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Sake and Chocolate, an ideal Pairing

Delicious cooperation: Go-Sake and Chocolate Vision present their first joint sake chocolate. Go-Sake and Chocolate Vision present their latest joint creation, the sake chocolate. A pleasure for the senses that appeals to chocolate and sake lovers alike and offers a completely new taste experience. The sake chocolate combines Japanese & German craftsmanship in the form of award-winning hand-made Go-Sake from the Arimitsu Brewery, founded in 1903 in Kochi, Japan, paired with the

Quality Matters! Gold for Japanese Sake Startup!

Berlin based Sake Startup Go-Sake was awarded with Gold at the Frankfurt International Trophy 2023. The prestigious award as the best Japanese submission highlights the quality and refinement of handcrafted Go-Sake. The company is proud to bring the tradition and culture of Japanese Sake to the world and looks forward to further collaboration with Sake enthusiasts worldwide. Awarded was in Frankfurt the Junmai Ginjo Sake brewed by the Arimitsu

Sparkling Rosé Sake is here!

sparkling sake is on the rise and it is the perfect summer drink and aperitive. Sparkling sake opens up a whole new and delicious style to the line of Sake. With the new Go-Spark, Sparkling Junmal Daiginjo made with only rice and rice koji, Go-Sake introduces the first sparkling sake to the Go-Sake family. This sake offers a perfect balance of natural sweetness and acidity without the use of any

Go-Sake wins double silver at the Craft Spirits Berlin Awards

Berlin sake startup awarded twice. At this year's Craft Spirits Awards in Berlin, the Berlin sake startup Go-Sake scored twice and convinced the jury. With a high score of 86.25 points for the Go-Sake (Junmai/Arimitsu Brewery) and 88.25 points for the Sake and Tonic. The Craft Spirits Berlin Awards competition is dedicated to handcrafted spirits and is Europe's largest competition in this area. The submitted products will be judged by a jury

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