close

Tactile measurement with AICON’s new MI.Probe

Braunschweig/Germany, 30 April 2010 – Just in time for the beginning of the Control show, AICON launches the unique MI.Probe. It combines extraordinary design with technical finesse – and is easy to handle at the same time. The MI.Probe works in combination with AICON’s portable coordinate measuring machine MoveInspect. This measuring system uses high resolution digital cameras for data collection. They are either mounted on tripods or on a camera

AICON's TubeInspect now carries out automatic correction on Wafios free-form ben …

Braunschweig/Germany, 8 April 2010 – In the past free-form tubes were in demand primarily from the furniture business for design reasons, these days demand is generated from all industrial areas. Consequently, more tube benders need the right measuring systems which take the particularities of complex free-form tubing into account. This is where AICON's optical measurement system TubeInspect offers an ideal solution. It carries out very precise testing of free-form tube

Fast contour check of plastic pipes at TI Automotive

Braunschweig/Germany, 2 February 2010 – TI Automotive is, as the name suggests, a global supplier in the automotive sector. As a leading manufacturer of fuel storage and fluid carrying systems for braking and powertrain applications, the company cultivates worldwide relationships with all important automakers. Today, approximately 30 million cars built every year rely on TI’s technology. The location Fuldabrück in Germany is specialized in manufacturing prototypes of fuel pipes. Since

MoveInspect Technology – the new modular system for portable CMMs

A separate measuring system for each measuring task - this philosophy is a thing of the past. Today, due to economic reasons, measurement equipment must be applicable in a versatile way. AICON’s answer to this requirement is the new system concept MoveInspect Technology for the measurement of 3D coordinates. MoveInspect Technology will premiere at the EuroMold show in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). MoveInspect Technology is based on a unique modular system that allows

New tube measuring system TubeInspect HS delivers improved measuring accuracy of …

Braunschweig/Germany, April 30, 2009 – Nowadays, the production of tubes is shaped by narrowing tolerances. As a consequence, very precise inspection equipment with high measuring repeatability is required for quality assurance in order to control the production in a reliable way. AICON reacts to this demand and launches the new camera-based 3D tube measuring system TubeInspect HS. At first glance, the new measuring system seamlessly fits into AICON’s TubeInspect

Now also ready for climate chambers: Dynamic Measurements with MoveInspect

Braunschweig/Germany, February 25, 2009 – AICON’s optical measuring system MoveInspect captures dynamic processes three dimensionally and analyses them with regard to geometric changes. Thanks to a new climate control concept, MoveInspect is now also ready for analysing movements and deformations under extreme climatic conditions, for example in environmental chambers. Here, the optical system replaces mechanical travel sensors because it reduces the setup work significantly. MoveInspect is based on a camera bar

AICON opens office in Korea - Liaison office takes care of the region Asia-Pacif …

Braunschweig/Germany, January 5th, 2009 – Whether in Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia or India – AICON successfully captures the Asian market. In order to handle requests from this region more efficiently, AICON has recently opened a liaison office in Seoul (Korea). The office is managed by Jonathan Kwon who has already gained wide experience in the area of optical metrology for several years. He supports AICON’s Asian distribution partners with respect

DPAInspect measures fixtures in a cost-saving and precise way

Braunschweig, Oct 20, 2008 – No production does without fixtures. All industrial sectors use them to fix work pieces in the position required for further processing. Thus it is possible to guarantee a constantly high quality of the components. Yet what happened if the fixture itself would be deformed? In order to avoid this worst case scenario, all fixtures are controlled periodically so that deviations to their nominal geometries

EngineWatch measures engine movements in 6D

Braunschweig/Germany, September 4th, 2008 – In vehicle development, exact information about engine-to-body clearance is necessary to ensure an optimal design of the available space. For example, the engine must not collide with other parts in the engine bay when the driver changes gears or deals with difficult driving maneuvers. AICON’s optical measuring system EngineWatch is now available to measure engine movements precisely. The system acquires engine movements in six degrees of

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