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SlideUpLift Introduces Presentation-As -A -Service

Presentations as a Service is a unique idea to outsource your presentation building efforts to the hands of professionals. Oftentimes, you are in high stakes business situations- be it that important sales proposal that could get you the deal, that critical project presentation illuminating the impact your project created, that crucial business pitch that decides the fate of your idea- amongst many such spots you can find yourself in. Presentations often

Introducing Mobile First Templates by SlideUpLift

With rapidly increasing computing power and features in mobiles and tablets, people are finding mobile devices as their go-to devices for almost everything. From a work standpoint, mobile devices are not just for “on the go” busy professionals - the pandemic-driven work from home models saw mobile usage increase across the board. Indeed the always-on connectivity, feature-rich apps, and the use-anywhere convenience of mobile just keep people getting more

SlideUpLift Launches Presentation Themes : An out of the box solution for Busine …

SlideUplift, which has one of the largest collection of presentation templates on the internet for all professional needs, has launched a series of new presentation themes that are solely catered towards those busy and enterprising business professionals that are looking for a solution for all their presentation and collaboration needs. As a busy business professional, making presentations on the fly can often be tedious. Be it, clients, investors, your management, or

SlideUpLift Launches New Enterprise Plan for Corporates

Remote working has changed business communication in ways we could have never imagined. With limited possibilities to be together in person: the ability to communicate effectively is fast becoming a differentiating factor- separating success from potential failures As such, smart professionals are constantly looking for sharper, better ways to communicate, present their ideas and engage their audience. Forward-looking leaders want these smart practices to pervade across teams and upgrade the communication

SlideUpLift - A Must-Have Resource for Project Managers

Presentation formats are increasingly being used to create operational and communication documents on project management topics. The internet is flooded with PDFs, documents, blogs and videos that all give their own versions of such documents and templates. However, it can be very tedious to wade through it and build a document that fits your situation. SlideUpLift, one of the leading providers of presentation templates and resources, has done the legwork

Why Using Templates for Making PowerPoint Presentations Makes Good Sense

From weekly team meetings to corporate Strategy presentations- to selling to prospective customers everything is now online - owing to the pandemic and remote working. Our users say despite the changed external situation, they continue to face the same pressures to deliver. They are often preparing for these meetings solo and then expected to deliver on impactful discussions virtually while lacking the natural advantage of in-person presence. Slide presentations continue to

SlideUpLift Add-in: An Intelligent Companion to PowerPoint

SlideUpLift ( one of the leading providers of presentation templates and PowerPoint resources has recently launched a nifty PowerPoint Add-in that provides full access to its 30k+ template collection directly from within PowerPoint. SlideUpLift continues to remain focused on helping users upgrade their presentations using compelling visuals and storytelling elements. “Our users already have great ideas, but it almost always helps to not start presentations from a blank slide. With

SlideUpLift: A Way To Make Remote Presentations Work For You

In today’s pandemic ridden professional world, communication is everything. People are challenged to run workshops virtually, make sales pitches from home, even raise funds for their startups remotely. Things that in the past could be sorted in water cooler chats or over a Starbucks coffee session now require calendar meetings and often formal discussions on platforms like MS Teams. Budding Entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business professionals are constantly learning what this

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