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Voice Actors Worry About Health Insurance & 18% Go Without It, New Survey Finds

"Ridiculous and getting worse" … "Horrendous"… "A conundrum” … “Huge concern.” These unscripted words are among many that are passionately flowing from voice actors in the U.S about the state of their health insurance. An April 2008 survey of voice actors by VoiceOverXtra ( - the voice-over industry’s online news and resource center - finds that while 81.8% of the survey respondents currently have some form of health

Voice Actors Learn Why and How to Form A Corporation

Voice actors who believe they are immune from being sued are not facing reality, says voice actor and attorney Robert J. Sciglimpaglia Jr. Lawsuits that could result in devastating expenses can appear for a multitude of reasons, he says. For instance, voice actors might be named in suits involving copyright infringement, product endorsements, celebrity impersonator voices, contract issues, and collection actions, he says. Yet in a new article on ( –

Celebrity Voice-Over Impersonations Require Copyright Permission

Voice actors who are asked to impersonate a celebrity voice in a commercial or other type of voice project should approach that job with caution, advises Bettye Zoller - a top voice talent, trainer and producer - in a new article on VoiceOverXtra ( Titled "Celebrity Voice-Over Impersonations: Be Cautious! Words to the Wise," the article is located in the Voice Acting section of, which is the voice-over industry's

Voice Actor Offers Inspiring Podcasts to African American Entrepreneurs

Voice talent Aishah Jeffries-El is using the Internet to follow a longtime dream of hosting her own radio show. The shows - also called podcasts - can be downloaded from her web site. The growing list of African American entrepreneurs who hear her niche podcasts are better for it. And so are voice actors who might follow Aishah’s example to create a similar path to income with podcasts. Aishah\'s story is told

33 Steps to Voice-Over Career Success

Newcomers to the voice acting career field can get a firm foothold on the ladder to success with 33 steps to take, as outlined in a new article on - the voice-over industry’s online news and resource center. In “Words to the Wise: 33 Steps To Voice-Over Career Success,” author Bettye Zoller shares her years of experience as a top voice talent, voice-over coach, trainer and producer. The article is

Voice-Over Accreditation: A Response to a Rapidly Changing Industry

The voice-over industry is changing so rapidly that “Voice-Over 2.0” is an apt description of what everyone’s experiencing today, says voice talent Nikki Saco. Yet she suggests a way for voice talent and voice seekers alike to cope with it all, in a new feature on VoiceOverXtra ( - the voice-over industry’s online news and resource center. “Like other second generation industries, Voice-Over 2.0 is predominantly characterized by its wider accessibility.

Voice-Over Pronunciation: Learn These Tricks for Clarity

Voice actors need to pronounce words clearly and appropriately to the copy they read – in commercials, corporate narrations, or wherever a voice is heard (and the speaker not seen). Some simple “tricks” for ensuring correct pronunciation are in a new article on - the voice-over industry’s online news and resource center. “Pronunciation: Don’t Sound Like You Just Fell Off The Hay Wagon,” by voice pro and coach Marc Cashman,

Harlan Hogan's Porta-Booth Ensures Quality Voice-Overs On The Road

Voice actors typically record their audio projects in their own home studio – a space with quality equipment and dead quiet. New jobs arrive daily from clients via email or phone and require quick turnaround. But sometimes, a business trip or vacation beckons, creating a dilemma: How to provide quality voice-over recordings while on the road? “When you’re on the road, you’ll often find yourself in less-than-perfect recording environments,” says veteran

Voice Actors Learn How To Create Podcasts for Fun & Profit

Voice actors now have an additional way to earn money for their talents – by jumping into the hot new media arena of creating podcasts. In fact, voice actors should make that jump now, says Frank Frederick, a veteran voice talent, producer and author, in “Podcasting for Fun & Profit” - a new article and podcast on VoiceOverXtra ( - the voice-over industry’s online news and resource center. Located in the web

Voice Actors Can Take Virtual Tours of Home Studios on

Voice actors who want to know what voice-over equipment their colleagues are using can now peek into those studios, in a new series of articles and photos on - the online news and resource center for voice actors. Located in the web site’s Home Studio section, these virtual Home Studio Tours reveal the equipment, studio layouts, soundproofing and other factors that are crucial to providing clients with quality voice-overs. The articles

The Super Bowl of Commercials Scores Points in Lessons for Voice Actors

Voice actors – the people you hear, but do not see, in television commercials and other media – found additional points scored in the recent Super Bowl, through lessons from Super Bowl commercials. “The huge time and expense put into the making of Super Bowl commercials kicks them into a league of their own,” says John Florian, webmaster of ( – the online news and resource center for voice

For Voice-Overs, ISDN and Source-Connect Are Explained in New …

Newcomers to the voice-over career field have lots of lingo to learn. Two technical items they’ll come across are ISDN and Source-Connect. As explained in a new article at (, ISDN - or Integrated Services Digital Network - and Source-Connect are tools that allow two-way, high fidelity, real time communication and recording from a home studio to high-end studios, stations and networks elsewhere, all over the world. “With

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