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Nvolve Software Solutions a Big Hit with Start-Ups

Despite the current economic climate Nvolve Limited have seen an increase in the number of start ups that are availing of their software services. The number of clients that have approached Nvolve for the first quarter of this year has increased 15% on last year figures. Chief Technical Officer of Nvolve, Lee Tedstone, is overwhelmed with the number of start up’s that are still willing to get ahead

Nvolve Limited Shortlisted for IAA & Enterprise Ireland Net Visionary Awards 200 …

Established in 1997 IAA & Enterprise Ireland Net Visionary Awards are Ireland’s longest running online business awards. This year saw a record nominations of over 350 Nominations received in 15 categories. Donegal Company (Nvolve Limited’s Director) Lee Tedstone has been shortlisted for the Internet Marketer category and is honoured to be selected in this category. This category recognises an individual who has excelled in the field of internet marketing

Employee Training is Vital for Business Success

In the present economic situation it is very simple to cut employee training and not to think twice about this action. This will in the short term reduce the operating costs but in the long term it can pose major implications and can possibly distinguish between those successful firms and those that are only on the verge of keeping their head above water. Irish company Nvolve Limited who

Nvolve Limited’s ‘Saving Businesses Money Campaign’

Nvolve limited have in recent weeks put together a 'Saving Businesses Money Campaign' in retaliation to the current economic climate coupled with customer’s fears and uncertainty of what lies ahead. One aspect of the saving businesses money campaign is saving costs on training while not compromising the service level. Nvolve limited understand that maintaining and upskilling staff is fundamental to the success of any business in any climate. A

Sharepoint Application Underutilised

In today’s competitive environment companies are determining innovative and cost effective ways of running their business. In the past many companies functioned as they always did with the same activities been undertaken year after year. Now in 2009 companies are now recognising that this manner of business is unsustainable and those that do not change will not survive in this environment. Companies now have to get down and dirty

Nvolve’s Market Leading ‘Talent Manager Tool Kit™' Shortlisted for Nationa …

Nvolve limited have recently received confirmation that they have been shortlisted for a national business award. Nvolve has been shortlisted for the SFA Innovation award and the final ceremony will take place in Dublin on the 5th of March 2009. Nvolve’s ‘Talent Manager Tool Kit™ helped Nvolve become one of the shortlisted finalists, says CEO of Nvolve, Barry Harper. The ‘Talent Manager Tool Kit™’ allows companies to

High Demand for Software Development Sharepoint and .Net Applications

Nvolve limited an Irish based technology business has revealed that Sharepoint and .Net applications proved to be their most popular programming language utilised by firms in 2008. Nvolve limited’s software division have seen significant growth despite the current economic climate. The main reason for this is that Nvolve’s software portfolio provides clients with the solution that can ultimately increase a firm’s profitability. The significant cost savings and benefits

Irish Software Development Company ‘Nvolve’ Assist in SME’s growth in 2009

Nvolve limited will continue to assist SME’s with sustained growth in 2009. Nvolve’s software services allows SME’s to take a strategic approach to information and communications technology which is the way forward for Irish SME’s in these challenging times. Now more than ever SME’s must utilise the resources that they have along with the integration with other systems that can ultimately improve business productivity and increase IP generation.

Companies who lack technology also lack profitability

In this changing economic climate technology should be utilised more efficiently and effectively by companies of all sizes. Technology can provide businesses with the competitive edge that can lead to greater profitability and growth. The problem that a lot of firms are faced with today is that they don’t fully understand the advantages technology offers. This is due to a lack of knowledge, understanding, in-house expertise, lack of

Irish Companies Excel in National Business Competitions despite current climate

Despite al the doom and gloom surrounding the Irish economy where it’s hard to listen to any more bad news from George Lee, RTE’s Economics Editor, about downturn, credit crunch, cutbacks and the like, it is genuinely optimistic to hear about Donegal companies who are getting ahead and not letting this cloud overcome their business. Nvolve limited, a Letterkenny based firm who specialise in learning and software technologies and NW Aluminium

Nvolve Launch ‘Talent Management’ at October Roadshow

As part of Nvolve’s October Roadshow Nvolve are inviting companies to attend seminars to learn more about how the HR function globally is shifting into a “Talent Management” function. The seminar will include information of the impact this will have on companies. Nvolve limited are an Irish company (based in Donegal) that helps companies implement and develop an Integrated Talent Management strategy. Their current product the Nvolve Response Blended

Nvolve Limited Call for Business Partners in Performance Management

Nvolve Limited, an Irish based Learning Management System (LMS) developer, is calling on Performance management software businesses to partner with them in the development of a Talent Management software suite. Nvolve Limited have developed a LMS which combines the powerful features of e-learning with traditional classroom and ‘on the job’ training allowing users to have a truly blended approach to training. Nvolve are currently in talks with a number of data management

Irish company, Nvolve Limited, combines elearning and classroom training in a co …

Nvolve limited’s training technology enables companies to train large numbers of people in a classroom environment electronically. This means eliminating any paper work and giving real time feedback eliminating the possibility of re-sits sessions. This technology called, Nvolve Response RTG (Ready To Go) Player, which consists of 2000 training courses is just one of Nvolve’s unique product offerings which also includes online training delivery tools and a Learning Management

Nvolve Limited Wins Prestigious Innovation Award at Annual Enterprise Awards

Nvolve Limited scoops the Innovation Award at the Annual Enterprise awards. The award ceremony took place in Solis Lough Eske, Donegal Town, Co Donegal last Friday the 14th of March. Lee Tedstone, sales and marketing director, collected the award said “We are delighted that Nvolve has been recognised for creativity and innovation in business”. Nvolve specialises in providing training and compliance management to organisations, helping them train staff faster, more cost

Nvolve Limited Nominated for Prestigious Innovation Award at Enterprise Awards

Nvolve specializes in providing training and compliance management to organisations, helping them meet regulatory requirements. Organisation like Pure People, Hastings Estates and InverCaion Technologies can train hundreds of people in manual handling, health and safety, risk assessment in less than a week by using Nvolve’s unique training technology. The Annual Donegal County Enterprise Awards comprise of six categories with 3 companies short listed in each category. Nvolve has been short listed

Nvolve Release paperless Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical Training Suite

Rapid growth in regulatory compliance imposes increasing cost and pressure on the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Market. Regulatory compliance means getting your organisations network security, data storage and content-protection practices to conform to relevant laws so that auditors are satisfied and liability is reduced. Nvolve Limited a industry expert in training and compliance management have released a Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical Training Suite integrated with the Nvolve Response Technology. Using

Nvolve 'Audience Response' Technology to be used at Search Marketing world Event …

Following the success of the first dedicated Search event to hit Ireland, an even bigger and better event is set to take place on April 3rd, 2008. Search Marketing World 2008, Conference & Expo will once again gather the experts in the world of Search from abroad and here in Ireland to deliver insightful sessions on the diverse aspects of Search Engine Marketing, this time with the interactive capability

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