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Gong Cha Popularity Continues To Soar In The US As New Stores Open In New Jersey …

New York, USA - Gong Cha is set to open new stores in New Jersey and Massachusetts. The most popular brand in the US and beyond is also planning to open new stores in New York and another in Massachusetts all coming soon. “The New Jersey store will have its location at Ridgewood, NJ, and the Massachusetts store in Natick Mall, MA. Both locations are stocked with authentic bubble tea

Gong Cha Franchise Opportunity Opening In Pennsylvania Connecticut And Rhode Isl …

New York, USA - Gong Cha, one of the most reputable bubble tea brands in the world, today, announced franchise opportunities in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The brand is aggressively opening new franchises in a bid to further grow its horizon into a wider global authority. According to a tweet by the president, Anchal Lamba, Gong Cha, "over 600 customizable tea combos have earned the brand a broader recognition and

Gong Cha Continues To Hit New York By Storm With New Stores

New York, USA - Gong Cha, the leading bubble tea chain in the United States and the world, continues its wide franchise expansion by opening up new stores in New York amidst the unforgettable pandemic traumatizing the current environment. The new stores are coming up soon at Smith Haven Mall, NY, and in the East Village. "We are thrilled by the growing demand for Gong Cha's bubble tea, proving our product's

Gong Cha Officially Launches A New Franchise In New York

New York, USA - Gong Cha, the most reputable bubble tea brand in the world is happy to announce the official opening of a new bubble tea store located in the heart of the metropolitan city. The store, located at 27 st. Marks place, New York is fully ready for a massive up and running to serve freshly brewed bubble tea to East village communities and neighborhood. In a recent

New Store Opening In Brooklyn With New Exciting Bubble Tea Combo

New York, USA - Gong Cha is announcing the opening of a new store in Brooklyn this January. The new store, located in Brooklyn 313 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215a is here with an exciting new bubble tea series. "We are happy to announce the New Brooklyn store. This was the result of our hard work. Our dedication. Our sacrifices. We noticed that Brooklyn needed more franchises. And here comes

Gong Cha USA Franchise Newest Grand Opening In Austin, Texas!

New York, USA – Yes, Gong Cha is at it again….. They are starting next month with good news for Austin community who love to sip Gong Cha bubble tea. Perhaps, maybe you’ve tasted the newest Gong cha bubble Tea series such as the honey lemon green tea, strawberry lemonade with strawberry pearl, and honey lemon slush. If not, now is the right time to try them out as Gong

Best Tea Franchise From Gong Cha Opening In New York

New York, USA - Gong Cha is, here again, distributing the best bubble tea in the USA to more areas in New York City! Coming this mid-June is another great Gong cha Zoho store in NYC. The new tea store is bringing a fine selection of delicious flavors of Boba tea for everyone to enjoy. Located in 145 Greene Street, the store is going to be one of the best

Gong Cha's Upcoming Franchise In Texas Promises An Incredible Mix Of Flavored Bu …

New York, USA - Gong Cha is more than happy to announce the upcoming opening of a new franchise in Sugarland, Texas. The franchise promises to offer a wide selection of fun and incredible bubble tea flavors for the residence of "Sugarland" to enjoy. President, said, "As a top-tier and expert in the boba tea business, we are opening another store at 4899 HWY 6 suite, in Missouri City,

Don't Miss Out On Gong Cha's Strawberry Flavors Hitting Texas Soon

New York, USA - At this point, resident of Texas can't help but get excited and commend the collective effort of the team behind Gong cha, for yet another franchises hitting Texas soon. Being the best, motivated and ambitious Boba tea franchise in the world, the residence of Frisco Texas expects nothing but an incredible and sweet-savory bubble tea. According to statements from the President of, Anchal Lamba, "Texas, being the

Gong Cha Bubble Tea Franchise Shop Grand Openings in Texas and Boston Coming Soo …

New York, USA - At this point it’s hard to react with shock or surprise, as Gong Cha Bubble Tea Franchise literally has something new in store for us all, Bubble Tea lovers. However, we can’t resist to be so very excited! This time around Gong Cha Franchise has two grand openings in two very awesome and also, fortunate cities! Moreover, these grand openings come with some very sweet and

Gong Cha's New Strawberry Series and Strawberry Flavored Tapioca Pearls!

New York, USA - Gong Cha Franchise is at it again this month, as they now have come up with yet another brand new Boba Tea series. It was recently added to their tasty and mouth watering collection/menu of the very best Boba Tea drinks in the world! According to the President of, Anchal Lamba, “Gong Cha Franchise is now gifting you all with the new, savory Strawberry Delight series,

Hot and Spicy Bubble Tea from Gong Cha When You Attend Their Upcoming Grand Open …

New York, USA - Yes, Gong Cha Franchise does it again… They opened up the month once again with new and exciting news for us all, who love Gong Cha Milk Tea. Perhaps, you’ve already heard of Gong Cha’s newest Bubble Tea series - the Hot and Spicy series. However, if you hadn’t had the chance to try it out just yet, maybe now will be the perfect time, as

Don't Miss Out On Gong Cha's Latest Grand Openings in Sugarland & Frisco, Texas! …

New York, USA - At this juncture, we are no longer surprised when it comes to Gong Cha Franchise, but we still can’t help but to get excited... We already know to expect something new every month from the best Bubble Tea Franchise in the world! Gong Cha has proven that they are the most motivated, innovative and ambitious Bubble Tea franchise in the world and there’s no question about

Gong Cha USA Franchise Kicks Off the New Year with a Blast! 3 Grand Openings!

New York, USA - It’s more than a speculation at this juncture, Gong Cha USA Franchise always, always has something new in stored. They never seize to surprise us all who love Bubble Tea and who have had the privilege to try their very tasty and delicious Boba Tea drinks. According to the President of, Anchal Lamba, “For months now Gong Cha every month has had a new surprise

Top Tea Franchise Latest Grand Opening in Hoboken New Jersey Coming Soon!

New York, USA - It appears after a significant amount of time, Gong Cha - the top tea franchise in the USA once again graces New Jersey with a brand new Gong Cha tea house! However, this time around they'll be hitting up Hoboken, New Jersey with a brand spanking new bubble tea shop. Surely, once word gets around if it hasn't already, people are going to be over the moon,

Gong Cha Maple Series vs. Gong Cha's Latest Bubble Tea Series - The Hot & Spicy …

New York, USA - Last month, (November) Gong Cha Bubble Tea shops launched a new tea series - The Maple Tea Series. The Maple Tea series is so delicious that it has become one of the most popular Gong Cha Boba tea series in their grand collection of tea series. In addition, it’s also now most certainly a favorite Bubble Tea series among Gong Cha Bubble Tea lovers. Needless to

Gong Cha USA Franchise Latest Grand Opening in Frisco and Sugarland, Texas!

New York, USA - Just when you think Gong Cha USA Franchise might take a little break; a holiday if you will? They turn around and surprise us once again with wonderful news. This time around, the great people of Frisco and Sugarland, Texas are in for quite the treat, as before the ending of this year (2018) - Gong Cha will be opening two new brand Boba Tea locations

Gong Cha USA Franchise 2 New Locations, 2 New Boba Tea Series & Neat Holiday Gif …

New York, USA - As always Gong Cha USA Franchise is packing with new surprises for all their loyal customers and future Boba Tea lovers. Today we are happy to announce three different surprises that the best Bubble Tea Franchise in the world has in stored for us. We’re quite certain that all Boba Tea and Gong Cha lovers and customers are going to be pleased with all the new

Gong Cha Bubble Tea New Tea Stores in NYC and NJ and New Boba Drink Series

New York, USA - Gong Cha USA Franchise is back at it again, spreading the best Bubble Tea in the world to even more areas in both NYC and New Jersey! Coming this fall - in mid October, there will be another, hot Gong Cha Bubble Tea store in NYC - Manhattan and in New Jersey - Hoboken! It appears as though Gong Cha has been having a new grand

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