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Press Releases from BulbAmerica (7 total) University: A Wide Range of Lamp shapes

Halogen lamps are available in many sizes, shapes and wattages. Reflector types include PAR, AR and MR configurations is a wide range of wattages and beam angles, from narrow spot to wide flood. Midbreak versions provide long lasting, energy efficient alternatives to standard incandescent lamps. Other lamp configurations allow lighting fixture designers to take full advantage of the special attributes that halogen technology offers. Marketing Department eBulb Inc. 425 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222 TOLL


OSRAM is pleased to announce the newest member of its SharXS HTI compact double-ended metal halide family, the SharXS HTI 1500 W/D7/60. The 1500-watt (W) SharXS HTI will join the widely used and celebrated 1200W, 700W, 575W, 400W, and 200W models. At 1500W, the new SharXS HTI 1500W/D7/60 from OSRAM is undisputedly the most powerful member of the SharXS HTI family. Ideal for rock concerts and clubs, the

What Is Light?

The simplest definition of light is “visually perceived radiant energy.” “Visible” light is just a small segment of the electromagnetic spectrum- a broad range of radiant energy which also includes X-ray, ultra violent and infrared energy, micro-waves and radio waves. Any form of electromagnetic energy, including light, radiates outward from its source in straight lines at “the speed of light” (300,000 kilometers per second) and dissipates as it gets further

Two Ways to Look at Light

There are two systems of measurement commonly used to describe the color properties of a light source: “color temperature,” which express the color appearance of the light itself and “color rendering index” (CRI), which suggests how an object illuminated by that light appear in relation to it appearance under other common light sources. Both can be extremely valuable in evaluating and specifying light sources, but it is important to understand University: How High Intensity Discharge (HID) Technology Works

The technology in high intensity discharge lighting is in some ways similar to fluorescent technology: an arc is established between two electrodes in a gas-filled tube which causes a metallic vapor to produce radiant energy. In this case, however, a combination of factors shifts the wavelength of much of this energy to within the visible range, so light is produced without any phosphors. In addition, the electrodes are only a University: White light and bright light

What is the difference between White light and bright light? Generally speaking whiter light (comprised of equal amounts of all colors) makes color appear more natural and vibrant. However, some portions of the spectrum are more important to a light’s color makeup than others. Red, blue and green- the primary colors of light- can be combined to create almost any other color. This suggests that a light source containing balanced qualities start selling OSRAM aluPAR 64 1000W Lamps start selling OSRAM aluPAR 64 1000W lamps which are used to provide bright spot and wash lights during live stage performances. They are also ideal for studio, film, club, and architectural lighting. Unlike traditional PAR lamps, the reflector in aluPAR lamps is constructed out of aluminum instead of aluminized glass making them up to 50% lighter in weight. This makes for easier handling and lowers transportation costs. Currently, there is

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