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Why People With Better Ideas Are Less Successful

We all have come across such people who seemingly have below average intelligence and yet they are super-successful. What exactly did they do right? On the other hand, those full of great ideas are living a life of mediocrity. Why? Is it because of some divine power at play? Well, it is convenient to blame it all on luck, but what if we can figure it out once and for all, and

Why Choosing Non-Toxic Is Hard And Ways To Overcome Those Challenges

Gone are the days when you could buy things based on how good their packaging looks or the fancy claims they showed in TV ads. Today, it has become imperative to do a thorough research on its composition and effects on the health before you welcome any new product in your home. From cleaning agents to cooking utensils, everything that is used in the households has betrayed us in the

These 2 guys from India are bringing some amazing lives to limelight with LIVES …

It has been 2 years since the world is going through a pandemic. While millions lost their jobs or source of income, these 2 guys from India decided to focus on something positive. Two friends since college Abhishek (33) and Sachin (33) from a small town in India set out to find the light at the end of this tunnel. They decided to interview some personalities who are somehow making

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