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Its okay lose but not okay to STOP!

Kolkata, W.B., March 25, 2021—Back 2 Basics is a book of epiphany. It tells us everything that we already know but ignore to acknowledge in our daily lives. We are all aware that life is a never-ending struggle but we are still bogged down when we are faced with difficulties. This book reminds us of the importance of fighting for something we love and not give up when things don’t

Silence = Absence of Sound NOT Acceptance of Dominance

Kolkata, W.B., December 8, 2020—The noun of Silence means complete absence of sound. Yet the same word means prohibit or prevent from speaking when it is a verb. Pulika Sharma in her novel, The Cost of My Silence, penned down the instances where absence of words turned into prevention of words to be spoken. In India, a girl is a Lakshmi; but not the one that parents keep at their

Marriages are made in Heaven!

If marriages are made in heaven then is divorce God’s intention? For something that God himself intends why does Astrologers defy? Kolkata, W.B., September 24, 2020—“From strangers to husband and wife… happily lived hereafter.” Marriage is a widely acclaimed institution in India to unite lovers. Marriage is not just a ceremony, it is an emotion for everyone. As a blessing we all say, “It is bond that God has decided for

Is gender equality still a myth?

How far have we come since the battle of Sabarimala was won? Kolkata, W.B., August 20, 2020—The September 28, 2018 commenced the journey of India’s battle toward gender equality and woman empowerment. The Supreme Court’s judgment declared that woman are not impure when they menstruate thus they are allowed to enter into the premises of Sabarimala temple. The revolutionary statement that made India stand up against all those rotten criticism and

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