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How to control the welding of spiral welded pipe?

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding. Pipe molding can only follow two specific techniques that result in either seamless and welded pipe. Crude raw material such as ore or metal cast into ingots is the first step. The last step of the fabrication process is to shape the

seamless and welded pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a round, square and rectangular steel with a hollow section and no joints on the periphery. Seamless steel pipes are made of steel ingots or solid tube billets through perforation into capillary tubes, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. Welded steel pipes refer to steel pipes with seams on the surface that are welded after bending and deforming steel strips or steel

cs seamless pipe extrusion process

Structural and cs seamless pipe are both extruded. That means a billet of material is forced through a hole in a die shaped to form the two-dimensional cross-section. Extrusion of seamless tubes Extrusion method refers to the metal blank into the extruder barrel, extrusion molding and extrusion rod composed of "closed" container by applying pressure to force the metal extruded rod extrusion die orifice outflow from, and access to metal plastic molding

What are the characteristics of galvanized seamless steel pipes?

(1) Galvanized seamless steel pipe, the pure zinc layer is densely covered on the surface of the steel, which can avoid any corrosive solution from contacting the steel substrate and protect the steel substrate from corrosion. In a general atmosphere, a zinc layer is formed on the surface of a thin dense zinc oxide layer, which is hardly soluble in water, so the protective effect of the steel substrate. If

Do you know steel pipe welding technology?

With the progress and development of advanced technology, welded pipe technology has achieved leapfrog development in the past ten years of this century, directly driving the production efficiency of welded pipe and the quality of welded pipe itself. Although the technical quality has been significantly improved, it is still in competition. In the fierce market, the quality requirements for welded pipes are even higher. Therefore, improving the quality of steel

Why is there no seam on seamless steel pipe?

Look at the manufacturing process of seamless steel pipes,you will know why seamless steel pipes have no seams. Seamless steel pipes are round, square and rectangular hollow section steel pipes with no external joints. Seamless steel pipes are made of steel ingots or solid tube blanks through perforation into capillaries. Then it is made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. Seamless steel pipes have a hollow section and are

What are the requirements for 16Mn seamless steel pipes during production?

First, the model classification and storage of 16Mn seamless steel pipe, However, for different good-quality 16Mn seamless steel pipes, they must be classified and stored, otherwise the 16Mn seamless steel pipe will be quite troublesome during use. However, in order for 16Mn seamless steel pipes to be quickly found based on the model selection, they must be classified and stored according to their different models when they are stored in the

What are the test methods and procedures for flattening seamless steel pipes?

The process of making seamless steel pipes (ASTM A106 GR.B) is relatively cumbersome and rigorous. After the seamless steel pipe is produced, certain tests must be carried out. Do you know the method and procedure of the flattening test of seamless steel pipe? flatten the sample 1. The sample is cut from any part of the seamless steel pipe that has passed the visual inspection. The sample should be the full-loaded pipe

Method for analyzing chemical composition of seamless steel pipe with carbon and …

Steps of carbon and sulfur analyzer to analyze chemical composition of seamless steel pipe The carbon-sulfur analyzer analyzes the chemical composition of seamless steel pipes. The principle is that the carrier gas (oxygen) is purified and then introduced into the high-frequency furnace. The sample is oxidized by oxygen at the high temperature of the combustion furnace, so that the carbon and sulfur in the seamless steel pipe sample is oxidized to

What are the technical requirements of the national standard fluid seamless stee …

The technical requirements for seamless steel pipes for national standard fluids mainly include the following aspects: 1.Chemical composition: stipulate the maximum content of acrobatic elements in the chemical composition of various steels. 2.Geometric dimensional accuracy: including outer diameter, wall thickness, length tolerance and bending degree of fixed-length pipe; diameter accuracy reflects the ovality of seamless steel pipe for fluid, and wall thickness accuracy reflects the wall of seamless steel pipe for fluid

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