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ZanderInventions Biocide ZZ-20 and the Bees

As soon as the use of insecticides or "insect control products" in general is discussed these days, the "question of bees" inevitably arises. "Does that stuff hurt the bees? Or "does the drug kill the bees too?" and/or any variation on these questions. In the meantime, it seems that word has spread that not only climate change can eradicate mankind, but that the extinction of certain species of insects can sooner

ZanderInventions' Biocide ZZ-20 reliably eliminates mosquitoes, ticks and other …

The Nuremberg family business ZanderInventions, G.Zander, which emerged from the former pest control company ABC Insekt-Control, G. Zander, has developed the novel biocide ZZ-20 (BAuA Reg.: N-94932) in cooperation with the well-known chemist Sven Reichwagen. With ZZ-20, ZanderInventions counters the current insect plagues of oak processionary moth, mosquitoes and ticks. ZZ-20 reliably eliminates all insects and also neutralizes the long-lasting, poisonous burning hairs of EPS. The environmental-compatibility and the novel,

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