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Silver*Ware Studios Opens Their Arms to the Indie Film Maker

Many independent films are facing the dilemma of lack of financial support to developing high quality films. With limited resources available to Indie films, it often times makes it difficult for Indie films to compete against the “Big Boys” in the film industries. According to Gary Susman, Film Writer for Entertainment Weekly, “With rising production and advertising costs, the drying up of financing from investors outside the industry, a bottleneck

A Request for a Murder Mystery

An internet short film entitled, “Last Night” created by Producer/Director, Travis Ware, will be reshooting and extending his film into a feature length film for the big screen. The short was a murder mystery about a young black woman named Tausha, played by Tanzania Bauknight. She wakes up the next morning in a bed of blood with no memory of where the blood came from, who the

Silver*Ware Studios is Designing the Multitude

Still keeping the exact address from the press, Founder/CEO Travis Ware and VP/COO Andre Joseph has been meeting with construction companies in the Cumming area trying to get the best deal for their investor’s pockets. They are on their last designing phase before the architects are called in. What will the studio hold for the upcoming producer? Ware states, “I want our studio to help the new creative minds of

Silver*Ware Studios Help Create the New Hollywood

“Being in Georgia has its advantages,” stated Travis Ware. Travis is about to break ground on construction of his studio in the state of Georgia. Georgia is known for having the one of the best Film Tax Credits within the US. The state gives a generous tax credit of 30% of the film budget. This means a great deal to film makers that has a budget over $500,000

Silver*Ware Studios Takes Photo Finish to a New Level of Martial Arts

“I’m a big fan of martial art films. From Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Steven Segal, I love the beauty of the art. I want to bring back the realism of those martial arts and upgrade the look.” said Producer/Director, Travis Ware, when asked about his upcoming film, Photo Finish. He wants to give the style of Aikido a look that no one else has

Silver*Ware Studios Brings in the Oscar Winners

Silver*Ware Studios (SWSI) will be producing in the next month a different type of action movie. This film has all the punches, kicks, guns, explosions, and visual effects. The feature is called Photo Finish. The film is based on a photographer (Arlean Collins) of an Atlanta Newspaper, who cleverly takes a picture of an assassin that kills the president of a bio-technical engineering company at a Press Conference. Now his

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