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07-01-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

Fantasy Cricket: Brings the Storm in the World of Online Sport

Want to explore the real form of sports entertainment? You can now play fantasy cricket that gives you chances to win daily cash. There are manifold applications where you can get the opportunity to play cricket online and you need to install the right one that fulfills all your specifications. So, you can now enjoy the thrill even when you are outside that gives you the poise knowing that you can
06-26-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

Fantasy Cricket Gaming Taking a Big Note in Fantasy Sports World Inspiring Onlin …

Nowadays, fantasy cricket is taking an estimable position in the sports world and a huge number of internet users are inspired to play cricket online. So, you can now enjoy the thrill of cricket even when you are traveling that gives you the ultimate serenity. Only, you need to choose a suitable fantasy cricket application and you can explore the games that help you to play in your way. Here,
06-21-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

How Fantasy Cricket Includes ICC World Cup Making the Games More Exciting - FanF …

Fantasy cricket today gains good popularity and now you can also play ICC World Cup online that gives you a completely different experience. Nowadays, there are manifold fantasy cricket apps and you can explore playing ICC World Cup comprehending how they combine the two things bringing in a better experience for users. It’s time to choose an ideal application and you can now get familiar with all positive aspects. In
06-14-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

How to Play ICC Fantasy Cricket Online Exploring a Better Feel - FanFight App

ICC World Cup brings in the real adventures and now you can play the matches online comprehending how fantasy cricket gives you a better feel. It’s time to install the application and you can now get familiar with all positive aspects that give you the confidence to go ahead playing the games. Presently, you can find manifold applications featuring all smarter options and you can choose the one that fulfills
06-05-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

How did fantasy cricket start growing in India?

Cricket is every Indian's favourite sport. Cricket was the first fantasy game which was launched in India. Everyone can enjoy and earn money through their knowledge of cricket. Various cricket fantasy websites and apps are available on the internet to enjoy and play with your dream players. • All about the history of fantasy cricket: India fantasy cricket was launched 18 years before. The ESPN Super Selector launched the first ever
05-31-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

ICC World Cup 2019 Fantasy Cricket and Why people are getting passionate about i …

Fantasy means "imaginary" and Fantasy cricket refers to a game or cricket which is not played physically but on a computer or smartphone. Basically, fantasy cricket and cricket fantasy are complementary. It is played online on various websites and apps. Cricket is everyone favorite whether a person is a cricket lover or a layman. Everyone can enjoy and earn money through their knowledge of cricket. Fantasy cricket websites and apps
05-29-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

Impact of Fantasy Cricket - Upgrade your Cricket Skills Offline to Online | FanF …

Cricket, the main sport of England from where cricket was born before many hundreds of years. Now, this sport is famous and popular worldwide. This sport is played in most of the countries in the world. Majorly playing countries are Australia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand and many more. All these countries have own international team which is strongly built up to play with other nation country.
05-09-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

FanFight Best Fantasy Cricket Games App in India: Bring in All Smarter Options

In today's era gaming has grown to the next level. People who used to play and prefer outdoor games are now turning into indoor gamers. Those who used to play Cricket Games in the streets are now playing Fantasy IPL cricket games Online on their smartphones or tablets. This change has surely influenced the way people used to be but the point which should be considered is if these games
03-06-2019 | Sports
WCFN Solutions

Play Fantasy Cricket and Experience the Best Gaming on FanFight

Cricket is a religion in India and the fans have taken a liking towards the fantasy version of the game as well. Over 20 million users play fantasy cricket in India and the quench for playing & winning more is literally perpetual. One platform that has grabbed plenty of attention in India & has reached every corner of the country is FanFight. The portal lists out fantasy cricket & fantasy