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Siena Pass, for visiting all Museums and Monuments of Siena

Siena is a historical and charming medieval city that perfectly keeps intact its treasures from the past. An old town where history comes alive and visitors can still marvel at its charm in all the squares, streets and churches. Siena is the jewel in Tuscany’s crown, surrounded by green rolling hills, vineyards, olive trees and wide fields of corn and sunflowers, and where tourists love to walk dirt roads, ride bicycle

Courses of Italian Language and Culture: Italy Today

Italia Oggi (Italy Today) is an Italian language and culture course constructed for anyone who, during their stay in Italy, wishes to be totally immersed in our country's culture, learning its language and, at the same time, getting in touch with some aspects of Italian society and its traditions. A particular focus is made on the many important changes that have been taking place since the 2nd World War. Through this

Venice: Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

For people who are still unsure about the location of their next holidays, Venice can be a good solution. Venice is the jewel in Italy’s crown, located on the charming lagoon on a water mirror reflecting lights and the city’s architectural treasures. To many people Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, especially for the romantic hearts. As a matter of fact, it’s difficult to sit by the charm and

Peaceful Holidays in the Luxury Resort in Tuscany Col di Sasso

If it’s time to take a break and recharge your batteries, then Tuscany is the perfect place for reach your goal. Visitors will marvel at Tuscany treasures, especially Maremma, for many reasons: the extraordinary landscape of countryside and green rolling hills, its several paths where to go for a ride, the fine arts, monuments and museums, the sea coast and the islands. And don’t forget about the excellent cuisine and delicious

Discovering Belgrade: a Brand-New online Travel Guide

A brand-new website concerning the city of Belgrade is now online. About Belgrade - - is a practical and useful travel guide conceived for those who have never been there and decided to visit and discover every single side of such a charming and vibrant city. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and one of the most populated cities in South-Eastern Europe; it is placed in a prominent position, where

Booking Tickets online for Da Vinci’s Last Supper

On the net it’s possible to find a practical tourist guide to the city of Milan called About Milan, where users can find many information and useful tips about museums, monuments, traditions, events, art and culture of the city of Milan. With the help of this travel guide, users have the opportunity to know almost everything on how to move in Milan, where to eat and what not to miss. The

Finding all the Factory Outlet Malls in Lombardy is Easy with Outlets-in-Italy.c …

Lombardy, the region hosting the fashionable and glamorous city of Milan, is one of Italy’s richest and most populated regions. Lombardy is also a very important agricultural center and a leader figure in industrial and commercial sectors, thanks to the presence of the city of Milan as an international center of business and fashion. As already mentioned, this region (along with Tuscany) has always been an important center for textile production;

Searching for all the Factory Outlets in Florence now is easy

For years and years, Florence has always been one of tourists’ favorite destinations, thanks to its wonderful architecture and culture, renowned art and museums, cookery and charm. But there's one more thing that shouldn't be undervalued in such a city: shopping! The mark on products “made in Italy” is very important and it is protected by a law that guarantees customers that all products have been exclusively manufactured in Italy. Therefore, Made in

The best Factory Outlet Fashion Malls in Tuscany and Florence

Tuscany had always been one of the favorite destinations for tourism, thanks to its wonderful landscapes, cities freighted with art, cookery and nature. But there's one more thing that shouldn't be forgotten: the importance of made in Italy. For many years Italian clothing and accessories have been submitted to products coming from other countries, for example from China or America, and it was in danger of disappearing, losing the challenge of prices

According to Google Translate, Berlusconi has never lost Elections…just like B …

Probably it was due to an oversight. Yesterday, a friend of mine (a famous Italian writer) pointed me out a bizarre fact on Google Translate. Win some, lose some: in the true sense of the word… There are several kinds of mistakes, but this one seems to be a glaring one. If you try to translate (on this sentence from Italian to English “Berlusconi non ha vinto le elezioni”, here

Discovering the oldest American Bar in Florence and Italy

When the sun goes down and lights start to enlighten Lungarno (the roads along Arno's banks) and the city center’s narrow streets, Florence takes a new face. The city known all over the world for its culture closes its museums, libraries and historical buildings and shops signs turn off, while counters and tables are prepared for a new exciting night. The most popular district in Florence for the night entertainment is

Learning Italian Language in Italy and Discovering the Italian Culture

The standard Italian Language and Culture course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is ideal for anyone wanting to stay in Italy and, by learning the language, understand Italian society, culture and traditions, and the wealth of Italy’s historic and artistic heritage. The Italian language standard course - - with its 20 lessons per week allows intensive language assimilation whilst at the same time offering enough freedom for individual or

A New Website about the best Outlet Shopping Centers in Italy

The new and original website “Outlets in Italy” - - is now online. As the name already indicates, the website offers many useful information and tips about all the outlets in Italy. This website gives users the opportunity to search for their favorite Italian brands in Italy and discover where to find it in one of the thousands shopping centers and fashion malls placed throughout the country. It is also

Cheap B&B in Florence close to the Duomo

In winter, Florence is particularly appealing: the cold atmosphere and the grey flagstone and flint roads really brings out the colors and shapes of its warm brown roofs, yellow walls and stone bridges on Arno's river. The view from Piazzale Michelangelo couldn't be more striking and sometimes the snow arrives and covers the city as it was a white bridal veil, giving visitors the chance to taste a different, silent Florence. Now

English Language Certifications in Italy

TLC, the Learning Center of Tuscany, is part of the British Institutes Group as the main center in Florence, Italy. The school offers a wide range of English courses ( based on the English Communicative Method (ECM) and a comprehensive testing services (UCAS accredited) that results in the British Institutes certificate. The several courses provided by TLC are general group courses, private lessons, business English courses, on-site courses at business

A Residence in Tuscany for Christmas Holidays

Tuscany is an amazing region all the year round and thousands visitors go there for enjoy the beautiful landscape, its green rolling hills, the delicious food and wines. By the way, not many people know that in Wintertime, Tuscany becomes even more beautiful and charming, offering breathless views of large fields covered with snow and ancient streets colored by Christmas lights. This winter, it would be original and different spending some

Spending an Academic School Year in Italy and Learning the Language

Learning foreign languages is strongly requested by young people, looking for most adequate qualifications to enter in today’s extremely competitive work world. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, located in Florence, Rome, Milan and Siena, the most beautiful Italian art and business cities, offers individual and group language courses on all levels, but also courses in Painting, Fashion, Cooking, Wine, Art History and Design. The Academic long-term Course ( is particularly tailored for students

View on Florence’s Cathedral: B&B La Dimora degli Angeli

Florence is an ancient, beautiful city where in every corner visitors can find a piece of history or an art masterpiece. The city center is rich in many famous and interesting museums (such as the Uffizi Gallery), monuments, squares, churches and also many shops and markets. Close to the center, visitors will also easily reach the Arno River and walk on the several bridges which cross it, enjoying a wonderful view

An online course for teaching English: TEFL Courses

The most common qualification required for teaching English in Italy and abroad is a TEFL certificate. TEFL qualified teachers are in high demand worldwide with job opportunities in just about every country around the globe. For the teachers who would like to have their skills to be credited, update their teaching methods and techniques, or for the ones who would like to begin a new exciting career as an English teacher, there

Find a right higher education institute in Canada

If one is looking for a right post-secondary school in Canada (, that suits one's needs, there is a possibility to consult direct links to almost all higher education institutes located in ten Provinces and three Territories. "University World: Find Universities & Colleges" has done all the preliminary work. This website enables to narrow one's search to a domain of a specific school, starting from a simple click on one

University World: Find Universities & Colleges all over the world directly onlin …

We are glad to present a new website - - an essential instrument for present and future students from all around the world! Find Universities & Colleges is a resource conceived to provide a prompt access to the websites of colleges and universities located in Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States. The main idea of this non-profit website is to propose the people concerned all the preliminary work

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The Learning Center of Tuscany (TLC) - - has been offering its English language courses and TEFL certificate courses since 2006. TLC, in conjunction with TEFL International, opened its doors in Florence in order to offer an extremely high-quality TESOL/TEFL certification program to its students. TLC represents the new seat of the British Institutes in Florence, Tuscany. This means that TLC can offer a wide range of English language services

The Sea in Liguria: Beaches, Islands, Cliffs

Liguria is a land full of colors, tastes and aromas to discover slowly. Here visitors can find any kind of landscape, from the mountains to the sea, from the hills to the rivers and woods. Also known as “The Italian Riviera”, the region of Liguria boasts of several cliffs and rocks plunging shear into the sea, seaside villages, mountains and undersea landscapes offering a kaleidoscope of discoveries and thrills. Liguria is

Discovering the Landscape of Cinque Terre, in Liguria

About Liguria, a brand new and always up-to-date website about the Region of Liguria (Italy) created an interesting section dedicated to the Cinque Terre. Liguria is a region that can be visited all the year round, because every season is perfect for visiting the several villages and sea resorts located along the coast. In particular, the Cinque Terre (Five Lands) are five wonderful little villages placed near the city of La Spezia,

Learning everything about Fashion Design in Milan, Italy

The NABA Introduction to Fashion Design summer course ( introduction-to-fashion-design.html) gives aspiring fashion designers, or just people who love fashion (with no age limit), the chance to experience an enjoyable two weeks creating a mini-collection from the first ideas to the final presentation and all that that involves. An intense two weeks starting with research on a fashionable theme, then putting down ideas, playing with images, and developing them, making mood

Studying Fashion in Milan and Paris

The fashion schools NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano) and Parsons Paris are proud to present the original Course “From Haute Couture to Pret-à-Porter: a European Fashion Design journey from Paris to Milan” - from-haute-couture-to-pret-a-porter-intermediate.html. This course is an intensive on-site exploration of the fashion background present in the European capitals of fashion and glamour: Paris and Milan. That is why the course is structured in two different sessions

Accommodation and Hotels in Liguria

The Region of Liguria, located in the North-West of Italy, is a thin strip of land surrounded by mountains and deep blue sea, which offers a wide range of places to visit, several beaches and noteworthy landscapes, where visitors will find many different kinds of accommodation and hotels. In fact, for those who are planning to visit Liguria for their next holidays, now there’s a simple way to find a perfect

Italian Language Courses for mature and Senior students

It's never too late to learn a foreign language or get to know a different culture. Often, an experience abroad can be very interesting, educational and exciting for people of all ages. The age is not a limit: in order to learn foreign languages, it is necessary to have much devotion, passion and much curiosity towards other cultures and countries. With such features, learning a new language will be very

Taking a Learning Holiday in Italy during Viareggio Carnival

As every year, the city of Viareggio, a beautiful seaside resort located in Versilia area (Tuscany), between January and February is going to start celebrations for the great event representing its ancient local tradition: the Carnival of Italy and Europe. Four weeks full of events and celebrations which will go on until late, conceived in order to celebrate the craziest and most beloved Carnival in Italy with much music, colored masks

Italian language Courses for Foreigners: Learning Italian Language at the Seasid …

Viareggio combines the common features of small maritime towns - such as short distances, easily accessible facilities and services, warm and familiar atmosphere - with the comforts that one usually finds in a big urban centre. The Versilia coast in fact, is a special place for several reasons. It is a very reach area from a cultural, culinary, natural and artistic point of view and it is famous also for shopping

Some Remaining Places Available for Design Summer Courses 2009

NABA, the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, is proud to announce the 2nd edition of Design Summer Courses. But only a few days remain to enroll at Design Summer Courses session from July 14th to July 24th. Some places are still available for the intermediate courses scheduled on such dates, so for those who are art, fashion or design lovers, it is time to enroll at their favorite course. Intermediate

Discovering the world of Fashion & Design in the stylish Milan

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, has a lot of ideas for the coming summer. Milan with its vibrant urban atmosphere and unmistakable creativity is the ideal destination for those who are looking forward to getting a close look at the world of creativity in Milan, the world capital of Fashion, Design and Communication. Thanks to this institute, which hosts a team made of young International designers, it will be possible

Fashion and Design Summer Courses in Milan for summer 2009

About Milan. com presents this year a new Naba's summer programme that consists of a variety of courses addressed to students whose desire is to work in the field of Italian fashion and represent a complete and high quality training able to satisfy all kinds of needs. These are 2-weeks programmes that develop on three levels, starting from introductio and passing through Intermediate and Advanced level, in order to supply

Fashion, Design and Communication Summer Programs in Milan

This summer NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, has a lot of ideas. NABA organizes the “Introduction to Graphic Design Course” from June 29th to July 10th. This course is oriented towards curious newcomers to the field of communication who wish to explore the links between urban communication and graphic design through a mixture of theory and practice to inspire a “totally refreshing view of Milan”. After completing this course

Fashion Summer Courses in the Glamorous and Stylish Milan

This summer students will have the chance to take part in the Introduction to Fashion Accessories course at NABA from June 29th to July 10th, 2009 and learn how to develop a shoe and/or a bag collection. They will have the opportunity to work hand in hand with professional teachers from a traditional Italian shoe and bag craft school. If students already have some background in accessories design and they

Paris and Milan, the capitals of international Fashion present the Course “Fro …

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano (NABA) and Parsons Paris proudly present the Course “From Haute Couture to Pret-à-Porter: a European Fashion Design journey from Paris to Milan”. Two of the leading names in European fashion higher education located in Paris and Milan have joined forces to offer a unique two city, two country and four weeks summer study abroad programme in 2009. At these two schools, in privileged downtown locations in

Accommodation are easy to find in Florence

It is known that travelling to a foreign city requires the gathering of information, such as accommodation reservation, maps, suggestions for transportation, events, things to see and to do there. All these useful and precious information are available on About Florence, a non-profit website entirely dedicated to the Tuscan city which the artistic and historical tradition links to Brunelleschi, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante and many other world-famous personages. On About

All the Information about the city of Milan available on the Net

It is possible to find a lot of interesting information and curiosities about the city of Milan on the original and useful website named This website represents a non-commercial project which offers many useful information about the city of Milan, Italian and international capital of fashion, design and contemporary art. Milan - industrial emblem of Italy - is also the most internationally renowned Italian town in the world, and it

Summer Session 2009: Courses of Graphics, Fashion and Design in Milan

NABA announces that its Summer Session has now reached its 6th edition. NABA 2009 Summer Session is a very special one as, not only is the collaboration with Central Saint Martins London, The University of the Arts, continuing for the 4th consecutive year, but also brand new courses in collaboration with Parsons Paris; Accademia Teatro alla Scala; Forma – International Center of Photography; AMD – Akademie Mode & Design, have

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