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ILLINOIS Market Research Report- Top Business

MBP has launched Illinois ’s Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report. According to MBP’s latest research report, Illinois is among the top states in the USA that has world-class business and transport infrastructure. The business supportive policies of the state government and availability of resources of man, money and material has made the state a most preferred location for doing business in the country. The state has the 6th largest economy of

Meghalaya Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report

MBP has launched a Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report for Meghalaya region. According to MBPs latest research report, Meghalaya is the state of the plateau with rolling grasslands, slopes and stream valleys has significantly contributed to travelers. The State Gross domestic product of Meghalaya is 12.08%. Meghalaya is created as a business center point. Meghalaya is growing because of the current enterprises, organizations, and horticulture; as a result of which for

E-Waste Recycling/ Management Business

E-waste refers to all types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) which include consumer electronics, such as computers, tablets, mobiles, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves & other home appliances and industrial grade electronics, such as telecommunication systems, instrumentation systems, and machinery. E-waste recycling involves reuse and reprocessing of electrical and electronic equipment that has been discarded as junk. Recycling helps in extracting the valuable metals and components which can be sold into the

IV Fluids Manufacturing Unit

Intravenous fluids present a combination of nutrients that support patients to get essential nutrition. Intravenous products are highly regulated for quality and availability assurance. Though matured, this market has been undergoing continuous evolution, thus experiencing a steady growth. The intravenous solutions manufacturers and vendors worldwide are perpetually improving the nature of products, and sales and distribution methods respectively. The global intravenous (IV) solutions market has been segmented based on type, nutritional

Protein Water Processing Unit

Protein water is a packaged beverage processed and manufactured to cater to the fitness-oriented segment. It is made by mixing water and protein powder, such as whey protein isolate (WPI). It is low in calories and nonharmful in moderation for people and those who need to increase their protein intake in the diet. A key factor that will drive this market in the future is the double purpose offered by

Integrated Dairy Farming

The quality and hygienic food is the new era of modernization, and with these new habits, unadulterated food production has become the trend among the food processors. Well, it's not only limited to food production, but it also applies to all the industrial areas. Dairy farming is an ancient and traditional business for most of the small dairy farmers, where the milk production is carried out and further, that milk is

Biodiesel Processing Unit

While reserves of petroleum are decreasing every passing day, energy consumption is increasing at 6.5% per annum. And for solving this issue many countries are implementing new policies for minimizing the usage of fossil fuels and increase the use of alternative sources like solar power and Biodiesel. Biodiesel is a diesel fuel substitute made from a variety of oils, fats, and greases which can become a cheaper alternative to fossil

MBP has launched Mumbai’s Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report.

According to MBP’s latest research report on Mumbai (the financial capital of India), it generates 6.16% of the total GDP of the country, it serves as an economic hub of India, contributing 10% of factory employment, 25% of industrial output, 33% of income tax collections, 60% of customs duty collections, 20% of central excise tax collections, 40% of India's foreign trade. The mega-city is driven by power, wealth, glamour, and fame

MBP has launched Chennai’s Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report.

According to MBP’s latest regional research report, Tamil Nadu's contribution towards country's GDP is 11.8% out of which Chennai holds a major share in the state’s GDP and this major contribution is driven by industrial sectors like chemicals and pharmaceuticals, leather industry, IT/SEZ and machine tools, etc. In the last FY 2018-19, Tamil Nadu has contributed 22% and 21% to India's total exports of textiles and leather products respectively. From which

MBP has launched Bangalore’s Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report.

According to Meticulous Business Plan’s latest research report, we have found that Karnataka is contributing 12.5% Capita share in the country's total GDP out of which Bangalore holds a major share in the state’s GDP and this major contribution is driven by industrial sectors like IT/SEZ, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, research centers and machine tools, etc. The capital of Karnataka has an estimated GDP of $110 billion for the year 2020.

Cold Processed Spices Manufacturing Unit

In ancient times, the spices were crushed or ground by hand in normal temperature or by using a pestle and mortar, so that the spices retain their flavor. But in the modern time, it got replaced by mechanical grinding machines of spices in large factories. Recently, as technology is developing with time, the innovation of cryo-grinding of spices came to light, which showed enhancement in the volatile oil content, taste,

MBP has Launched Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report for Aurangabad city …

Aurangabad is a historical city that receives tourists throughout the year from all over the world. It is the 5th largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik and contributes to the economy in its own way. The city well connects the northern and southern part of India as well as major cities of the country. Aurangabad is well developed in sports and is the home of national bandy association.

MBP has Launched Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report for Kolhapur city.

Kolhapur city is being popularly known as the “Sugar bowl of India” as well as the archeological and cultural heritage, a famous center of Art, Education, Industry and Sports, particularly wrestling. A leading district in dairy farming. The city has been emerged for having highest per capita income in the Maharashtra state. The District Domestic Product (DDP) of Kolhapur is mainly driven by agriculture sector and industrial growth from foundry business.

MBP has Launched Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report for Nagpur city.

Nagpur, popularly known as “Orange city” is the winter capital, a sprawling metropolis and the 3rd largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. Also, it is the 13th largest city in terms of population in India and largest city of central India having one of the highest literacy rate, among all the urban agglomerations in the country. It is ranked as the 11th most competitive city in the India having

MBSPL has Launched Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report for Pune city

Pune, popularly known as the “Oxford of the East” attracts students, and professionals from India, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. being the 7th largest metropolis in India, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region, the largest hub in India for German companies. Also, India’s largest auto and auto ancillary hub and the 2nd most attractive city for industrial production as well of

Processed Black Garlic Products Manufacturing Unit

The origin of Black Garlic isn't written anywhere, but it is popular in Korea, Thailand, and Japan. And few other countries are also showing demand for the Processed Black Garlic Products. There are few products which are popular in Korea, Thailand, Japan; those products are Black garlic ketchup, sauce, puree, paste, powder, and Raw Black garlic; and Black Garlic Ketchup is gaining the fame in the consumer market considering the nutritional

Food Truck Business

The increasing demand for snacks and quick food in urban areas has made the restaurant sector more popular. Everyone is trying hard to match and innovate new models, and the factors like growing online food ordering and increased demand for on the go food are supporting these types of businesses. Food Trucks are one of the successful trendsetters of these types. The food truck is the mobile snack center, serving

MBP has launched Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report for Konkan region.

According to MBP’s latest research report, Konkan (Ratnagiri, Raigad, Sindhudurg)- which is widely known for its beauty with most of the places to visit. This region contributes 41% (including Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs, Thane & Palghar) to the Maharashtra State’s GDP which accounts for Rs 373,959 crore, this 41% contribution is higher than other districts of Maharashtra and also equal to Cuba country’s GDP. This region has many industrial zones &

Market Research & Opportunity Analysis Report - BHOPAL

Our expert has prepared a “Market Research & Opportunity Analysis Report for Bhopal” We team Meticulous, are working on Market Research opportunity analysis report – for BHOPAL region. We are done with the Market research for potential & profitable business ideas in Bhopal. Our experts have studied the area and wanted to share a bit of information with you. Bhopal, the capital of Madhya-Pradesh, emerging as a major industrial area in central

Gwalior - Market Research & Opportunity Analysis Report

MBP has launched Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report for Gwalior region. According to MBSPL’s latest research report, Gwalior is the city of palaces and temples has majorly contributed from tourist, hand crafted work and industrial point to the State GDP of Madhya Pradesh which is 0.49%. Gwalior is developing as a business/industrial hub. Gwalior is growing due to the existing industries, businesses, and major projects in the area; because of which

MBP has launched Vadodara’s Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report.

According to MBP’s latest research report, Gujrat has contributed 7.6% share in the country's GDP out of which Vadodara played important role in contributing to the state’s GDP and this major contribution is driven by Gujarat refinery and other industrial sectors like chemicals and pharmaceuticals, cotton textiles and machine tools, etc. Gujarat contributed 25% to India's total exports of textiles, petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, engineering, gems and jewelry. In that 25%, the

MBSPL has Launched Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report for Indore Distri …

According to MBP’s latest research report, FMCG, agricultural, and industrial sectors in Indore has grown at a CAGR of 12.83% in last five years. This growth is primarily driven by increasing per capita income, rising disposable income, and increasing urbanization. With gradual increase in industrial investment inflow; the state’s GDP growth rate in industrial sector which earlier was negative from 2000 to 2005, grew at an average rate of 8.08%

Get customized Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report – For your location …

MROAR Provides information about demographic market details, market dynamics, market research, potential business ideas and feasibility analysis information which would be useful in the business foundation. Market Research Opportunity Analysis Report, can help in evaluating the feasibility of new business ideas, products, and services through research; which helps the company to discover the potential of particular product or service in the targeted area. And minimized risk through precise analysis of the

Get customized Business Model (BM) – For your selected Business Idea

Every organization’s growth depends on a good business model. Business Modelling is the business mantra, it has the ability to ascertain the future of the business, provides broad perspective of the market, and it is one of most crucial and differentiating steps which will be necessary for making a business successful. Creating a great business model is a very strenuous process; require a great understanding of the market. Business modelling

Business Plan / Project Report

Business Plan / Project Report is the first and most crucial factor before starting any business. It gives you the freedom of taking a wise decision related to that business. Business plan / Project Report comprises the information on industry, market, finance, operations, technology, competitors, targeted market segmentation, customer satisfaction and social endowment etc. It is essential for those, who are seeking financial assistance from different financial institutions and banks,

Agrotourism Business

Agrotourism is a concept which is newly emerged in the agro-businesses and tourism industry. The business has gained popularity since the last few years considering the increased number of tourists worldwide, rising interest in the local foods, and curiosity towards sustainable agricultural developments. Travelers across the world are more interested in visiting the greener and natural destinations. Agrotourism is a concept of sharing the joy, awareness, and experience of farming with

Lemongrass Oil Manufacturing

The demand in the domestic and global market for processed Lemongrass products has shown growth from the last few years; lemongrass oil is one of the most demanding and trending products amongst those. Lemongrass oil is one of the significant essential oil. Essential oils have applications in a variety of consumer goods such as cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, soaps, and others. Lemongrass oil is also known as Cochin oil in the

Jackfruit Processing Unit

The fruit processing sector has some undoubtedly potential Business Ideas, and Jackfruits processing is highly recommended because jackfruits are highly perishable tropical fruits, which helps in improving the immunity, replenishes the energy, cardiovascular health, regulates Blood Pressure, Digestion, treats the skin diseases, prevent/control asthma and many more awesome advantages of jackfruit consumption. Rising demand for processed fruit product for secondary preparations, rising income, and resultant increased spending on food items is

Backpackers Hostel Chain Business

According to the Tourism Industry Report, the total contribution by India in the world travel and tourism Industry is expected to increase from US$ 196.03 billion in 2019 to US$ 408.21 billion in 2024. As the numbers of international travelers are growing from the United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, and domestic travelers, India will witness new growth in tourist services. Stats also propose that revenue generated by the tourism industry will

Plant Based Beverages & Products Manufacturing Unit

Due to various medical problems with Dairy-Milk (like milk allergy, lactose intolerance), and lifestyle choices (calorie concerns & vegan diet), consumers are now demanding for Plant-Based Beverages & Products. To match the quality composition like Dairy-Milk, companies are practicing the fortification process on the plant-based beverages to accomplishing the nutritional requirements, and companies are differentiating the flavours, tastes, ingredients according to the consumer's changing habits. The market for global plant-based

Shuttle Bus Service Business

The Indian Transportation/ Logistics Industry is expected to grow at a rate of 8-10 percent. This is an improvement over the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8 percent at which the industry grew during the last five years. The number of daily commuters in India is estimated to be over 250 million, most of them ride the bus very often. It is not surprising that over 12 million bus

Edible Cutlery Manufacturing Business

In today's world, packaging and carrying products play an important role in the food and packaging industry. But the conventional or regular plastic is harming the eco-system badly. To solve these problems, companies are introducing biodegradable plastic materials, edible containers, plant tissue containers for the betterment of the environment. One Indian company, Bakey’s has launched the edible cutlery, manufactured using grains, pulses, millets. And now, as the demand for

TigerNuts Milk Processing Unit

TigerNuts are basically available in the market in fresh and semi-dried form. The nuts have derived its name from the tiger-like strips appearing on them. The market for Processed TigerNut Products is expected to grow, due to the increasing awareness regarding Processed TigerNut Products and its associated benefits. TigerNuts Processing Business is a low investment business. However, TigerNut crop is an underutilized from a global perspective. The market for TigerNuts can

Online Internship Service Providing Business

In this competitive education system, having just a nice degree is not enough. Companies don't want to hold the extra expense if the applicant is not useful for them or not having any experience. This is the main reason why companies offer internships to the freshers or switchers. Because it is the most reliable, cost-effective and convenient way to analyze the performance of the freshers of the graduate as well

Microbrewery Restaurant Business

India has seen growth in microbrewed beer sales in recent years, as consumers switching the typical menu which has dominated local markets for microbrews. In India, microbrewing restaurant related businesses have completed nearly 10 years and the number has gone up to 70-80 microbreweries and on-premise brewpubs. Microbreweries mainly produce beer with the finest malt using premium quality barley or other cereals, and it has very different taste and quality.

Peanut Butter Manufacturing Unit

Peanut butter is a high calorie, high protein product manufactured by grinding peanuts. It is a good alternative for dairy butter and widely used as a bread spread. Peanut butter is popular amongst Americans, and it is a part of their daily breakfast. The demand for peanut butter is susceptible to consumer spending. As disposable income increases, the willingness of the people to purchase the peanut butter also increases. On

Healthcare Mobile App Business

The steady recent advancements in functioning capabilities of a mobile app have made a tremendous change and progression in the healthcare and healthcare technology sector. Today’s Healthcare mobile apps include various services and features that have increased the usage of both the diagnosis and healing process. Also, rising technologies like blockchain and AI now integrating with many mobile applications. The total market size of the mobile health industry is expected

Packaged Sugarcane Juice Manufacturing Unit

Sugarcane is one of the significant cash crops, Brazil and India are the largest sugarcane cultivating countries around the globe, And India is largely processing sugarcane to produce sugar and jaggery. The sugar industry is the second largest Agro-based industry in India after cotton & textile. The market is stagnated with these products finding its way in daily consumption. Whereas, sugarcane juice which is available locally is mainly facing problems

Soymilk And Soymilk Products Manufacturing Unit

Soybean protein is rich in valuable amino acid lysine (5%) in which most of the cereals are deficient, and its products like SoyMilk, Tofu, and Curd are winning the market at a local and global level with huge demand. The factors like high nutritional content, affordability, increasing health consciousness among the general public, people are accepting it like dairy products alternative. The demand for SoyMilk and Products will boost soon

Pomegranate Processing unit

India is the second largest producer of Pomegranates in the world after Iran, still contributes only 5% pomegranate related international trades. India produces the finest edible Pomegranates, which are available almost throughout the year, which provides a tremendous potential for export of Pomegranate and its products from India. Processing of the Pomegranates becomes essential in order to increase the utilization and reduce the wastage of the fruit. Pomegranates being rich in

Frozen Fruits & Vegetable Processing Unit

Fruits and Vegetables Processing sector is one of the largest and most dynamic sectors of the food industry. Processed Fruits & Vegetables covers various categories, like sun-dried, Machine dried, frozen, dehydrated and frozen, pickled with natural substances, pickled with chemicals, etc. Amongst which the popularity of frozen fruits and vegetables in daily diets is steadily increasing, driven by shifting food preferences throughout the world. The global frozen fruits and vegetable market

Biodegradable Bioplastic Manufacturing / Processing Unit

Biodegradable plastic is a type of Renewable or naturally degradable or Disposable plastic, which has been invested to minimize the pollution from the earth. Currently, conventional plastic or Petro-chemical based plastics have captured 95% of the plastic industry. But, the use of plastic has been banned in various countries, due to the polluting nature of the non-recyclable plastic. Hence, the production of bioplastics is predicted replace by 10% - 35%

Egg Powder Manufacturing Unit

Recently, changing food habits, awareness about nutrition and availability have become the reason for the increasing demand of poultry products. And the demand for eggs and egg products is expected to rise in upcoming years, as the eggs are the cheapest and primary source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. There are many processed egg products available in the market; viz. liquid egg, frozen liquid egg, dried egg powder, egg chips, etc.

Medical Tourism Business

Medical Tourism businesses are experiencing sudden whoop in the industry. It is because of the availability of great procedures, technologies, infrastructure, and medicines required. It is projected that the Medical Tourism sector will progress to $8.2-9 Billion by 2025. In the market data, it clearly shows, the demand for healthcare services is rapidly growing, and it is potential for the business to enter the market. As the modern trends, awareness,

Electrical Vehicle Business

India is exploring the market acceptance and industry dynamics of the electric vehicles manufacturing and servicing sector, both are at an early stage, as domestic OEMs are just started launching EV models and the acceptance is growing slowly. The government policies like rolling out new taxes and awareness about these vehicles will improve the interests significantly which will accelerate the segment’s profitability. Although India’s CO2 emission levels from electricity generation are

Planetarium Services Business

Planetariums Services Business is a relevant platform for promoting education, science, astronomy, and entertainment events in the EdTech industry. Today the word planetarium can narrate to various things, with the help of a projection medium, designed to recreate an indoor presentation of the universe or galaxy. The digital domes of the planetarium display live or pre-recorded shows to the audiences and representing archeological sites, as well as touring audiences


Why are e-pharmacies gaining popularity from the past few years? The reason behind it is nothing but the convenience of online ordering and other add-on services provided by the e-pharmacy players. The market potential for this business is increasing year by year. The global e-Pharmacy market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 17.7% to reach an estimation of US $128 Billion by the year 2023. E-Pharmacy platform can offer


Farming in urban areas has become quite difficult due to the rising population, limited space, a fast pace of living, etc. which are driving the new technologies for cultivating the agricultural produce. Vertical Farming is one of the modern and advanced technologies which helps in growing more food in smaller spaces, offering an opportunity for growing fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment in metropolitan areas. Vertically grown crops require minimum

Solar Harvester Manufacturing Business

Solar Harvesters are used to store and process the energy emitted from the sun to produce electric energy collected for future use or consumptions. As it prevents carbon emissions, helps diversify the power generation mix, reduces dependence on fossil fuels, and can increase off-grid energy access; itis considered as a prominent source of energy. Estimation shows that if only 2% of the solar energy hitting the earth’s surface each day was

Tutor Finder Services Business

The Internet has helped us in revolutionizing technology and has transformed various aspects of modern life. The global EdTech market is expected to reach $1.96 Billion by 2021, and this shows the tremendous opportunity for EdTech startups to enter the market. One of the EdTech Business gaining attention is the Tutor Finder Services Business. For the educational growth of their children, parents prefer one-to-one teaching and more attentive sessions. This

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