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Making CLACK® softeners safer & more efficient

SaveCost C is the "guard" for a CLACK® water softener. This leads to more operational reliability and optimal utilization of the softener columns. The softener produces up to 160% soft water with less rinse water and salt. This reduces operating costs by up to 60%. The continuous maintenance of water softening systems is also reduced to a necessary level. The automatic triggering of the regeneration on the CLACK® control head takes

Less problems and costs at steam boiler and reverse osmosis

As a result of undetected defects in the water softener, the raw water will damage many industrial processes. If hard water flows into steam boilers or reverse osmosis, increased maintenance work up to production downtimes is conceivable. For many industrial processes it is necessary to remove the hardening agents in the water. However, if technical problems with the water softener remain undetected, the hardness agents can form poorly soluble compounds, which

Exact and fast residual oxygen measurement on site

Fast and reliable oxygen measurement in the μg range is particularly important for preventing corrosion in hot water and steam boiler systems as well as in fish farming, the food industry and in water body monitoring. The μdox multi-parameter measuring device from OFS GmbH is reliable and easy to use. The content of oxygen in liquids is measured very quickly up to 1 ppb and thus up to very low concentrations

Optimized water softening systems thanks to quality-controlled regeneration

Novel water hardness monitoring Ion exchange units with sodium chloride regeneration have been increasingly used for more than 50 years for the production of soft water. The course and dynamics of the softening process depend on the ion exchange resins used, the proper regenera¬tion processes, the removal quantities and their dynamics. These processes do not run constantly in practice, which is why resin capacities are not exhausted in all water

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