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Want to RISE above the ACCEPTABLE normal? than this is going to help you...

You know you are tired of failing to live upto the commitments set by yourself. You know you have the capability to be a game changer but haven't optimized your potential yet. You know you don't want to have limiting beliefs and yet you get caught up in them. You have realized you are meant to be a revolutionary leader but you haven't figured out how to eliminate self-doubt once and

Relationship is not a KEY to your HAPPINESS!

he/she/they is/are the reason I am happy...if you relate to the above would want to know this... What happens when this source of happiness is no more available? Is there a higher possibility of one experiencing a sense of being LOST, being in GRIEF, feeling MEANINGLESS, basically one can feel shattered and devastated. Also above statement is a sign of EMOTIONAL DEPENDENCY. Imagine when instead of others you become the SOURCE

Why Do relationships cause HURT?

Can you think of the top reasons of people wanting to be in relationships? Is it to feel complete? Is it to feel happy? Is it to feel secure? Is it to feel that their is someone who understands you? Is it to feel pampered? Is it to feel that you love life? Now observe all the above reasons to be in it based on receiving or giving??? If you got

Heal your PAST | Heal your MIND

Many of you would have envied and even wanted to be a bird .. free! Be free Is this not what you mean .. what you really want is to be free from everything that is stopping you, making you feel negative, making you look at life as a difficult journey etc etc...WELL WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE YOU WINGS OF FEATHERS TO FLY...but it’s even more

Don't be a Hostage to your NEGATIVE SELF IMAGE!

Self-image is a critical aspect of how much do you love YOURSELF and that eventually defines your choice of emotions to be in... Do you want to learn how to build a strong self-image? visit If your self-image consist of various GUILT impressions of the self, you would choose emotion of dislike for the self making it difficult for you to accept who you are...similarly if you have a self-image

Self-love the most essential LOVE.

Who does not want to give and receive LOVE... right? The challenge is we keep looking for it outside of us.. first. We want love from others and want to love love others... But think about this... If you wish to give say $100 to someone... Isn't it important that you have.. at least $100? And if you are abundant .. you can probably give more! To love someone

Affected by PAST, PATTERNS & PAIN? then you need to read this.

Is your state of mind predominantly affected by PAST, PATTERNS, and PAIN? We want you to Know that it doesn’t have to be the way it YOU deserve better and that better is not comfort or luxury or a better partner or a better opportunity but the better is YOUR REAL SELF, YOUR AWARE & HAPPY SELF. It doesn’t require any more proofs that once you have realized who you are?


Instead of asking Why me? Why now? Why life is not easy? PAUSE to ASK don’t you deserve to be HAPPY? If You do deserve to be HAPPY can the above poor questions LEAD you anywhere other than feeling even worst at the time of challenge? Let us look at what we do when our clothes are soiled? We do what’s required to correct it isn’t it? Or we just keep

Old Beliefs, won't open NEW DOORS!

We want better things.. better growth.. better relationships ... Better everything.. a better life ... Isn't it ? Why then do we struggle or seem to make it harder to be better and live better? Imagine your growing body... But not changing the clothes we wore when you were 5 years young .. it will be hilarious for. Sure.. but just won't serve the purpose of why you wear clothes ... Right? Beliefs

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