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Retail Consultants YRC Outlines some of its key services for Online Grocery Star …

Decade-plus of retail experience have allowed YRC (Your Retail Coach) to closely study, research, and work with various online grocery delivery services, helping them to evolve as a brand. When starting a grocery business, the benefits and challenges of brick-and-mortar and online business models ( ) should be considered, as well as the importance of a hybrid approach. YRC expert consultants can help scale online groceries business in the

YRC boils down Setting up a Dark Store into 5 strides

What is a dark store? Think of dark stores as micro-fulfilment centres. But as much as the buzz is about dark stores, so are the many seen and unseen difficulties that emerge in a dark store business. Sometimes new businesses fail to make realistic sales estimates or realise that they got their building interiors wrong. Sometimes there are loopholes in operational planning or a belated realisation that the installed software

05 Benefits of SOPs for Retail

SOPs are essential for a successful business, but too many startups overlook this important aspect. Standard operating procedures can create an efficient and streamlined business process. The creation of Standard Operating Procedures ( ) can actually be a major step toward achieving business excellence since they will allow you to work "on your business" rather than just "in your business". By creating a standard operating procedure, you can

How to franchise my business

In this communiqué, Your Retail Coach (YRC) presents a summary of how to go about franchising. YRC offers franchise business consulting services ( ) with over 10 years of experience. Determination of the franchise expansion strategy While every business has unique capabilities and constraints, there is hardly a fit-for-all strategy. The franchise expansion strategy ( ) is about determining the best working arrangement with franchisees. It entails consideration of

Avoid these blunders before taking steps to start a retail business in Saudi Ara …

In this communiqué, YRC's team of retail consultants emphasises certain deviations which new businesses must avoid before they start taking steps to build a retail business in Saudi Arabia ( ). YRC offers retail business consulting services in the Middle East market region. Not taking regulatory requirements seriously In terms of ease of doing business, Saudi Arabia has a forward-looking regulatory environment. But should not lead to any form of

Questions and Insights before taking steps to start a retail business in Dubai

In this communiqué, YRC's team of retail consultants addresses retail startups and existing retail businesses intending to start or extend their business to Dubai. In its retail business consulting services, YRC maintains that a retail business startup in Dubai ( ) is an attractive idea but at the same time, there is no room for ordinary ways of doing business here. Is there any existing leverage to run a

How to run a successful eCommerce business

In this recent press release, retail and eCommerce consultants ( ) Your Retail Coach nails down an insightful perspective on effective eCommerce management. Develop and implement ECommerce SOPs Talking about running an eCommerce business successfully takes the focus to eCommerce operations planning. As a contemporary and complex channel strategy, eCommerce operations call for high-end precision and superlative efficiency levels. And the smartest way to achieve this is by developing

Strategic Branding Process In The Retail Industry

In the present era where consumers demand authenticity & values, they look for brands that are crystal clear and deliver what is promised. To gain consumers' trust and to become their go-to brand, you need to develop an extensive and distinct retail brand strategy ( ). A genuine brand strategy will help your brand develop more meaningful connections with the customers and attain a competitive edge over others in

The relevance of SOPs for Dark Stores

In the dark store business model ( ), everything has to be fast - quick internal operations, quick deliveries, quick customer service, and a fast and glitch-free shopping app. But how are these outcomes possible? Speedy and impeccable processing is the answer. Every function, process, and operation involved in order fulfilment has to embrace this approach. It applies to the business-IT applications in use, delivery, customer support, operations, procurement,

How technology can help retailers recover and reinforce their businesses

Technology has always been a role-changing model in our lives. But the most impact of the technology can be seen on a day-to-day basis in retail. As the customers, we can change our behavioural patterns with the changing needs. Thanks to the technology that has been a saviour in such cases. Due to the mounting pressure of this changing world to virtual reality, retailers are driven to join the

How to boost your eCommerce sales

Retail and eCommerce consultants Your Retail Coach, in its recent communiqué, has highlighted five specific action areas for eCommerce businesses ( ) to achieve stability and growth in sales. The details follow. Fine-tune value proposition What constitutes value to customers does not remain constant. Even a small change is capable of making customers shift their brand choices or purchase destinations. Therefore, value propositions cannot remain static. Testing and experimenting

A Guide to help you Plan the overall size of your Dark Store Business

Dark stores combine retail and eCommerce to deliver direct to customers. The stores have great customer service with features like same-day delivery, last-mile delivery, and in-store pickup. Dark stores offer to purchase via their website and mobile apps, with doorstep delivery. Dark stores need a robust logistics system and an effective IT system. Businesses with dark stores can benefit from high-profit margins and lower cart abandonment rates. Dark Store Business: Step-by-Step

Starting an online business in Dubai: Retail Consultants YRC shares insights

According to the UAE Digital Media Statistics Report, Dubai has one of the highest rates of internet penetration in the world and it has the most online shoppers. The high volume of traffic and goods movement in Dubai is due to its infrastructure. However, for an online business to be successful, a few factors need to be taken into account. To start an online business in Dubai, follow these steps: 1.

Business Intelligence: Dashboard Software for your Business

Business Intelligence is the technical infrastructural stage that collects, stores, analyzes and visualizes the data transactions made by the company's activities. It is a broad term that is held within data mining, analysis of the process, performance benchmarking, and descriptive analytics. BI resolves all the data generated by a business firm ( ) and presents easy-to-digest reports, performance measures, and trending parts that inform the decisions of the management

How to identify "Niche" for your Ecommerce business?

Having a niche very important. Niche is very important like a magnet for the business. Good niche is the X factor. Other important factors: Industry Brand Audience How Can I Find My Niche Audience? 1. Analyze your Product For example, if your brand provides services in the retail sector, you should consider who these services will benefit most. Are you a company or an individual? B2B, B2C, or the latter? It is worth digging deeper

Best Business Intelligence Tools (BI Tools) Of 2022

Organizations usually collect significant historical data and present data sets to make actionable and accurate decisions. This operational data collected through business operations ( )can be analyzed with the help of certain software, typically known as business intelligence tools (BI tools). These tools can help with many factors, be it internal process, operations, risk management, supply chain logistics, and predictive analytics, thus transforming the overall business. In simple terms,

Choosing an E-commerce Platform that will Increase overall Efficiency

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that followed to curb its spread came as a blessing in disguise for e-commerce businesses and start-ups providing e-commerce consulting services. Many brick and mortar retailers scrambling to serve their customers effectively during this pandemic took their business online in order to serve them in the best possible way during this crisis of unprecedented nature. This also helped them to retain their

Countries within the MENA region, where you can start Ecommerce business without …

When it comes to ecommerce business with our company , the advantage of businesses is that they can be managed virtually, from wherever you are two ways in the MENA region from your region called Cross border ecommerce ( ). It can be your warehouse and orders from your country or orders from MENA. As a result of the latter, delivery turnover is fast, and the customer gets the

Fulfilment operations: the heart of customer experience

Over the last decade or so, the eCommerce business has matured a lot. The battle within the eCommerce space has gotten intense now. Gone are the days when eCommerce just took its nascent baby steps – to now compete on finding robust cutthroat innovative approaches to attract new consumers and keep existing customers satisfied. A dedicated effort is put into making the customer experience as seamless and delightful as possible.

360 million dollar acquisition of InstaShop by delivery hero

The E-commerce sector is one of the rapidly growing industries in the world. To attain a competitive advantage and economies of scale, mergers and acquisitions have been a sure-fit way for most eCommerce companies globally. With lots of potential avenues for turning a profit or finding new avenues, businesses have now ample room to grow and experiment. If you are someone who follows the startup space in the Middle East,

Things to consider while selecting a Retail ERP

With the advancement in technology, everything around us has changed and so is the way business is done. To survive in this competitive world, professional businesses have turned to online solutions ( ) for their businesses to have a competitive edge over others. One such solution is ERP for retail, a software tailormade to support multiple processes such as track, assess, streamline and connect all the operations vital to

The Problems & Opportunities of E-Commerce Returns

When you run an e-commerce website, along with managing the inventory, packaging, and delivery of products, return management can become hectic and only add to the chaos. Customers like to shop with stores that have an easy and seamless return management procedure in place. 66% of customers tend to check the returns policy before they shop with a website for the first time, making it even more imperative to have

Grocery Marketplace Business Model Pros and Cons

Grocery retailing is changing, and in this new digital era – digital Grocery or Grocery Marketplace is the new edge. A grocery marketplace business model ( ) is one wherein, - > There is a platform – which is managed by the platform owner - > There are multiple varieties of groceries sold - > By more than one seller (that is a multi-vendor platform), who may be

Premium Grocery Supermarkets: Shaping Grocery Shopping to Experience Centres

Grocery Supermarkets are evolving. This is primarily due to the onslaught and impact of the e-commerce channel which is eating up the share gradually of typical brick and mortar stores. Coupled and fuelled by the impact of Covid – eCommerce has more than doubled its speed for growth and the recurrent lockdowns and closures add only woes to the grocery supermarkets. Customers have shifted their focus towards online, value for

Why did Swiggy stop the grocery marketplace?

In the wake of the dreadful coronavirus – which outbroke in India in the early part of 2020 – a lockdown was implemented from about mid-March 2020. In the unprecedented move – a lot of us were left baffled and with no choices for groceries and daily essentials. It was then that the like of Swiggy picked up the need and started to onboard grocery stores as Swiggy Grocery Partners

Not easy for online beauty and personal care businesses: YRC (Your Retail Coach)

Taking a business online may sound exciting but being in the industry of beauty eCommerce consulting, YRC confides that it is not easy for the online beauty and personal care businesses ( ) in any market and it is very much unlike a turn-key phenomenon highlighting some of the most prominent challenges and keeping a few fundamentals right. Competition from brick and mortar retailers For eCommerce players, significant competition

ECommerce could transform homoeopathy pharmacies and clinics - YRC

“Similia Similibus Curentur” or ‘Let likes be treated by likes' or the law of similars is the principle behind homoeopathy. Since the discovery of homoeopathy in the late 18th century, the practice has spread across many countries in the world. Today, India is one of the leading markets for homoeopathic treatment and medicines. Other emerging markets include the UAE, Singapore and some pockets of Canada, the United Kingdom and the

ISO Retail Standards

Be it online or offline, the retail industry as a whole has an enormous effect on its surroundings or environment. Hence, it makes sense to adopt certification and compliance in accordance with the ISO retail standards. These standards can have a huge positive impact on an organization. If your company is into retail, having ISO retail standards can help you go through the complications of the ever-changing market. These standards

Is there any difference between E-commerce and retail?

Retail and e-commerce both refer to what happens when a business sells a product to a consumer for their own use, the only difference being one of them, that is, e-commerce happens exclusively through the Internet. Retail is conducted mainly through a brick-and-mortar store, where products are displayed on racks or shelves in an establishment called a shopping centre. However, there are a number of varied options that can be

What is the business model of Dmart in India

The retail industry is undergoing a considerable transformation, with its shoppers enjoying the privilege of shopping for the goods and services they require through various channels. With some major players enjoying their large market shares and huge returns, new entrants like D-mart have made an exemplary debut in the industry. Its unique business model ( ) offers fierce competition to the existing players. Introducing D-Mart D-mart is a supermarket chain based

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