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Press Releases from Confast Concrete Fasteners (9 total)

CONFAST Male Hurricane Anchors Now Available

CONFAST 1/4"-20 x 2-1/4" Male Hurricane anchors install quicker and more efficiently than other storm protection anchoring products. For concrete and concrete block applications, drill pilot hole and drive the anchor in, it's that easy. Pre-drilling is not required in wood base materials. Full thread engagement in concrete, concrete block and wood is required for best performance. Stucco-faced surfaces usually require countersinking so that the top of the hurricane anchors set flush

CONFAST Introduces The #10-12 Plastic Conical Blue Bantam Anchor Kit--- Includes …

This new CONFAST® fastener kit, available free with a $25 order, is great for many light-duty uses - Install doorbells, curtain rods, pictures, light mirrors, photo frames, lights in drywall, plaster board, gypsum board, brick wall, concrete wall or wood wall. Easy to Install - use included bit to drill hole, insert the anchor, and place the item against the wall over the anchor, then drive the screw through the hole

Confast Drop-In Anchors Now Available for Suspending Electrical Cable Trays, HVA …

• Drop-In anchors should only be used in solid concrete. • Their main use is to insert threaded rod to suspend electrical cable trays, HVAC ductwork and fire sprinkler pipe and heads. • They can be used in applications that require a flush mounted anchor and when a bolt needs to be inserted and removed. • A setting tool is required to set the anchor in the concrete. Technical Specifications: There are numerous technical specifications

CONFAST Flat Phillips 410 Stainless concrete screws

CONFAST® Flat Phillips 410 Stainless concrete screws are designed for a fast and easy installation with optimal holding strength and providing long-​lasting rust resistance for exterior use. Products Features Include: EASY​INSTALLATION : Fast ​easy ​installation;​saves ​time ALL LENGTHS: One stop shopping, saves time and money PACKAGED 50 PCS: Less waste, save dollars 1 BIT WITH EVERY 50 SCREWS: More value Product Specifications: BIT SIZE: 3/16" = 5/32" 1/4"= 3/16" BOX QTY: 50 MINIMUM EMBEDMENT:

Construction Supply Chain Headaches Sparks Renewed Interest in “Buy America” …

The United States has had a “Buy America” act in place for over 80 years. The act helps to encourage the purchase of American goods over imported products. The Buy American Act guides all U.S. federal government agencies to purchase goods valued over the U.S. micro-purchase threshold currently set at $10,000 for any project for public use. Even though these laws have been in place for 80 years, there are workarounds. For

CONFAST Sammys Anchor Now Available Online

Confast's Sammys Anchors are designed for anchoring into concrete using Sammys nut driver. This anchor saves time from traditional methods and reduces installation costs. Product Specifications: SUBSTRATE Concrete DRIVE: Sammys® #14 (Black) Nut Driver (8113910) ROD SIZE: 3/8"-16 MOUNT STYLE: Vertical SUBSTRATE FASTENER SIZE: 5/16" x 1-3/4" LENGTH 1.75 DIAMETER 0.3125 Note: Use a 1200 maximum RPM drill for installation. Do not install concrete screws while the drill unit is in impact mode

CONFAST Strike Anchor Now Available Online

Strike Anchors are designed for anchoring into concrete. Insert the Strike Anchor into a pre-drilled hole in the concrete. Set the anchor by striking the nail into the anchor. The nail expands the Strike Anchor in the concrete. USES • CONFAST® Strike anchors should be used only in solid concrete and should never be installed in any other type of masonry material. • Never install the CONFAST® Strike anchor in ACQ treated lumber. •

CONFAST Carbide Hammer Bit Now Available

Straight shank bits, or Hammer bits, are carbide-tipped bits used for drilling holes in concrete, brick or block base material. The tip of the bit is made out of carbide. These carbide-tipped bits are used in mechanical hammer drills. The straight shank bits are attached to the hammer drills via a chuck. The straight-shanked bit is used in a Jacobs style chuck (a chuck in which a key is used). Confast’s straight shank

CONFAST Hammer Drive Anchor with Stainless Steel Nail

CONFAST® Hammer Drive Anchors with the Stainless Steel Nail are best suited for outdoor, wet applications, and work well in most masonry base materials. Product Information: · Only available in 1/4" diameter · 4 lengths: 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" · Must be embedded in masonry a minimum of 3/4" · 1/4" diameter

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