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Presentation of the ISOTEST® holiday detectors at NAPEC 2019 from 10 to 13 Marc …

As in previous years, the 9th edition of the NAPEC (North Africa Petroleum Exhibition & Conference) took place at the Palais des Conventions d'Oran from 10 to 13 March 2019. NAPEC is the largest oil and gas exhibition & conference in Africa focusing on the North Africa Market and therefore it is the place to develop, grow and meet the oil & gas professionals coming from all over the world.

70th company anniversary – a success story from Heiligenhaus

On January 8th 2018, ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH in Heiligenhaus celebrated its 70th company anniversary. Since its foundation in 1948, the family business in its second generation has developed over the last few decades into an internationally renowned and sought-after supplier of special products for industrial measurement and testing technology. “70 years, a long time in which we have initiated and mastered many changes and developments. In the future,

ISOTEST® Industry Solutions

ELMED Messtechnik offers tailor-made packages for industry-specific applications As protection against corrosion and leakages, pipelines and fittings, tanks and containers as well as building structures are applied with a protective coating. Absolute freedom from surface defects is the objective and essential precondition in passive corrosion protection. ISOTEST® holiday detectors have become an indispensible quality guarantee. For the wide range of applications for the holiday test of enamels, rubber linings,

HELIO-STROB tripLED – the high-performance stroboscope for industrial applicat …

Heiligenhaus, 26th February 2016. ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH extends its successful HELIO-STROB series by another light intensive LED stroboscope, the HELIO-STROB tripLED. Designed for industrial applications and quality assurance, the device can be used both with mains and battery operation. Equipped with the latest LED and reflector technology, the light output is now comparable to that of conventional stroboscopes. The 15 CREE high power LED have a high brightness

UV stroboscope for the control of security features

ELMED extends the range of possible applications to the UV-A spectrum with the HELIO-STROB UV365. Thanks to its UV LEDs the stroboscope can make fluorescent security features visible in the running production process. The main goal of security printing (banknotes, stamps, passports, etc.) is to prevent forgery, tempering or counterfeiting. But also in the field of automation, such security features are incorporated in objects and documents in order to prove

ISOTEST® Phantom Grounding

ELMED Messtechnik offers new and safe ways of testing pipe coatings For the corrosion protection of pipeline pipes a protective coating is applied on their surface. Within the frame of quality assurance these pipe coatings are tested for cracks or defects by means of high-voltage in order to guarantee the durability and longevity of the pipes. Proper grounding of the high-voltage testing instrument is an absolutely essential precondition for all high-voltage


Safe high voltage testing of line pipes and coatings ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH, an internationally leading producer of holiday detectors, announces the launch of the high voltage voltmeter ISOTEST HV conti. For decades, leading pipe manufacturers all over the world have been relying on the ISOTEST holiday detectors and systems of ELMED. Even the smallest cracks, flaws and defects can be online detected and indicated in the production process

Stroboscopes for Industrial Applications

The name stroboscope is composed of the Greek words strhόbos ‚meaning "whirlpool" and skopein, meaning "to look at". Stroboscopes are precision measuring instruments used for contact-free measurements of rotational speeds or for the observation of rapid periodic processes. In this way even the smallest parts are depicted pin sharply – without any motion blurs. The physical principle is rather simple: Rapid, uniformly repetitive movements, such as rotation or vibration, are illuminated by

ISOTEST act P2 - The new in-plant holiday detector for FBE as well as for 3-laye …

Additionally to the well-established portable holiday detectors ELMED Messtechnik GmbH now also offers a stationary holiday detection system, the ISOTEST act P2, for the automated testing of coated pipes. Especially developed for the testing of factory coatings of all conventional coating materials, it allows the stationary holiday detection with one testing device. The all-rounder offers all necessary voltages for the safe testing of FBE (fusion bonded epoxy) as well as

SlimLine Spring Electrodes – larger pipe diameters – more reliability – le …

Product News ELMED Messtechnik GmbH, an internationally leading manufacturer of holiday detectors announces the launch of its new SlimLine spring electrodes. The new generation of test electrodes, especially for the pipeline construction, allows the economic testing of pipe coatings according to rules and standards, even under the rough conditions on-site. Before burying the pipe, the complete pipe surface can be checked with SlimLine spring electrodes in a single work process. It’s

Ingeniously simple for ambitious applications - Stroboscope HELIO-STROB compact …

By launching the new HELIO-STROB compact 125, ELMED expands their successful HELIO-STROB series by another industrial stroboscope. The latest product innovation will be available from April 2013 on. By means of extremely short flash impulses the HELIO-STROB compact 125 allows the observation of very rapid processes with the naked eye It provides pin sharp images of the apparently motionless object: the “stroboscopic effect”. Via the touch panel and

The new high-performance stroboscope HELIO-STROB master

By launching the new HELIO-STROB master, ELMED expands their successful HELIO-STROB series by another high-performance stroboscope. This new model will be available from April 2013 on. By means of extremely short flash impulses the HELIO-STROB master allows the observation of very rapid processes with the naked eye. It provides pin sharp images of the apparently stationary object: the “stroboscopic effect”. All functional adjustments can comfortably be set via the touch

The new portable LED stroboscope HELIO-STROB micro2

ELMED now expands its product portfolio by the latest product development of the HELIO-STROB industrial stroboscopes series: the new LED stroboscopes HELIO-STROB micro2 – coming in October 2012. The HELIO-STROB micro2 comes with the latest LED generation. This means concentrated brightness in pocket size. The interface for external trigger expands the range of application by „automatic synchronisation“ - even with instable clock pulse and revolution speed. The legendary handiness remains the

New distribution partner in China

The ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH is further expanding its international market presence: since April 2012 ELMED is now exclusively represented in China with its product division ISOTEST by the company Beijing Bettertech Co (Tel no.0086-10-65684616). The team of Mr. Peter Yan strengthens ELMED’s world-wide engagement and does not only offer customer proximity for the Chinese customers but also first-class local support „next door“ for the selection and use of

HELIO-STROB compact 75 – Enhancing image quality and simplifying high performa …

The company Elmed Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH, producer of hiqh performance stroboscopes for industrial use, announces the latest product development of their HELIO-STROB industrial stroboscope series: The powerful handheld stroboscope HELIO-STROB compact 75 is effectively used in the field of quality control, vibration analysis and speed measurement as well as for the setting up of machines. Extremely short flash impulses with constant brightness enable „freeze images“ . Another advantage

Product News: the hand-held stroboscope HELIO-STROB turbo

Rapid, periodic processes can now be visualised and analysed pin sharp: With their new hand-held HELIO-STROB turbo Elmed Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH, manufacturer of industrial high-performance strobosocopes, has launched another new product in their HELIO-STROB series. The light of the HELIO-STROB turbo gets a new quality by extremely short flash impulses with constant brightness. Even the smallest parts are displayed pin sharp, without any motion blur. Thanks to the intuitive handling

ELMED Messtechnik presents the third generation of the ISOTEST high-voltage volt …

Product news ELMED Messtechnik GmbH, an internationally-operating manufacturer of holiday detectors launches the new high-voltage voltmeter ISOTEST HV. The handy and robust, battery-powered measuring instrument allows the precise measurement of the impulse test voltages of the ISOTEST® holiday detectors – even under harsh conditions on-site. Not only the portable ISOTEST® holiday detectors but also the stationary ISO-Automat and the ISOTEST act can be tested according to the applicable rules and

In-line Holiday Detector System

ISOTEST act – safe and economic The capacitive grounding allows the automated testing of pipe coatings for pores and voids without a direct grounding connection on the bare pipe end. Besides the well-established holiday detector equipment for on-site testing, ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH now also offers a testing system, the ISOTEST act, that allows the automated testing of coated pipes. By means of the unique impulse test voltage, even

The new ISOTEST inspect 8.0

The fusion of the previous two models ISOTEST inspect 4.0 and ISOTEST inspect 8.0 ELMED has developed a new holiday detector model to cover the broad demands of high voltage testing for sensitive coatings. This new „all-in-one“ holiday detector ISOTEST inspect 8.0 offers all the advantages of the proven ISOTEST inspect 4.0 and ISOTEST inspect 8.0 including the reliable impulse technology. The innovations of the “unified” ISOTEST inspect 8.0 at

“Always at hand”: the LED stroboscope HELIO-STROB micro

In addition to their well-known stroboscopes with Xenon flash light the German manufacturer ELMED GmbH now offers a LED stroboscope, the HELIO-STROB micro. The LED stroboscope HELIO-STROB micro is to be applied to processes requiring an easy, optical control or the visualisation of quick production sequences, as well as to the contact-free revolution and vibration measurement. The combination of micro-processor control and innovative LED technology in a handy vest pocket

In-line Holiday Detection Systems

This year ELMED can look back on the successful start of the new ISOTEST act 35 in-line holiday detection system. Several testing units for pipe diameters up to 70“ were delivered to well known pipe mills in South America, Europe and in China. The unique customised ´testing profile´ enables an easy set up of the required testing voltage according to the defined material and thickness tables – covering the complete

Online Holiday Detection Systems - The new ISO-ACT raises expectations

During the next few months Elmed will again reach a milestone in the continuous development of the ISO-AUTOMAT online testing system for corrosion protective coatings. ISO-ACT will take into account all aspects of the present development in the pipe producing and coating industry. ISO-ACT stands for flexible solutions for varying applications and growing capacities also considering temporary production sites and limited budgets. Many state of the art features and new functions recommend the

ISO- Automat P2 and ISO-Automat DC Online testing of coatings

The most diverse kinds of coatings can reliably be tested with the ISO-Automat P2 from ELMED. Even the smallest pores and faults are detected dependably and without damaging the material. The flexibility of the complete turnkey systems allows adaptation to international test standards, specific coating processes such as side extrusion and crosshead extrusion and also semi and fully automatic testing. Long time experience in the field of high-voltage testing, numerous references

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