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25.06.12 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Online Meetings Compatible with Windows 8

Mikogo's latest release of its online meeting service, Version 4.6, has been tested successfully on the pre-release version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 making it a sound and reliable desktop sharing se... mehr

03.05.12 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo’s Award-Winning HTML Viewer – A Salesperson’s Secret Weapon

Mikogo enhanced its product further by integrating the HTML Viewer – a 100% browser-based way for participants to join online presentations. This adds great value for salespeople as it facilitates t... mehr

17.11.11 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Announces iOS and Android Mobile Apps for Online Meetings

In line with recent technology trends toward going mobile, Mikogo has released its iOS and Android apps enabling people to attend online meetings from their mobile phones or tablets. Designed for part... mehr

14.10.11 - BeamYourScreen

BeamYourScreen Gains Significant Ground - Top 3 in Web Conferencing

BeamYourScreen's latest release, Version 4, has quickly attracted the attention and praise of the vendor-independent reviewer of web conferencing solutions, Online Meeting Tools Review. BeamYourScreen... mehr

27.09.11 - BeamYourScreen

BeamYourScreen Launches Version 4 for Advanced Desktop Sharing

BeamYourScreen announces the launch of its next release, Version 4, bringing with it greater cross-platform desktop sharing capabilities and an array of new software features and languages. Customers ... mehr

18.08.11 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Mac Software Now Available for Mac OS X Lion

With the release of an update to its Mac software, Mikogo has made its cross-platform desktop sharing software compatible for use on Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X Lion. Mannheim, GERMANY ... mehr

04.08.11 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Releases MyAccount to Enhance its Online Meeting Service

Mikogo has today released its MyAccount section on its websites in eight different languages. The new section provides users with detailed statistics on their past desktop sharing sessions and custom ... mehr

21.07.11 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Officially Launches Version 4 for Online Meetings

Mannheim, GERMANY July 21, 2011 – Mikogo, the free software solution for online meetings and remote support, today has officially launched the next release of its desktop sharing software, Version 4... mehr

14.07.11 - BeamYourScreen

Remote Desktop Software for Linux Community – Mikogo Announces Open Beta Release

The renowned remote desktop sharing application, Mikogo, makes the move to its third platform with the announcement of its native Linux client. This release now enables businesses to host and join fre... mehr

24.03.11 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Web Conferencing Announces Version 4.0 Beta Release

Already used within a wide range of industries across the world, the Mikogo web conferencing platform has announced a major update to its feature range and interface. The noticeable additions to Versi... mehr

10.01.11 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Offers Free Online Meeting Alternative as Dimdim Service Ends

In light of news that Dimdim’s service will end as early as March, Mikogo is welcoming Dimdim customers to its free online meeting service. By making the move to Mikogo, companies who have been usin... mehr

01.12.10 - BeamYourScreen

BeamYourScreen Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

The provider of online meeting services, BeamYourScreen GmbH, has received the ISO 9001 Certification, one of the most internationally recognized and sought-after awards for quality management. Receiv... mehr

14.10.09 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Tastes Fame and Culture Abroad with Three New Languages

Taking the next step to becoming the most popular free web conferencing application worldwide, Mikogo announces the launch of its website in Chinese, German and Portuguese. The new languages will not ... mehr

09.06.09 - BeamYourScreen

BeamYourScreen Launches Cross-Platform Desktop Sharing Solution

Today the award-winning provider of innovative online collaboration solutions, BeamYourScreen, announced the release of its cross-platform desktop sharing solution for use on Apple Mac computers. The ... mehr

27.04.09 - BeamYourScreen

Web Conferencing Used as a Form of Swine Flu Prevention

As an alarming number of swine flu cases are making the headlines across the globe, fears are spreading regarding crowded areas and the risk of traveling. Officials are scrambling to find a swine flu ... mehr

23.04.09 - BeamYourScreen

Green Screen Sharing Supporting Earth Day

With Earth Day 2009 in full swing, people and organizations are promoting a healthier planet via thousands of environmentally-friendly activities, one of which includes the use of screen sharing techn... mehr

16.04.09 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Releases Cross-Platform Remote Support Software

Backing up the successful Mac Beta version last month, Mikogo has released its cross-platform remote control feature for Mac users. Available at no cost for both commercial and private use, companies ... mehr

24.03.09 - BeamYourScreen

BeamYourScreen Criticizes Those Traveling to Discuss Green IT

While BeamYourScreen will be the first to admit that the topic of Green IT deserves greater time in the spotlight, the online collaboration solutions provider is pointing an accusing finger at compani... mehr

24.03.09 - BeamYourScreen

Successful Mac Release Leads Mikogo to Preview Further Features

Backing up the recent and impressive Mikogo Mac Beta release that sparked online enthusiasm across the globe, the free desktop sharing tool announces its upcoming remote control feature for Mac users.... mehr

11.03.09 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Releases Mac Beta Version for Online Meeting Software

With its sights set on reshaping current cross-platform Web collaboration, Mikogo ( the free online meeting tool has announced the release of its Beta version for Mac users. Available at no... mehr

19.02.09 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Announces Greater Speed in Online Meetings

With its core desktop sharing technology having undertaken significant speed developments, Mikogo announces its fastest solution to free online meetings. By employing Mikogo's screen sharing capabilit... mehr

05.02.09 - BeamYourScreen

Terrorism Lurks at Germany's Door – Is it Safe to Leave the Office?

Germany has become the most recent country to receive direct threats of terrorist attacks via the Internet from Islamist terrorists. With the German Federal election to take place soon in September, e... mehr

29.01.09 - BeamYourScreen

BeamYourScreen Combats Airline Strike

BeamYourScreen is easing the pain of missed flights and business meetings as a result of airline and rail strikes, by providing companies worldwide with a free software solution to host their business... mehr

26.11.08 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Launches New Version for Free Online Meeting Software

With greater capabilities and ease of use in mind, Mikogo launches its new version with several new features backing up its cost-free solution to online meetings. Meeting scheduler, session recorder, ... mehr

18.09.08 - BeamYourScreen

Perfecting Collaboration: Mikogo Launches Free Screen Sharing Skype Extra

The perfect Web collaboration package is here, with the Mikogo Skype Extra providing free screen sharing to all Skype users worldwide creating a complete and free Web conferencing solution. Available ... mehr

16.09.08 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo: Supporting a Community of 50000 Free Online Meeting Users

Mikogo, the free screen sharing and online meeting tool available for everyone, announces their recent user base milestone of 50,000 users along with an array of service developments. Following confir... mehr

28.08.08 - BeamYourScreen

Caring for the Customer: BeamYourScreen Launches New Website

BeamYourScreen responds to a growing customer base with the launch of its new website, heavily focused on customer-friendliness and ease-of-navigation. Via the website, the renowned Web collaboration ... mehr

10.06.08 - BeamYourScreen

Mikogo Reports Heavy Growth in Free Web Conferencing Demand

With a fifty percent growth in its user base within only two months, Mikogo stands strong as it successfully provides its free online meeting solution with greater momentum. Armed to the teeth with fe... mehr

15.05.08 - BeamYourScreen

Putting The Eye into iPhone – Participating in BeamYourScreen Web Conferences

BeamYourScreen offers Apple iPhone users the capability to take part in desktop sharing web conferences straight from their handset - putting the users in the right place, first time every time. With ... mehr

28.04.08 - BeamYourScreen

Beam2Present Keeping Orthodontists and Everyone Smiling

With a helping hand the online presentation tool, leads the orthodontic industry into the new age of high tech, thanks to the product’s screen sharing and web collaboration capabili... mehr

18.04.08 - BeamYourScreen

Reaching for the Stars Mikogo Free Online Meeting Tool Soars Past 20,000 Users

With a firm grip, heavy foot, pedal to the floor and no sign of stopping, Mikogo the free online meeting tool ( has picked up speed and flown across the 20,000 user line. The 20,000th user ... mehr

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