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Stable Income Bonds Are The Next Big Thing

The interest rates around the world have shattered, the printing presses of the government is working in full swing to print the helicopter money. What is that? In the times of COVID when the majority of the workforce is struggling to return back to normalcy with the fear of losing a job at any time, the government decided to give free money to the people. Though, the money paid being

Blockchain Certification Company Lands US $2 Million Investment

Blockchain is growing, the crypto markets are booming but a serious problem which has now started hurting the whole industry is the involvement of a limited number of people who are currently running the show. More than blockchain literacy, we have developers, traders and investors who are driven by misinformation as there is no set standard in the industry to follow. The whole blockchain is based on open source code and

Real Estate Tokenization, The Next Big Thing In India

We all have heard of various investment products like fixed deposits, gold and real estate. The largest and the most popular asset class called the "real estate" is known for its high entry cost and extremely low liquidity. India a home to 1.37 billion has trillions of dollars worth real estate but it is almost impossible to buy a real estate asset today and sell it tomorrow. The real estate market

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