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India’s warehousing sector to grow at 18% till 2017

- The warehousing industry in India, valued at INR 745 billion in FY 2013, has been growing at ~15% for the last three years - The industry will grow to about INR 1,440 billion by 2017 - Growth will be driven by government policy initiatives and greater private sector participation - The unorganized sector will continue to dominate, currently accounting for 92% of the industry Supply chain management in India has been lagging behind

India’s cold chain industry to double in value by 2017

- While India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, the lack of cool rooms & refrigerated transport is causing more than 40% losses in annual produce - India’s integrated cold chain industry, currently valued at INR 245 billion, is expected to reach INR 520 billion by 2017, growing at a CAGR of 20% - With initiatives by the Indian government and a steep growth in the

Indian Lighting Industry - CFL manufacturers need to realign strategies to count …

- CFLs currently dominate the lighting industry in India, but their YOY growth has slowed down in the past three years due to the introduction of newer technologies - LEDs are the newest entrants in the lighting industry and will gradually phase out older and energy inefficient technologies, like CFLs - CFL manufacturers need to start implementing strategies to counter changing industry dynamics Despite being one of the oldest industries of the modern

Design and Animation industry: Operating margins attractive, but declining

- Revenue of pure-play design and animation firms grew at a CAGR of 27% from 2007 to 2011 - EBITDA margins are the only silver lining for the industry, while net margins continue to be a concern - Unattractive returns and low interest coverage are raising questions on investments - DQ Entertainment tops the ValueNotes Service Provider Evaluation Ranking in 2011 India is known to have one of the largest entertainment industries in the

Engineering Services Outsourcing: Shareholder returns wiped out in 2011

- Return on equity of pure-play ESO companies in India slid from 34% in 2007 to -5% in 2011 - With annual growth rates of 30% - 35% between 2007 and 2009, revenue decreased by 21% in 2010 - Debt has become a major concern for medium-sized companies - Mahindra Engineering came out on top with strong financial credentials across parameters Compared to outsourcing IT and other business processes, engineering services outsourcing (ESO) on

Riding the wave of reform through outsourcing for the healthcare payor industry

• The US healthcare payor BPO market was a $1.2 billion market in 2011, and will continue to grow at a 15-20% CAGR over the next three years given the immediate pressure on payors to manage regulatory reform • Payors seeking to create improved health outcomes at lower costs are expected to make significant investments in health IT • The greatest growth opportunities will come from payor claims, enrolment, service, billing, provider contracting, and care

Webinar: VFM Comparision Between Primary And Secondary Research For Competitive …

Given the cut-throat competition and challenging environment in today's business world, organizations are forced to undertake competitive intelligence not just to get ahead of the competition, but for their very survival. Organizations take great efforts to scout for competitive intelligence in India. In order to maximise the ROI on these efforts, efficiency is imperative. Our webinar on "Value for money comparison between primary and secondary research for competitive intelligence", will demonstrate the

Core Research & Development Services Integral To Global Pharmaceutical Outsourci …

Recently published research from HfS Research (the leading research analyst firm focused on outsourcing and shared services strategies), and co-authored by ValueNotes (a leading provider of business research) shows a major shift in global pharmaceutical companies outsourcing core research and development (R&D) services such as drug development and clinical trials through strategic third-party collaborative partnerships. Key findings in the report discuss the following market dynamics: • Over the last few years, the

Implementing A Competitive Intelligence (CI) Framework To Gain Strategic Advanta …

MCCIA jointly with ValueNotes presents an executive briefing on ‘Implementing a competitive intelligence (CI) framework to gain strategic advantage’, a unique opportunity to learn, share and exchange your knowledge, understanding and ideas on CI. Key take-aways: • What is competitive intelligence, and what is its value for your business? • What is the CI process? • How can CI be implemented in your organisation? Speaker Varsha Chitale - Director, ValueNotes Varsha has been a CI practitioner for

Oil & Gas outsourcing set to grow in the next few years

Pune, India, November 2011 • An increased focus on engineering has entered the outsourcing space with services such as product design and automation for both upstream and downstream oil & gas companies • The imminent retirement of close to half the industry workforce over the next decade has added a new area of concern for oil and gas companies • Oil and gas companies are moving towards a global model which will synchronize their business processes

Third party vs. Proprietary legal platforms: Where lies the value?

Pune, India, 30 June 2011 - Buyers of legal process outsourcing services are still warming up to the idea of an LPO provider being a software vendor as well - Most third party software vendors do not look at LPO service providers with proprietary platforms as competition - Partnering with third party software vendors will prove beneficial for LPO providers Over the last few months, ValueNotes has had discussions with a number of professionals

Obamacare: Outsourcing opportunities in revenue cycle management

Pune, India, 30 June 2011 • US healthcare providers in a rush to meet deadlines following the 2009-2010 healthcare reforms • Global outsourcing industry to cash in from current changes; massive opportunities in EMR (electronic medical records implementation and revenue cycle management (RCM) • Huge demand for healthcare outsourcing professionals, particularly coding and billing professionals The Obama administration has been spearheading several changes to the expensive and inadequate US healthcare system. Cost pressures along with

ValueNotes launches its proprietary vendor rating methodology for the LPO indust …

Pune, India, 11 January 2010 - The service provider landscape has become increasingly diverse – with differentiation becoming the norm, rather than the exception. Differences in offering, depth, maturity, scale, and strategy pose a challenge while trying to seek an understanding of the vendor landscape. For buyers of these services, this impedes the decision making process especially as it pertains to vendor selection or benchmarking. ValueNotes has introduced a model

Magazines: the new frontier for outsourcing?

Pune, India, 26 August 2009 - The magazine segment represents a major chunk of the global print publishing market. With more than 100,000 magazine titles being published in the US and UK alone, the magazine publishing industry is huge in scale and operations. Each year, the US and UK markets sell upwards of 4 billion magazine copies. However, the industry is not without its share of problems. It faces a

Indian e-learning offshoring industry to touch $603 million by 2012

Pune, India, 12 May 2009 - ValueNotes Outsourcing Practice sets up a new industry focus with the publication of its report on the Indian e-learning outsourcing service provider landscape. The study reveals that revenues from the Indian e-learning offshoring industry stand at approximately USD 341 million at the end of calendar year 2008. While the economic recession will impact the growth in the industry for the next 6-8 quarters, the market

BPO 2008: The Year Ahead

Pune, India; 2nd January 2008 - The sub-prime mortgage crisis and the weakening of the US Dollar have rendered several rude shocks to the outsourcing industry in 2007. Indian companies were especially hit as the Rupee appreciated by 10.9% in the last 12 months (14.2% in the last 15 months) against the US Dollar. Investors, analysts and the media have been speculating about the impact of margin pressures, risk of

ValueNotes’ study of the publishing offshoring space in India indicates growin …

Pune, India; May 2007 - Recent findings from a detailed study on publishing offshoring indicate that industry revenues for Indian offshoring stand at $440 million in 2006. At an estimated growth rate of 35% per annum till 2010, the industry will be worth $1.46 billion by 2010. The publishing offshoring space in India comprises over 100 vendors of various sizes, which employed around 26,000 people in 2006. The number

Drug discovery offshoring - all about finding the right partners

Global pharmaceutical companies are increasingly turning to Indian vendors offering drug discovery research using newer techniques at much lower costs. Major drug discovery companies are realizing that the question is no longer whether to outsource or not, but one of finding the right partners. Drug discovery is the process by which molecules are identified for their therapeutic efficacy, and can take up several years. Companies are now finding that improving

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