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Porous aluminum instead of other porous materials

The manufacturing technology of porous aluminum differs from the manufacturing technology of other porous materials. Thanks to the high flexibility and adaptability of the technology, porous aluminum can successfully compete with many porous materials in different applications. In most cases, porous aluminum replaces sintered metals, porous ceramics, porous plastics, nets and wire materials. Porous aluminum instead of a pneumatic silencer / muffler with felt: Prior to the launch of pneumatic silencers /

Have you ever seen such a structure of porous metal?

Structure comparison of porous aluminum and sintered metals: Porous aluminum is produced by casting with salt. This technology offers a unique structure of the porous metal. The structure of porous aluminum and the structure of well known sintered metals are complementary. The pores in the sintered metal correspond to the metal in the porous aluminum and vice versa. Theoretically, the minimum volume porosity of the sintered metals is 26% and the maximum

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