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Level up yor business with new app. New platform for business activity - ClubKit

A novice and experienced business person can now create their own mobile application on the ClubKit platform. A team of developers, testers, designers, and marketers worked on the application. PNN Soft presented the ClubKit application this year. Create your area for any business segment.  ClubKit business application - meet your goals on a new platform ClubKit is a mobile application for iOS and Android users who want to have a custom digital

Bluefy - September update! Manage web Bluetooth devices efficiently.

Innovative technologies have long been ingrained in people's daily lives. As a result, we are witnessing the active creation and promotion of modern solutions.  PNN Soft, a software developer for creating new methods, released the first version of the Bluefy application back in 2020. The app gained success quickly and received positive feedback from users. Bluefy is one of many solutions created by qualified PNN Soft developers, and it also allowed

Bluefy got an updated browser and extra BLE connection functions

Bluefy Web Bluetooth browser, created for iOS users, gained positive feedback from customers in 2021, which further confirmed the great connectivity of the app. However, the team of developers decided to go the extra mile and adopt new connection functions and interface features. Speaking about extra features, IT experts and designers closely collaborated to add the full-screen feature, allowing users to imitate PWA behavior. That was one of the main customers

Get a news about reliable and effective BLE Browser for iOS. Meet Bluefy updates …

Bluefy Web Bluetooth app for iOS What is the Bluefy app and who can use it? Bluefy - Smart Browser app for iOS with support of advanced Web Bluetooth API technology that allows users to connect and customize BLE devices. The application provides a simple and reliable connection of BLE devices to a smartphone through adapted web pages. In addition, Bluefy is a great browser with basic features and a

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