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CS4‘s COO for Special Projects & Maritime Logistics Franz Rixgens was on site when on September 27 2021 the fleet of 90 Mini 6.50 racing yachts crossed the starting line in Les Sables d’Olonne (France) and departed to their 4000 miles long journey. Destination is Guadeloupe, a French department in the Caribbean, for the 21st edition of the MINITRANSAT. The MINITRANSAT race is a single handed race from Europe

Marilyn Monroe travels with CS4art

"This exclusive world exhibition presents the 20th century's most photographed female actress, singer and style icon Marilyn Monroe. The exhibition, "The Untold Story", shows a hitherto unexplored private side of Monroe, equally fascinating and influential even 58 years after her death in 1962." says the exhibition website. The exhibition is shown in Oerebro with over 200 exclusive objects from Monroe's private life and career. The items are part of a German

CS4 Logistics GmbH made 1 Million over night in medical healthcare | aviation + …

Medical supply logistics - special airport services thanks to a motivated team! 1 million in one night - wouldn't we all love to make it ? 1 million protective masks ! For the umpteenth time CS4art / CS4 Logistics GmbH has been through the night because of the Covid 19 crisis at the airport! In addition to overseeing and coordinating art logistics shipments around the world, it

CS4 Logistics GmbH: medical health shipments / Aviation + Security services at F …

Happy Easter ? Medical healtcare supply logistics - airport services by an enthusiastic team The Covid 19 crisis has changed our lives, our work - and also has challenged CS4art to provide a different kind of services at Frankfurt Airport. Starting with an emergency call on Saturday morning, the team headed by Kai Nissen has worked all weekend. We do thank our team for their commitment over the

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