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FlipHTML5's Remote Working Tools Help Teams Transition to Working from Home

The world has been in the grip of a pandemic the likes of which few have seen before. With no apparent end in sight, it continues to be necessary to find ways to work around the current circumstances. FlipHTML5 offers solutions for COVID-19 fears with its remote working tools ( “When we were designing the software that powers our remote working tools, we intended it to be extremely useful,” says Anna

FlipHTML5 Offers Teachers the Virtual Bookshelf to Display Their Flip Textbooks

Teachers are facing the challenge of online education, in which they have to adapt themselves from face-to-face teaching to remote teaching. FlipHTML5’s virtual bookshelf ( then plays a vital role in managing content as teachers usually have a large syllabus that needs to be published online for students to access easily. FlipHTML5 is an online publishing platform where users will be able to upload PDFs on the webpage and get them

FlipHTML5’s Remote Teaching Tools Convert Dull PDFs into Engaging Flipbooks

Distance teaching is not a new phenomenon. It’s true that with the spread of the global pandemic, distance teaching has become more widespread out of necessity. For a long time educators have been making use of this medium to facilitate their students’ learning. FlipHTML5's remote teaching tools ( are a great way to enable education without limits. For years, many universities have offered degree programs entirely online. This allows students to

FlipHTML5’s Online Catalog Creator Introduces a New Way to Promote Businesses

FlipHTML5 brings its users a powerful online catalog creator ( in a time when retailers, marketers, small business owners are struggling to grow business due to the health crisis. While people are mostly restricted at home, the demand for online shopping has surged. Those smart businesses who grab this opportunity and optimize the online shopping experience for users will find their way out of the economic recession. FlipHTML5 helps them

FlipHTML5 Remote Working Tools Tailor Digital Publishing Solutions for Users

The buzz word today is the new normal. With physical gathering restrictions taking root worldwide, there has been a major shift towards working remotely, and online teaching and learning. FlipHTML5 remote working tools ( present a solution for pulling together the various applications available in the virtual workspace and making the online experience seamless. It can be difficult for teachers to keep students engaged with the learning process outside of the

FlipHTML5 Prides Itself on Its Online Catalog Maker to Boost Business Sales

FlipHTML5 is the most suitable choice for an online catalog maker ( that every modern-day business needs to have in their arsenal. This tool helps users transform their lengthy, bulky and boring pdf catalogs into interactive online catalogs within seconds. Unlike static pdf or paper catalogs, FlipHTML5’s online catalogs are dynamic and fun, with sensational page-turning sound and effect, giving viewers an immersive reading experience. As a professional online catalog maker,

FlipHTML5 Upgrades Online Magazine Making with More Exciting Features

Technologies are going smart day by day on the touch of a finger. Like every niche of life, this gigantic rapid change pushes the traditional magazines to go online. Now, FlipHTML5 has a new identity for making online magazines ( that enhance the reading experience of readers with interactive images, audio, video, and other media. FlipHTML5 changes the online magazine making technique with ideal and effective settings that bring more lively

FlipHTML5 Announces a Digital Publishing Blog to the World

FlipHTML5 launches a digital publishing blog ( to enhance and improve remote teaching and learning tactics during COVID-19. Learning will never end. Be it a teacher or a learner; new knowledge comes up every day. This new knowledge should be tapped and stored in the form of writing. Once stored, the knowledge should be accessible to people who need it. That is why a digital publishing blog is the best

FlipHTML5 Offers a Free Version of Flipbook Creator for Everyone

FlipHTML5 is a custom digital software developer that offers a free version of flipbook creator ( for all its users. Users can create captivating flipbooks including magazines, brochures, catalogs, photo albums and more. Furthermore, no professional skills are needed in order to use the software. FlipHTML5 has plenty of free preset templates, themes and other interactive elements that can be used in creating projects. FlipHTML5 understands how important a strong online

FlipHTML5 Unveils Fashion Lookbook Templates for Users to Design Amazing Lookboo …

FlipHTML5 is proud to announce the release of some fashion lookbook ( templates for their users. The company understands the need for designers and fashion houses to showcase collections of their elegant pieces to prospective buyers and stockists. Users can use the templates to design stunning digital lookbooks that will help them sell their brands to audiences worldwide. After years of experience developing user growth through unique software products, FlipHTML5 has

FlipHTML5 Now Brings an Easy-to-Use and Free E-Book Publisher to Everyone

For creating different types of e-books, FlipHTML5 now brings a free e-book publisher ( to everyone. It is available for anyone to create e-books. Based on the HTML5 and CSS3 technology, the software allows one to create e-books by just importing static PDF files into the software. According to Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5, “We have launched this free e-book publisher just in time, when companies and marketers need

FlipHTML5 Helps Users Speed up the Creation of Interactive Magazines

FlipHTML5 always strives to improve the user experience when it comes to digital publishing software. Today, FlipHTML5 is available for creating interactive magazines ( that establish emotional connections with readers and capture their interest. The company helps users speed up the creation of interactive magazines and sharing them with their audiences. FlipHTML5 offers pre-made tools and features that help reduce users’ burden of designing their e-magazines from scratch. Users have better

FlipHTML5 Reveals Some Need-to-Know Facts about Digital Zine

FlipHTML5, the leading company in publishing software development, revealed today the inspiration behind digital zine at its learning center. What is a zine? ( The company has elaborated the benefits of a zine and how this unique publication is revolutionizing digital publishing and sharing. Zines are among the hottest trends in visual art and social media. They give users the chance to showcase their creative expressions and share them with

FlipHTML5 Launches a Platform for Converting PDF to HTML5

The days are gone, when marketers used static PDF files to draw the attention of their target audience. In the modern era, people love dynamic, interactive and vivid presentations. FlipHTML5 has now created a platform for converting PDF documents into HTML5 flipbooks with page turning effects. These flipbooks are attractive, easily accessible and can convey the brand message in a rather illustrative manner. One can use the PDF to HTML5

FlipHTML5 Officially Announces Its Brand New Brochure Creator for Mac

FlipHTML5, the world-renowned publishing software company, officially releases its brochure creator for Mac. The new brochure creator ( provides Mac users with easy and innovative ways to design digital brochures that are e-commerce enhanced. The unveiling of the brochure creator is just one of the many innovations that FlipHTML5 continues to upgrade its software products in order to give its users an upscale experience with their projects. The brochure creator

FlipHTML5 Launches an Online Flipbook Publisher for Publishing Content Online

The digital content is the future of the internet marketing. This is the reason why most digital marketers today focus on creating attention-grabbing and engaging content to draw attention of the target audience. FlipHTML5 rolls out a user-friendly online flipbook publisher ( for digital marketers and others to design and publish flipbooks for free. One can download this online flipbook publisher for free from the website of FlipHTML5. One can

FlipHTML5 Launches a Brochure Maker in Line with Market Demand

FlipHTML5 recently released a brochure maker ( in a bid to meet increasing global market demand. This brochure maker will enable clients to create interactive and responsive brochures. It has many advanced features, which has made it one of the best brochure makers yet. Digital publishing is a field that has a lot to give. People are tired of conventional PDF files and need some form of interaction. Brochures are becoming

FlipHTML5 Releases an Easy to Use and Powerful Magazine Publishing Platform

Looking at the rate at which technology is changing, it’s safe to say that the digital age is here. From the way people share information to the way they find or receive it, technology seems to be revolutionizing every aspect of human life. The print or publishing industry marks one of the areas that are currently experiencing this transformation. With FlipHTML5 rolling out a dynamic and easy-to-use magazine publishing platform

FlipHTML5 Releases a Digital Magazine Publishing Platform for July 2019

FlipHTML5 has worked as the preferred platform for many online publications for a long time serving millions of people across the world. As a result, they have built their reputation by providing the best tools and services that are of need by their customers. They have announced the release of an online platform for digital magazine publishing ( It is going to impact the magazine publishing area a lot. This new

FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Software Is Now Available for Free Download

FlipHTML5, a world leading software development company, recently announced the release of its digital publishing software ( for free download. It is recognized as one of the top digital publishing software. FlipHTML5’s digital publishing software allows users to convert PDF files or images into page flipping publications. It also allows users to customize the content, and publish the content online and offline with ease, almost without any problems. This digital publishing

FlipHTML5 Releases a Magazine Maker for Designing Page-Turning E-Magazines

FlipHTML5 continues to provide better user experiences by updating their software with new features. The company recently launched the magazine maker ( - an intuitive tool for designing digital magazines online. The company’s presence online has provided its users not just with innovative tools but with publishing and sharing support. FlipHTML5, as a company, has a way of connecting with users and has built an excellent reputation for responding swiftly to

FlipHTML5 Announces an Online Pamphlet Maker for Various Industries

FlipHTML5 is excited to announce the release of their online pamphlet maker ( The online pamphlet maker provides enterprises and marketers from various industries with high-end tools and features they can use to showcase their products and services to vast audiences across the globe. FlipHTML5 believes that online pamphlets are the future of digital marketing. Their platform is actively updated with an innovative online pamphlet maker for designing online pamphlets for

FlipHTML5 Launches a Brochure Maker for Making Brochures for Marketing

In its long history of software development, FlipHTML5 has managed to demonstrate its firm commitment towards providing innovative and up-to-date software products and information. Their recent release of the brochure maker ( confirms that the company is dedicated to the success of their clients. FlipHTML5 has unveiled an upgraded version of its digital brochure maker with advanced features for designing different types of brochures. The latest version of FlipHTML5 brochure maker

FlipHTML5 Announces the Release of Its Online E-Book Creator

FlipHTML5 is pleased to announce the release of its online e-book creator (, a wonder tool used to design interactive digital books for education, business, and entertainment. E-books produced at FlipHTML5 are shareable in multiple formats to accommodate all readers who are offline and online. The online e-book creator allows users to provide information that readers can use to make informed decisions regarding products or services. Businesses can leverage their digital

FlipHTML5 Announces a Flipping Book Tool with Ready-Made Templates

FlipHTML5, one of the global leaders in client-centered software development, recently launched a flipping book tool ( with various templates. The tool is meant to ensure clients are able to create more realistic and breathtaking responsive flipping books, which are flawless and perfect for their audiences. More templates have been added to the new version of the tool to ensure users have more template options to choose from when using

FlipHTML5 Is Launched to Create Flipping Books that Establish Relationships

A reliable resource for business promotion and marketing, the newly launched FlipHTML5 was introduced to provide users with tools and features to design interactive flipping books ( that can help them grow business and increase sales. FlipHTML5 includes free access to a wide selection of resources including pre-designed templates and themes, online editors, custom domain and online hosting, among many others. FlipHTML5 is designed to assist users in creating engaging digital

FlipHTML5 Page Flip PDF Helps to Convert PDF to Flipbook for Worldwide Distribut …

FlipHTML5, one of the leading provider of digital publishing solutions, recently released its page flip PDF ( ) that is available for users to convert boring PDF files into interactive flipbooks that people are eager to read. No special skills, training or knowledge is required to create stunning flipbooks for any use. The software comes complete with templates, backgrounds and themes that can be customized in a myriad of ways. Users

FlipHTML5 Known as the Most Competent Online Newspaper Maker

For years, FlipHTML5 has never let the people from the media and press industry down as this online newspaper maker ( endlessly innovates in providing publishing solutions. Recently, press and many digital publishers concurred that FlipHTML5 is their most preferred online newspaper maker today. Given the fact that news articles have to be published with timeliness and urgency, press people could say that FlipHTML5 enabled them to easily edit and

FlipHTML5 Launches a Flipbook Creator That Bridges Communication Gap

FlipHTML5 today announced the successful launch of the flipbook creator ( with plenty of features and functionalities to create responsive flipbooks. The flipbook creator ensures that publishers and marketers have the tools they need to enhance customer readership and engagement. The flipbook creator is highly efficient, can be configured easily and is developed to achieve positive feedback from audiences. FlipHTML5 users can create flipbooks customized for different marketing purposes. The

FlipHTML5 Launches User-Friendly Page Flip Software to Keep Users Happy

FlipHTML5 has launched powerful page flip software ( to help users enjoy an outstanding experience when creating their projects. The page flip software brings in new updates and integrations which allow users to design interactive page-flipping digital publications. FlipHTML5 has introduced advanced features that help users adorn their publications and increase productivity. The company also added user-interface tweaks that enhance the whole experience of user-audience interaction. The built-in templates and

FlipHTML5 Announces a New Upgrade to Its Free Magazine Maker

FlipHTML5, a famous leading software development company, recently upgraded its free magazine maker ( for digital publishers. The move was to ensure that new and advanced features were integrated into the free magazine maker to enhance the quality of the magazine created with it. This outstanding software is aimed at making the day-to-day publishing work easier, and ensuring the quality of digital magazine produced is top-notched. FlipHTML5 is a free magazine

FlipHTML5 Releases a Flip Book Maker That Offers More Flexibility and Convenienc …

FlipHTML5 assists people seeking to create flip books for various business or personal purposes. The company has rolled out a flip book maker ( that offers more flexibility and convenience for designing, editing, customizing, publishing, and sharing page-flipping publications. Product branding and promotion have become essential in creating consumer awareness and fostering business success. Is there a better way to achieve this than using the right tools of trade? FlipHTML5 helps

FlipHTML5 Launches a New Online Brochure Maker for Creating E-Brochures

FlipHTML5 just unveiled a new online brochure maker ( for designers aimed at assisting designers to set the right tone to reach out to their customers. The revolutionary online brochure maker for designers is the best tool for creating e-brochures that will highlight key features and convey the goodness of products to consumers. The software comes with interactive features that help to design digital brochures that are highly optimizable for

FlipHTML5 Launches a User-Friendly Digital Publishing Platform for Summer 2019

FlipHTML5 proudly announces the release of their digital publishing platform ( for summer 2019. The digital publishing platform comes with remarkable features and benefits to the digital publishing market, which provides authors, enterprises and publishers with the avenues to grow. FlipHTML5 is renowned for their innovative software aimed at helping users enhance their publishing techniques and attract a broader audience base online. On their digital publishing platform, users can find simple

FlipHTML5 Helps Users Create Digital Brochures for Business Promotion

FlipHTML5 is the leading digital publishing software developer in the world. The company has serviced the needs of all publishers to help them excel in the digital publishing realm for years. Now, FlipHTML5 is available for creating captivating digital brochures ( for business promotion. To revolutionize how enterprises manage their online marketing, FlipHTML5 gives them full access to free tools and features with guides on how to apply them when designing

Users Can Create Flipbooks that Influence Action with FlipHTML5 Page Flip PDF

Digital flipbooks are result-oriented publishing mediums that retain the feeling of any traditional books yet have interactive designs, media, and other captivating features. FlipHTML5 allows users to get creative with the page flip PDF ( tool when creating magazines, catalogs, brochures, presentations and much more. The page flip PDF tool is loaded with attractive features, customized settings, built-in templates, and functional toolbar buttons, among other many features. Publishers and marketers

Online Marketers Find FlipHTML5 as an Effective Online Flyer Maker

In a recent software exhibit attended by people from online marketing, entrepreneurship and digital media, FlipHTML5 became the crowd’s favorite subject matter. This is due to the fact that the said online flyer maker ( has greatly contributed in many businesses’ promotion and endorsement of their products and services. The designer of FlipHTML5, Anna Lee, happened to join the said event and shared her thoughts, stating, “This online flyer maker

FlipHTML5 Users Experience Dynamism through This Online Flipbook Publisher

Many businesses that are making efforts to expand their market through online means have found a reliable aid from today’s most popular online flipbook publisher (, FlipHTML5. These newbies in e-commerce and online business explored the features of FlipHTML5 and rated the online flipbook publisher as highly satisfactory. FlipHTML5’s main features are exceptional. It enables users to create flipbooks based on HTML5 and jQuery. Both formats have shown stability and competence

FlipHTML5 Online Pamphlet Maker Helps Users Create SEO-Friendly Pamphlets

Pamphlets are mediums through which enterprises communicate their stories in detail. They contain informational materials that get messages across to target audiences. The FlipHTML5 online pamphlet maker ( helps users create eye-catching digital pamphlets that combine various backgrounds, themes, texts, graphics, images, videos, links, animations and color schemes, among other features. Using pre-made templates or custom templates, publishers can create professional and engaging e-pamphlets through a quick and fun process

Users Can Store Archived E-Newspapers with FlipHTML5 Online Newspaper Maker

Online newspapers attract broad audiences each day as they offer more convenience of reading and accessibility. They provide real-time information which is updated instantly. The online newspaper maker ( from FlipHTML5 enables publishers to add rich content, videos, images, hyperlinks and more to make them more interactive and engaging. Users can create online newspapers that are fit for purpose by diversifying their newspapers to incorporate a variety of local and

FlipHTML5 Enhances Enterprises’ Marketing Efforts with the Free E-Book Publish …

E-books are versatile and can be used as manuals, presentations, newsletters, reports and more. They can be used by enterprises to promote their online businesses, by educators to impart knowledge to virtual learners or enhance theory learning material through video presentations, or by authors to publish novels, poems, fiction stories and much more. The free e-book publisher ( from FlipHTML5 empowers users with tools, features and the skills to create

The Magazine Maker from FlipHTML5 Ensures Profitable Customer Relationships

Entrepreneurs and corporate organizations use e-magazines as digital marketing weapons to beat their rivals. The constant growth in digital magazine readership and lead generation has increased the need for incorporating engaging content from videos, podcasts, links, games and more animation presentations into digital projects in order to create a mark. FlipHTML5 helps users deliver interactive magazines with professional content structures, user-friendly accessibility, mobile optimization and the integration of advanced design

FlipHTML5 Releases a Flipbook Creator that Suits Everyone’s Needs

Nowadays, digital content is the most effective method of communication. As a result, this advancement of technology has made schools, businesses, and many more users realize why a flipbook and other related digital publications are not an option in their daily processes. However, all these users have always encountered difficulties in creating flipbooks due to the cost and complexity of creating this content. But FlipHTML5 has now come up with the

FlipHTML5 Online Book Maker Available for the Conversion of PDFs into Online Boo …

Great news again from FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd. Users can now enjoy the outstanding services offered by the company’s latest software FlipHTML5. It is an online book maker (, essential in creating online books from PDF files. During the launch of their latest software, Winston Zhang, who is the CEO of FlipHTML5 said, “Our online book maker helps users in creating interactive e-brochures, HTML5 online magazines, jQuery and HTML5 page

Users Can Build Credibility Online with the FlipHTML5 Digital Catalog Software

Digital catalogs help enterprises showcase products and build their credibility online. But that just isn't enough, the way they design those catalogs matters a lot. Catalogs should have explicit messages and great visuals that will help them strengthen their brands. E-commerce shoppers get attracted to high-resolution product images, rich content and detailed specifications of the products. FlipHTML5 can help enterprises and marketers accomplish these goals through their digital catalog software

FlipHTML5 Enables Native Android App Development through the Magazine Maker

The adoption of smartphones, tablets, Kindles and e-book readers has dramatically influenced the reading habits of people, making the accessibility and consumption of digital literature very easy for many. That is why FlipHTML5 came up with the most straightforward way of creating interactive digital magazines through their magazine maker ( The software has all the tools and features required for publishers to create stunning digital magazines full of rich multimedia,

FlipHTML5 Known as a World-Class Magazine Creator with Interactive Features

Amidst the stiff competition among magazine creators, FlipHTML5 remained to be on top of the list of today’s outstanding solutions provider for magazine creator needs. The CEO of FlipHTML5, Winston Zhang, admitted that many magazine creators are arising today, which leads to tougher competition in the industry. However, he committed to integrating necessary improvements for FlipHTML5. He said, “The reason why FlipHTML5 magazine creator ( continues to be on top

FlipHTML5 Enables Personal Homepage Creation Using Page Flip Software

Businesses have a common goal of promoting their brand and products to increase sales and attract more revenue streams. Designing flipbooks is one of the most efficient ways enterprises can reach out to massive audiences and market their products. Flipbooks have revolutionized digital reading in a unique and interactive way. Thanks to the page flip software ( from FlipHTML5, digital content can be transformed into flipbooks with page-turning effect to

FlipHTML5 Encourages Custom Branding for Flipbooks through PDF to Flipbook Tool

Converting PDF to flipbook takes the shortest time ever when using the PDF to flipbook ( software at FlipHTML5. All that is needed is to simply upload PDFs and convert them to highly responsive HTML5 flipbooks that can easily be edited. FlipHTML5 software is easy to use even for amateur users. Users can create flipbooks that are responsive and accessible across all devices where readers can zoom in on the

FlipHTML5 Online eBook Creator Has Comprehensive Social Sharing Features

Most online eBook publishing firms and individuals are in search of an efficient platform for their digital publishing needs. Oftentimes, they look for an online eBook creator ( that will enable them to make engaging eBooks that are easy to share online. Luckily, these attributes are present in FlipHTML5 online eBook creator. Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, puts an emphasis on one of FlipHTML5’s best features, that is, the multiple ways

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