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Press Releases from Greenshine New Energy (11 total)

Greenshine Now Offering Financing for Solar Lighting

Lake Forest, California - Greenshine New Energy, a leading solar lighting company, is now partnering with Balboa Capital to offer financing solutions to help clients pay for solar lighting projects. Balboa Capital is a top-rated direct lender known for offering financing options to small businesses. Property owners and managers can now use Balboa Capital to apply for solar lighting and solar equipment financing. Any parties interested in solar lighting installations

Greenshine New Energy Lands Media Attention in Two Solar Pathway Lighting Projec …

Greenshine New Energy, the solar lighting industry’s leader of cost-effective, green energy outdoor lighting systems, is proud to deliver two exemplary solar pathway lighting projects for public use. These two projects were so successful in implementation and interest that they both caught the attention of the local news media. The first project, a pathway lighting project set on Kentucky Street in Bakersfield, CA was implemented to enhance safety and security

Greenshine New Energy Gives Back to the Navajo Nation in an Act of Charity

In an act of selfless charity, Greenshine New Energy has risen to the call to help out Native American communities in the time of crisis. The Navajo Nation, a community that spans a tri-state area, has been in dire need of supplies and food with the recent shortages that have arisen due to COVID-19. The Construction in Indian County (CIIC) recently called out to regular event and function attendees to

Greenshine New Energy Meets the City of Tooele’s Requests of Robust Lighting W …

Sometimes utility can be damaging to communities, especially if the area has a lot of beautification efforts already in place. That’s just the case with the city of Tooele (pronounced Toowillah), Utah. The city was already well-established but needed lighting in residential areas--safety for commuters and drivers was a large pain point for the residents. Installing a traditional lighting system wasn’t very viable because yards and driveways needed trenching to

The City of Berkeley Reaches Out a Hand for the Homeless With Some Help from Gre …

Lake Forest, CA-- Greenshine New Energy has yet again demonstrated excellence in the solar LED lighting market with their latest project that brings a little more than just light to an impoverished area of Berkeley, CA. The city faces a significant homeless population and decided to improve city grounds for the homeless by installing a modular resourcing encampment including temporary shelter, restrooms, and of course, lighting. The focus of the

Greenshine New Energy Completely Overhauls Santa Monica Airport's Archaic Lighti …

Lake Forest, California - Greenshine New Energy has once again demonstrated their excellence in finding lighting solutions while slashing costs for businesses substantially. Their latest project was a complete overhaul of an archaic lighting system installed in the parking lot for Santa Monica Airport. This airport is known for its history since its opening in 1923 and has had many replacements of their lighting in the past. Unfortunately, the last

Greenshine New Energy Revolutionizes Their Solar LED Light Products with a Produ …

Lake Forest, California - Greenshine New Energy has announced a new line of solar LED lights specifically geared for parking lots, roadways, pathways, and public areas where enhanced safety is required. These new lights, named the 260 Pro, the 290D, and the NSB Pro, have overhauled the design and technology of their predecessors. These new lights combine safety and aesthetics while remaining eco-friendly with their pairing of super-efficient mono-crystalline solar

Greenshine Improves Loves Logistics Operations with a Set of New Porta Portable …

Lake Forest, CA -- Greenshine New Energy has once again demonstrated the effectiveness and cost-benefits of portable solar lights. They assisted Love's Logistics, a company based in Kingman, Arizona, in their decisions to light a truck offloading area. The difficulties of the project prevented a traditional lighting system from being installed since on-grid power was located north of the offloading site, past a set of train tracks and in an

A New Store Opens Upon Installation of New Solar Parking Lot Lights

Lake Forest, California - Greenshine New Energy demonstrated their excellence in the solar lighting market again with a new success story from Floor and Decor. A small window of time was just enough for the crack development team at Greenshine to plan a project within a matter of days that fit city regulations. Floor and Decor was opening shop soon, and without the help from Greenshine their operations would have

New Solar Parking Lot Lights Are Installed at Siemens in Pomona, CA

Lake Forest, California - Greenshine New Energy is proud to provide another successful solution for a customer. CBRE, one of the largest commercial property management companies in the United States, saw great success with installing Greenshine solar parking lot fixtures. One of CBRE’s clients, Siemens, was experiencing significant theft and property damage because of heightened crime in the area. Lack of sufficient lighting in the parking lot made the surrounding area

Greenshine Introduces Revolutionary Volta Solar Wrapped Pole

Lake Forest, California - Greenshine New Energy is proud to announce the new Volta solar wrapped pole. Sleek and efficiently designed, the Volta features a 20ft. square pole with solar panels wrapped around the shaft for a more natural look. “It is huge step for green technology. We wanted a solar lighting system that was more aesthetically pleasing but still provided the same energy efficiency,” said Scott Douglas, Greenshine’s president

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