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FlipHTML5 Enhances Virtual Brochures' Utility for Marketing

A virtual brochure ( is the digital version of a product that serves as a marketing medium to maximize leads and create brand awareness. Since the transformation and change in trends in educational or industrial sectors, virtual brochures can be easily disturbed anywhere in the world. FlipHTML5 has advanced its offerings to keep up with technological advancements and provide its users with a better experience. Attractive graphic designs, attention-grabbing templates, subtle

FlipHTML5 Makes Creating Presentation Online Quicker and Easier

FlipHTML5 makes creating online presentations ( as easy as uploading, customizing, and sharing. See why users around the world now use FlipHTML5 as their go-to platform when creating online presentations. FlipHTML5 is poised to take over the online presentation space. FlipHTML5 provides solutions that are easy to use, shareable across multiple platforms, and available in a variety of options. Ivan Leung, CTO of FlipHTML5, when he described the impetus for creating the

FlipHTML5 Rolls out an Employee Handbook Creator Facilitating Businesses

FlipHTML5 is a digital publishing platform that enables businesses to enjoy its employee handbook creator ( They can create, polish, and publish online employee handbooks easily. FlipHTML5 is at it responding to the increase in remote work by allowing businesses to onboard employees who are working from home. Using a reliable cloud-based platform, FlipHTML5's employee handbook creator allows users to simply upload their PDF, Doc, or PPT, which is then automatically

Businesses Can Create Online Brand Guidelines with FlipHTML5

Brand guidelines are vital for maintaining brand identity. FlipHTML5 makes it easy to create online brand guidelines ( that are easier for stakeholders to adhere to. Brand guidelines are essential for establishing consistency and appropriate brand use across all channels. Employees, partners, and other stakeholders will find it easier to stick to brand guidelines if they're easily accessible and presented attractively. FlipHTML5 enables companies to create online brand guidelines that are

FlipHTML5 Empowers Businesses to Make Digital Brochures with Innovation

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and promoting businesses with digital brochures ( is an unstoppable trend. With FlipHTML5, it has never been easier and quicker to publish online marketing materials. FlipHTML5 is an interactive HTML5 digital publishing platform for marketing materials, digital brochures, magazines, catalogs, and so much more. It helps take the mystery and guesswork out of marketing campaigns by putting tools directly into business owners' hands.

FlipHTML5 Makes Digital Catalog Creation & Publishing Easier

FlipHTML5 offers its users the unique feature of a customized digital catalog ( maker to boost sales and engage audiences on multiple platforms. FlipHTML5 provides a worthy substitute for traditional printed catalogs in the form of digital catalogs. Catalogs have been fulfilling the market need to stand out products in jaw-dropping style. Technological advances have led businesses into the digital sphere to survive in a competitive market. Traditional publishers' and designers'

FlipHTML5 Helps Convert PDF to Flipbook Within a Few Seconds

FlipHTML5 is a professional digital publishing platform where users can produce digital information which might be understood such as a flipping e-book. A lot of the gains that accompany building information in this particular data format include things like much easier virtualization with the supply of numerous tools, apart from converting PDF to flipbook ( The users on the FlipHTML5 online platform will not be instructed to include almost any

FlipHTML5 Turns Cookbook Design Ideas into Realistic Digital Cookbook

Cookbooks serve a variety of purposes including helping people learn to make different dishes and providing a way for people to record and share the memories evoked by various recipes. Whatever reason spurred an author to write a cookbook, they want that cookbook to be bought, loved, and used. Different designs suit different types of recipes and will appeal to different audiences. FlipHTML5 will make any cookbook design stand out

FlipHTML5 Free Brochure Creator Innovates Digital Brochure Generation

The Internet age has produced digital brochures based on their adaptability to the times and their satisfaction with needs. Digital brochures generated on FlipHTML5's free brochure creator ( are suitable for the fast-moving consumer goods industry, travel industry, and even real estate industry, with the added benefits of unlimited distribution, cost savings, high efficiency, and operative promoting results when compared to traditional paper brochures. Versatile Editing and Powerful Multimedia Editor: FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 Announces the Availability of Its Brochure Software 

People tend to consume information online via Internet technology while ignoring the brochures sent at the roadside. Compared with printed brochures, digital ones are popular among small and medium-sized companies and even large-scale enterprises in virtual of their efficient transmission, effective marketing results, and environmental-friendly distribution. FlipHTML5 provides brochure software( with the above advantages.  FlipHTML5's brochure software assists in making interactive and informative brochures online with a potent multimedia editor and

FlipHTML5 Develops a Fun Coloring Page Creator for eLearning

Coloring books can provide hours of entertainment for children while helping them learn necessary fine motor skills. Children are no longer restricted to paper coloring books; evolutions in technology have allowed them to have access to digital coloring books and even individual coloring pages with different themes and motifs. Parents can easily create these innovative coloring pages for their kids without breaking the bank on designer coloring books. A user-friendly

FlipHTML5 Is a Top Site to Sell eBooks Online Commission-Free

eBooks have replaced printed books in large part. The convenience and ease of eBooks make them more popular. And the advent of self-publishing means that people can get their eBooks on the market without the hassle of going through a publishing house. Despite the popularity of eBooks, however, one must put in some amount of effort to sell eBooks online. The books won't just sell themselves. One way to boost

FlipHTML5 Launches Workbook Software to Create Interactive Workbooks

Teachers have long used workbooks to augment their students' learning as well as to gauge their grasp of different topics. As teaching and learning move to being primarily online, workbooks still have a place in the process. Digital workbooks have now become a popular option for educators to use. they can create these themselves using workbook software that is available online. FlipHTML5 is a leading workbook software ( that educators

FlipHTML5's Chapbook Publisher Helps Writers Publish Poems Online

Chapbooks are a convenient and inexpensive way for poets and writers to publish their work and gain some recognition from their target audiences. These small printed booklets have long been used for their efficiency and economy. Today, publishing has changed drastically but a chapbook is still useful. And the changes in the publishing industry have made them even more affordable to create and publish. Poets and writers can compile their

FlipHTML5 Makes an HR Handbook PDF More User-friendly

An HR handbook or employee handbook is a key tool for HR professionals. It simplifies their job by helping to familiarize new employees with the company, setting expectations for conduct and performance, and outlining standard operating procedures including disciplinary actions. An HR handbook PDF ( can be tedious to use but FlipHTML5 can remedy this by converting it into a user-friendly digital document that's interactive and engaging. Plus, FlipHTML5 is

Create a Digital Lookbook Online with Videos and Music on FlipHTML5

A digital lookbook is a genius idea for marketing products. It will display products in their best light and, if done right, can encourage viewers to buy the products displayed. The digital lookbook is an improvement on the printed lookbook, especially in an era where most things are done digitally. The different elements that can be added make for a more appealing result. Creating a digital lookbook can be simple

Lookbook Template Made Beautiful with FlipHTML5's Flipbook

Lookbooks are useful for showcasing products in their best light. From fashion to household items, a lookbook can draw potential customers' attention to the best features of a product, enticing them to buy. Almost any business can make use of lookbooks as a marketing tool. Persons who are unsure how to create a lookbook can find a lookbook template ( on the internet. They can then customize that lookbook template

Make an Interactive Catalogue to Boost Sales with FlipHTML5

Businesses operate primarily to make a profit. As such, it is prudent for business operators to implement methods to market their business and boost sales. An interactive catalogue ( can be a useful strategy for promoting a business and increasing sales. This is because consumers today thrive on digital content that grabs their attention and keeps them engaged. The traditional methods of marketing, including printed catalogues that are mailed to

Magazine Distribution Has Never Been Easier with FlipHTML5

Digital magazines have taken over the publishing industry, largely replacing printed versions. One of the advantages of digital magazines that are always highlighted is the ease of distribution. But without the right channels, magazine publishers can run into the same or worse challenges when trying to publish digital magazines as with printed ones. A strong digital publishing platform can resolve such challenges. FlipHTML5 is one of the better platforms to

FlipHTML5 Is a Highly Recommended Magazine App

Convenience is the watchword in today's world. As everyone tries to simplify their tasks, different things are introduced to help them do so. Apps are particularly popular - there's an app for almost everything. Reading is no exception. Several apps have been developed solely for the purpose of allowing people to read at their convenience. A magazine app ( allows users to access thousands of magazines from publishers all over

FlipHTML5: Digital Book Creator for Interactive Content

Digital content has largely replaced traditional content. Books are more easily accessed on electronic devices and prove more convenient than printed ones. With advancements in technology, almost anyone can create a digital book. The internet is full of tools that one can use to assist them with getting their content to their target audiences. FlipHTML5 is one such digital book creator ( It is user-friendly and offers several advantages to

FlipHTML5 Is One of the Best Remote Teaching Tools for Interactive Classroom

Remote teaching has been around for some time. At the height of the Covid19 pandemic, however, it became a necessity rather than a luxury. It also became necessary for teachers to find and implement tools that would make teaching and learning easier and more accessible for all parties involved. As such, remote teaching tools ( were developed and some already in existence were upgraded to meet the new needs. FlipHTML5

Brand Guidelines PDF Made Interactive with FlipHTML5

Building and maintaining a strong brand is vital to business success, especially in an increasingly competitive market. One way to do so is to establish brand guidelines that govern the use of a brand's image in the public's eye. Such guidelines are generally presented in the form of a brand guidelines PDF. But PDFs can be unattractive and somewhat tedious to use. FlipHTML5 can turn a brand guidelines PDF (

Fliphtml5 Offers a Superb Content Monetization Platform for Beginner Authors

Digital publishing platform FlipHTML5 extends its services to act as a content monetization platform ( as well. Content creators can take advantage of FlipHTML5's many features to create captivating content and then earn an income for it. It's easy to set up, saves time, and helps to boost sales. Whether it's eBooks, magazines, training manuals, or other digital content, FlipHTML5 will help creators to enhance their publications so they're more

FlipHTML5 Storybook Maker Helps Kids Create Their Own Stories Online

In today's society, children and adults alike can always do with a creative outlet. Reading is always a great pastime, and creating stories of their own certainly qualifies as a creative outlet. Creating interesting stories isn't difficult - an active imagination and a storybook maker ( like FlipHTML5 are all that is needed. FlipHTML5 converts static PDF files to interactive, feature-rich flipbooks automatically. It's perfect for creating storybooks that will

FlipHTML5 Creates an Online Photo Album to Preserve Memories

FlipHTML5 is helping to modernize how people safeguard the photos that hold their treasured memories and chronicle their experiences. Photo albums have long been used to store and display photos. With the online photo album comes additional features and uses. In addition to preserving memories, an online photo album can be used for marketing and educational purposes. Whatever the intended use, FlipHTML5 offers the perfect tool to create a stunning

FlipHTML5 the Top-Notch Catalogue Maker App for Online Business

Catalogues are a great marketing tool. They display products so that they appeal to potential customers. They're often created by professional printing houses at exorbitant prices. Nowadays, that's no longer necessary. Once advertisers have some high-quality photos of their products and a PDF file with what they want to include in their catalogue, all they need is a catalogue maker app ( like FlipHTML5. They'll be on their way to

Create A Digital Employee Handbook with FlipHTML5 Online Free

An employee handbook is a standard part of the welcome package that most organizations present new employees with. It's an important document that sets employees' expectations for their tenure in a company. Many employee handbooks are left unread as employees find them dull and tedious. The remedy for that is to create a more engaging handbook that will make employees want to read it. And since most things are done

FlipHTML5 Makes Storybook for Kids PDF More Interactive Than Ever

Storybooks are a fun and interesting addition to kids' childhood. They help develop reading and vocabulary skills and can provide hours of enjoyment. Reading nowadays has taken on a new look. With electronic devices becoming increasingly popular, many persons opt to use them for reading. But that's no reason why children can't take advantage of storybooks. FlipHTML5 is a digital publishing tool that will turn any storybook for kids PDF

FlipHTML5 Converts Brand Book PDF into Interactive Online Version

A brand book is important for maintaining consistent and appropriate use of a brand and its image. Regardless of a company's size, its brand is linked to its success; therefore, consistency is required to build trust and increase business. Despite its value and the seriousness of its contents, a brand book can still be fun and attractive. FlipHTML5 will take any brand book PDF ( and convert it to a

Scrapbooking Made Fun with the digital scrapbook creator from FlipHTML5

Scrapbooking used to be a much-loved pastime. The act of selecting photos and different mementos and arranging them in an appealing format could be quite diverting. Today, though, the world moves at a faster pace; hardly anyone has the time to dedicate to making a scrapbook anymore. But scrapbooking doesn’t have to be abandoned; it just needs a different approach. FlipHTML5 offers a modern way to make a scrapbook with

FlipHTML5's Employee Handbook Creator Digitalizes Company Handbooks Online

An employee handbook is an essential document for introducing new employees to the culture and operating procedures of an organization. It’s also useful for keeping all employees updated about any policy changes that may become necessary. A great employee handbook will keep readers engaged instead of feeling like they have been assigned an unpleasant task. The employee handbook creator ( from FlipHTML5 does exactly this. It incorporates several features and

Boost Online Sales with FlipHTML5’s Digital Catalog Software

Digital catalogs are the new way to drum up sales online. Advertisers can create professional catalogs quickly and easily with digital catalog software ( from FlipHTML5. Businesses have long used catalogs as a way to make potential customers aware of their products and thereby increase sales. Now that so many businesses have moved the majority of their sales online, digital catalogs have become more relevant than traditional ones. Besides, online

FlipHTML5 Is the Go-to Flipbook Maker for Online Content Marketing

Content marketing is now a digital affair. Traditional print methods are becoming outdated; to reap any measure of success, content creators must move with the times. FlipHTML5 is the premier flipbook maker ( for creating outstanding digital publications for all purposes. From designing interactive content for online teaching to creating winning ad campaigns and selling content online, FlipHTML5 is the only flipbook maker that is needed. More than just creating

FlipBuilder Releases the Best Flipbook Editor - Flip PDF Plus Pro

FlipBuilder, the professional flipbook software provider, on Monday released the latest addition to their flipbook series, Flip PDF Plus Pro ( The release was highly anticipated and the new arrival comes with a whopping 40% discount. It's now available for a one-time payment of only $399 that gives unlimited conversions. This new flipbook app comes with several advanced features that will make converting PDF to flipbooks faster and smoother than

FlipHTML5 Offers a Free Product Catalog Generator for Personalized Projects

The pre-designed templates allow users to create their own special product catalogs. FlipHTML5 is a digital interactive platform and it helps users leverage an array of unique features of the product catalog generator( to customize their digital product catalogs converted from conventional static documents. Product catalogs have the power to create intrigue, especially when the audience flip pages to open the next section. Their multiple panels are proof of flexibility for

FlipHTML5 Provides Teachers with Mobile-Friendly Distance Teaching Tools

The distance teaching tools help teachers design mobile-friendly material which learners can access on any mobile device. FlipHTML5 caters to the needs of all industries, including education. That's why it has developed the platform to help educators with distance teaching tools( Distance education eliminates in-person interaction. Educators have to come up with convenient tools and teaching materials that will make the whole process easy. This is because distance education relies on

FlipHTML5 Provides Tips on How to Make a Catalog

With catalog-making tips at hand, users will have a deep understanding of how to make their catalogs stand out. FlipHTML5 has provided users with tips on how to make a catalog( with all the details about their brands, services, or products. FlipHTML5 has always been the go-to platform for digital marketing mediums such as brochures, pamphlets, magazines, newsletters, catalogs, etc. Using the tips provided, publishers, marketers, and businesses can make

FlipHTML5’s Remote Teaching Tools Simplify the Learning Process

The advanced learning tools of FlipHTML5 help students learn more conveniently. As we are aware of our world's current uncertain situation. The world is still suffering from a terrible crisis. So, for the sake of people's health almost everything is shifted online. Most people are facing horrible trauma for various reasons. In times of crisis, FlipHTML5 is helping users create enjoyable content, getting them entertained, and enhancing their knowledge. The platform

FlipHTML5 Supplies Everyone with Excellent Tools to Make My Own Catalog

With the help of FlipHTML5, people in any industry can make exquisite flipbooks. Highly regarded as one of the world’s leading digital publishing platforms, FlipHTML5 has become a popular option for self-serving creative endeavors such as brochures, catalogs, magazines, and marketing collateral designs. Perhaps its most popular service is that it allows everyone to make my own catalog(, which extends to several types of publication forms. The make my own catalog

FlipHTML5 Helps E-commerce Companies Create Product Catalog Instantly

FlipHTML5 is a good tool for E-commerce companies to create digital engaging product catalogs. People are always looking for a faster and more convenient shopping experience, even in the online world. Many businesses choose to display their products in digital brochures, hoping to adapt to people’s shopping habits. However, lots of them fail to create product catalog( in an attractive and engaging way. FlipHTML5 is a digital platform that enables everyone

FlipHTML5 Gives Answers to How to Make a Digital Catalog Free

FlipHTML5 is a one-stop solution for businesses to create digital publications that stand out in this highly competitive digital environment. Customers nowadays have shifted to the internet to shop for their desired products, making it essential for B2C to present their products in a vivid yet convenient way through digital catalogs. Many B2B businesses also prefer vendors to exhibit their solutions and products through digital catalogs instead of the traditional

FlipHTML5’s Tri Fold Brochure Maker Helps Create Digital Brochures Easily

FlipHTML5’s tri fold brochure maker( is an advanced tool to make it simpler for people to design digital brochures of different types. Tri fold brochures have been the most favorable of all kinds as they have the capacity to exhibit a tremendous amount of information in a limited space. The slim design and easy-to-navigate composition are preferred by customers. However, printed brochures are becoming less applicable in the advertising and

Design Your Own Catalog Online Free With FlipHTML5 Online Publishing Platform

The use of digital media increases daily. Most things can now be done online, including shopping. If your potential buyers are online, then it makes sense for you to advertise online. Printed brochures are becoming less and less relevant. The cost to print and distribute them is high and unnecessary, and very few people will take the time to flip through them anyway. Online brochures are the way to go

FlipHTML5, the Novel Distance Learning Tool Embarks to Empower Educators

FlipHTML5 is an online platform and software that allows users to create awe-inspiring digital flipbooks. Educators can use FlipHTML5 flipbooks as powerful distance learning tools( to connect, engage, and motivate students. With full customization, countless template and design opportunities, and easy sharing on any platform, FlipHTML5 delivers interactive content to the classroom that resonates with students and teachers alike.  Educators can use this distance learning tool to upgrade their course content distribution.

FlipHTML5 Works Efficiently with Other Remote Working Tools with Great Outcomes

FlipHTML5 can be used in webinars, online teaching, email marketing, and e-commerce sites for excellent project delivery results. FlipHTML5 is making waves in remote working setups by allowing teams to share information across the board. With the shift to virtual working increasing day by day, organizations are looking for better ways to engage teams as they streamline their operations. FlipHTML5 is one of the best remote working tools ( that makes

FlipHTML5 Develops the Virtual Bookshelf to Optimize User Experience

Online publications are becoming more popular as they present an easier way to access content. They give people the ability to carry multiple books on a single device instead of lugging around paper-based versions. But digital content producers do face the challenge of organizing their publications in an effective way. FlipHTML5 offers an ingenious solution with their virtual bookshelf ( The virtual bookshelf works much like a traditional bookshelf, only better.

FlipHTML5 Distance Teaching Tools Digitize Learning Materials for Students

The new normal has become the catchphrase during this unprecedented time. People from all walks of life have been forced to adjust to major changes in the way they carry out daily activities. Teachers and students are no different as they have had to come to terms with new ways of imparting and absorbing academic content. FlipHTML5 distance teaching tools ( are helping to make the transition to online teaching

FlipHTML5's Remote Working Tools Help Teams Transition to Working from Home

The world has been in the grip of a pandemic the likes of which few have seen before. With no apparent end in sight, it continues to be necessary to find ways to work around the current circumstances. FlipHTML5 offers solutions for COVID-19 fears with its remote working tools ( “When we were designing the software that powers our remote working tools, we intended it to be extremely useful,” says Anna

FlipHTML5 Offers Teachers the Virtual Bookshelf to Display Their Flip Textbooks

Teachers are facing the challenge of online education, in which they have to adapt themselves from face-to-face teaching to remote teaching. FlipHTML5’s virtual bookshelf ( then plays a vital role in managing content as teachers usually have a large syllabus that needs to be published online for students to access easily. FlipHTML5 is an online publishing platform where users will be able to upload PDFs on the webpage and get them

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