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Nvolve Limited help integrate applications with the Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone meets the minimum requirements for use on a corporate network, but companies that deploy the device will need to take a number of steps to prepare it for business use as found in recent studies by IT research firm Gartner. It has been confirmed that iPhone users have downloaded more that 60 million applications from iTunes since the launch on the 11th of July 2007 which

Technological Innovation is the way forward in business

In Ireland today technological innovation is at the forefront of each and every company that wish to be ahead and keep ahead of competition. In other words the most successful companies in Ireland today understand that using Information technology innovatively and having it linked to the overall business objective of the firm is truly the way forward in terms of improving a companies bottom line. Designing effective policies that

Outsourcing & Managed Services from Nvolve Limited

In recent years it has become apparent that many businesses have increasingly taken advantage of business integration solutions to effectively manage their day to day operations and reduce costs through the supply chain. However, recent studies have revealed that over 30 percent of companies are realising that their staff and infrastructure are not capable of handling the growing complexity of evolving standards, processes, and industry standards and regulations. In

Nvolve Limited Launch New Microsoft Module to Courseware Catalogue

Nvolve Limited have this week launched another module “Desktop Application – IT Training” to there growing suite of courses. Nvolve Limited continually upgrades their courses taking into account customers changing needs and requirements in order to fulfil these needs and ensure that customers are satisfied and quality is never compromised. Nvolve select courses based on customers preferences and add to their suite of courses on an ongoing basis. The

Nvolve’s Moodle Solution a huge hit with the Education Sector in Ireland and t …

In recent years Nvolve limited have been utilising Moodle technology in their software application. As a result, Nvolve’s technical team have acquired expertise in Moodle installation, integration and customisation. Nvolve have made this expertise available to other companies and institutions that have encountered challenges in working with Moodle technologies with immediate results. Following the huge success of Nvolve’s Moodle services in Ireland and the US, particularly in the educational sector,

Localised Offshore Software Development from Nvolve Limited

Nvolve limited have recently launched a new venture that handles local offshore development. The service offers clients within Ireland and the UK with the ability to outsource technology needs at a competitive price. Lee Tedstone, Nvolve Limited, stated that the initial idea came about by accident. Over the past four years Nvolve have been using an Indian development partner to develop their core product, the Nvolve Response

Nvolve Limited Launch 'Local Offshore' Software Development Service

Nvolve limited launched their new venture ‘Local Offshore Service’ on Monday the 15th of September with the aid of the Indian Ambassador to Ireland, P.S. Raghavan on his recent visit to Letterkenny. Lee Tedstone, sales and marketing director of Nvolve, explained to the Ambassador how the Nvolve Local Offshore service would address some of the issues companies are facing in the current economic climate. "The Nvolve Local Offshore business

Nvolve’s LMS helps in the Work Environment

Recent studies show that by the year 2020, 60% of jobs will require skills that only 20% of the workforce possess. Therefore only one third of the workforce that you have will have the required skill to fulfil the job at hand. In response, some companies will simply lay off employees with outdated skills, and then hire new ones with the necessary skills – a process that is

Nvolve and International Partners keeps offshore development local

In today’s turbulent business environment, Information Technology is the most valuable resource and key for companies in order to stay and keep ahead of competition. An organisation that has the ability to collect data, process the data and provide the right information to the right people at the right time have the ability to be in a strong position to compete an prosper within their organisation. Nvolve limited are a

Sales & Marketing Director of Nvolve Limited shortlisted for LiveWIRE award

A young Buncrana businessman, whose client lists includes multi-nationals such as KPMG, has been shortlisted for a major national award. Lee Tedstone, from Railway Road, is one of six young business persons from throughout the country nominated for the prestigious Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. His company, Nvolve Limited, based in Letterkenny, not only develops customised software but also integrates software tools such as financial and HR

Companies get ahead by hiring & retaining the best candidates

Faced with an uncertain economic climate it is crucial that the HR Department has the ability to attract and develop the best talent in relation to matching the best candidates with suitable skills in order for the business to grow and develop and sustain organic growth. Increasingly, high performing organisations today are recognising the need to use best training and development practices to enhance their competitive advantage. Therefore the talent management

Irish ‘Sharepoint’ and ‘.NET’ Company Launch Local Offshore Software Dev …

Nvolve Limited , a Irish based technology business specialising in sharepoint and .net technology solutions have this week launched what they call ‘local offshore development services’. Being branded by clients such as Lawroom, Casestack, Pure Mobile and Hastings estate agents as ‘refreshingly reassuring’ this unique approach to offshore development addresses clients concerns over IP and communication by supplying local project manage to each client. “The main reason behind us using Nvolve

LMS provider, Nvolve Limited, Call for Partnerships with HR IS Technology Specia …

Nvolve Limited, an Irish based Learning Management System (LMS) developer, is calling on HR software businesses to partner with them in the development of a HR Talent Management software suite. Nvolve have recognised the increased awareness among companies and the value they place on the people aspect in order to ultimately reduce cost and increase revenue within the organisation. Nvolve Limited have developed a LMS which combines the powerful features

E-Learning Provides the Answer to Effective Training

In recent years more and more companies are turning to e-learning to deliver their training needs as this method enables the delivery of more training to more people and more cost efficiently. E-learning can also be said to be fast, convenient, consistent and incredibly effective. Some studies have shown that retention rate is up to 250 percent greater with e-Learning than with a solely classroom-based model.

Irish Companies Move towards a Knowledge Economy

Today’s corporations know that knowledge is power and this is what gives companies the edge in any marketplace. A recent study found that 75% of corporations believe knowledge management plays a significant role in improving a company’s competitive advantage. Irish companies are now acknowledging the benefits of moving towards a knowledge economy as this is the way forward to grow and develop their business. Recent studies have found that

Training Managers under Pressure to Implement Training More Effectively?

In recent months training managers have come under pressure to train employees more efficiently and more cost effectively due to the downturn in the Irish economy. On top of this many training managers are faced with increasing pressure to train employees in order to meet regulatory requirements when it comes to the management and reporting of training activities. Training managers’ main objectives include:  Delivering and managing e-learning programmes  Measuring the return on

Nvolve Release Next Generation of Learning Management Technology - Blended Learn …

Many organisations are faced with increasing pressure to train employees in order to meet regulatory requirements and to develop skills throughout the organisation. Traditional approaches to training and assessment fail to deliver maximum return on tight training budgets and companies have now recognised that new methods most be used to deal with this issue especially heading towards this harsh economic climate. Nvolve’s next generation of learning management technology provides organisations with

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