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Home Schooling Invades Higher Education

Higher education is changing at a rapid rate. So rapid, in fact, is the change coming, professors from some of the most respected colleges in the world are touting free education online. The opportunity for free learning and college degree preparation on a global scale today is expanding at an unprecedented rate According to Dr. Fred DiUlus, an early pioneer in online higher education and the father of online college

Global Academy Online Creates $50M Hybrid Startup

Global Academy Online, Inc., a Washington DC based privately held university builder announced today the formation of an international consortium to develop hybrid universities in Vietnam, the Peoples Republic of China, Costa Rica, Canada, and the USA. Each project according to CEO, Dr. Fred DiUlus is valued at approximately $10 million and expected to service approximately 100,000 students within three years. The mammoth project has been in development

Real Truths of Online Education

Dr. Fred DiUlus, online education systems inventor and Director of the non profit online Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise (CEFE) and the creator of its international university builder, Global Academy Online, recently spoke out on the real truths of online higher education. The forum was the Journal of Online Education. According to research undertaken by the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise over the past 15 years, 90% of students

Education Pioneer Honored for 50 Years of Service

Education Pioneer Dr. Fred DiUus was recently selected for inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who publications for the 15th consecutive year. Marquis Who’s Who publications are the original and legendary biography books listing outstanding individuals whose lives are singularly notable. Marquis has been doing this for over 100 years. They have set the standard of excellence in recognizing outstanding Americans and world leaders. DiUlus is among 95,000 Americans to be chosen

Global Academy Online’s CEFE Joins President Obama’s Council on Service

Global Academy Online announced today that its non profit Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise (CEFE) has teamed with the White House to become a Certifying Organization for the PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD, a national program recognizing Americans who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteer service. Established in 2003 by former President George W. Bush to give Presidential recognition to individuals, families and groups who meet requirements for volunteer

The Small College Survival Blueprint

Author and online education pioneer Dr. Fred DiUlus, CEO and Founder of Global Academy Online, Inc. and the father of online higher education ratings and rankings is an online education revolutionary. Dr. DiUlus' innovative ideas for small liberal arts school survival grew out of a teaching assignment at a small southwestern college twelve years ago where he says he witnessed, "An administration and board of trustees apparently frozen in their

Avoiding Problems with Online Schools

The most problematic online colleges and universities according to the recently released 2011, 8th edition of the BEST WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROVIDERS are all found in the USA. The book shows that nearly 80 higher education institutions fall into this category. The author is online education pioneer and the father of online education ratings and rankings, Dr. Fred DiUlus. In addition to the marginal schools, Dr. DiUlus also identifies the

Top Ten 2011 Online Universities in the World

Four of the top ten online universities in the world are not "Made in the USA" Three international schools covet the top slots according to Dr. Fred DiUlus, the author of the 2011 8th annual edition of the BEST WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAM PROVIDERS. Dr. DiUlus, an online education pioneer and father of online higher education rating and rankings is the CEO and founder of Global Academy Online, Inc. He

Global Academy Online Appoints Special Consultant to Africa

Global Academy Online, Inc. (the Academy) a Washington DC based online university builder, curriculum developer and institutional faculty provider announced today the appointment of Emmanuel Echewisi as Special Consultant and Director of the Academy’s African Education Development programs. For the Academy, Echewisi will promote online higher education development guidelines for evolving rigorous and effective online curriculum in local and national universities. In his position, he is the principal advisor to the

The Sino American Education Bridge – A Global Academy Online Exclusive

In 2010, Global Academy Online set the stage for major American education institutions and real estate developers to co-partner planned urban developments surrounding educational hubs within the People’s Republic of China’s most populated province and home to the ancient Shaolin Temple and the original Imperial Palace. The Academy joined Zhengzhou Bridge Educational Consulting Company of Zhengzhou, China, and the Canadabridge Education, Inc. of Toronto, Canada, in forming Atlanta based Sino

Global Academy Online to Fund College Acquisitions and Expansion

Dr. Fred DiUlus, CEO and founder of Global Academy Online, Inc., announced today the company has formed a new institutional funding division known as University Builder, LLC. According to Dr. DiUlus the division is designed to underwrite and manage colleges and universities for the purpose of expanding their traditional and online programs exponentially. Built in, he says are aggressive marketing add-ons to attract top scholars while sustaining high academic standards

Survival and Prosperity Online Strategic Planning Hits Higher Education

Global Academy Online, a program and systems provider to colleges and universities, has invented and initiated a 24/7 online institutional strategic planning and assessment program tool. The online system addresses the spiking demand for fluid, dynamic institutional planning brought about by the online revolution in both higher education and industry. According to Dr. Fred DiUlus, the father of online education ratings and CEO of the firm, this radical change in

Global Academy Online Names Asian Director

Global Academy Online, Inc. announced today the appointment of Professor Morley Chertkoff as Special Consultant and Director of the Academy’s China and Canadian Education Development programs. Chertkoff’s duties include Project Manager and Principal of Sino-American Bridge Consulting Group, a division of the Academy. Chertkoff will also serve as an advisor to the Academy’s China Team for development of articulation agreements between Asian and North American universities. The China Team is

Global Academy Online Names China Team Special Consultant

Global Academy Online, Inc. (the Academy) a Washington DC based online university builder, curriculum developer, and institutional faculty provider announced today the appointment of Dr. David F. Hostelley, CPA, as a special consultant and Director of National Education Development. Dr. Hostelley, a lifelong educator and CPA has over forty years of combined teaching and administrative experience in Management, Accounting, Finance and Training fields. He is an active college professor and

The World’s First Online Education Temp Service

Teacher Online Professional Services, also known as TOPS, is the first of its kind to offer schools, colleges, and universities worldwide professional temporary hire teachers skilled in online teaching. The unique temp service is the brainchild of online education pioneer and Global Academy Online CEO and founder, Dr. Fred DiUlus. He brought Global Academy Online, Inc. to life in 2002 offering colleges and universities private label online curriculum and

Survey Points to Radical Makeover of Traditional Education

Online education is booming according to longtime online higher education pioneer, Dr. Fred DiUlus. As the founder and CEO of online university builder, Global Academy Online, he has witnessed first-hand the exponential growth of the online education industry. Traditional educators are just now beginning to seriously pull back the layers of opportunity that exist within the virtual world for today’s technologically savvy students. Many traditionalists have complained over the years

Teacher Online Professional Services, TOPS, Makes its Debut

Global Academy Online, the nation’s noted online university builders, announced today the launch of their new professional service specializing in placing experienced online educators with schools seeking online teachers. The global service is being offered through a brand new Academy division, Teacher Online Professional Services or TOPS. The TOPS division according to Academy Sr. Vice President LaFonda Oliver Bowen specializes in offering institutions experienced online K-12 and college level faculty

Teaching the Public Free to Teach Online for Free

Global Academy Online, Inc., international online university builders, has launched a new program for skilled individuals who are not professional teachers. The Academy offers to teach them to offer their expertise online to a worldwide audience. They will be provided their own teaching platform for free. The Academy is asking in return a pledge from the new teachers that they will offer part of that new online teaching ability to

Global Academy Online Spreading the Wealth of Knowledge

How does one go about spreading knowledge around the world, at no cost and with the educators and trainers all donating their time and talent without leaving their home or office? CEFE, the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise, a non-profit education arm of Global Academy Online, DC based university builders, is doing just that. CEFE, the sixteen-year-old cyber based non-profit ethics and entrepreneurship education provider for professionals and

University of Maryland Online College Among World’s Top Ten

The 2010 edition of the Best Worst In Online Degree Programs named the University of Maryland University College, among the top ten online universities in the world. The free eBook is the oldest grader of online schools and traditional venues offering online programs. It is the fourth time in the past eight years the university has measured up to being among the best among over 300 rated and ranked institutions

Ellis College of NYIT Among 2010’s Top Ten List of Online Universities

Ellis College of NYIT is one of the top ten online universities in the world out of over 300 measured and rated by the 2010 edition of the Best Worst In Online Degree Programs. Published annually by university builder Global Academy Online, Inc., of Washington DC, USA, the eBook rates online higher education providers from around the world annually. The ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale

Peanuts, Popcorn, Accredited Degrees

Marginal online accredited university growth is booming. According to the latest updates in the 2010 edition of THE BEST WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS over 80 accredited online college providers are marginal at best, providing little academic rigor and virtually no chance of transfer to a top tier university for an advanced degree. Dr. Fred DiUlus, the author, CEO, and Founder of Global Academy Online, Inc., the first online university builders in

One Man’s Passion to Revolutionize Education and Crush Ignorance

Author and international online education expert Dr. Fred DiUlus, wants to “crush ignorance through knowledge” and that knowledge he says, “We can deliver.” DiUlus offers that dedicated individuals can do this with or without the aid of today’s schools, training centers, colleges and universities. For him and his colleagues, it’s a 21st Century education revolution all made possible by the invention of the cell phone, computer, and the Internet placed

San Francisco’s Golden Gate University Listed Among Worlds Top Ten Online

The 2010 Edition of Best Worst In Online Degree Programs has placed Golden Gate University among the top ten online program providers and listed it as 8th best online university among over three hundred institutions. The publication is the oldest online program ratings service in the world. For the past eight years Dr. Fred DiUlus, author of the e-Book and CEO and Founder of Global Academy Online, has compiled the

University of Phoenix, Number One Online School in North America

The University of Phoenix is the number one online school in North America and counted among the top ten schools in the world according to the 2010 edition of the Best Worst Online Degree Programs, In 1976, a Cambridge University educated economist Dr. John Sperling created the University of Phoenix. The professor turned entrepreneur saw what he believed was an opportunity to help adults acquire higher education by offering convenient

University of South Africa, Number One Online University in Africa

According to the 2010 edition of the Best Worst Online Degree Programs, the University of South Africa is ranked the number one online degree provider among Africa’s 53 nations. The University of South Africa’s vision is to be Africa’s premier distance learning institution. It would appear, according to the e-book that they have succeeded. The university’s roots go back over 130 years. The Division of External Studies was created

Best Worst Online Degree Programs Names University of London #1

The 2010 edition of Best Worst Online Degree Programs has rated the University of London as the number one online university in the world. Dr. Fred DiUlus, Founder and CEO of Global Academy Online and a foremost expert in online education, is the author. For the past eight years, Dr. DiUlus has annually compiled the stats and rated online education based on a five-point ratings model. The

Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica Offers Dual Language MBA Online

Empresarial Universidad de Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica has partnered with Global Academy Online, Inc. (the Academy) of Washington DC, USA to offer an online international MBA in both English and Spanish. According to Mr. William Zamora, President and Rector of Universidad Empresarial, “the Academy provides our external grad students the latest and most advanced online course management system, outstanding curriculum, and outstanding faculty.” Support for the program states Zamora

UpMarketing Introduces Online Academic Articles Publisher

Academic Articles Archives, an online article content publisher, is the first exclusive provider of articles by academics, scholars, researchers, students, and experts in multiple fields. Offered by UpMarketing, a professional public relations, promotion marketer, and Internet TV program developer, Academic Articles Archives is the first publisher outside of traditional academic journals to promote scholar generated works by students, faculty, and researchers. Editor-in-Chief, LaFonda Oliver-Bowen points to the Archives

Center For Ethics In Free Enterprise Names First CEFE Fellow To Africa

CEFE, Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise, a non profit research and training division of Global Academy Online, Inc., has named Emmanuel Echewisi, a citizen of Nigeria, a CEFE Fellow. Mr. Echewisi, is the first African national to be awarded a CEFE Fellowship. CEFE Fellows engage in leading community ethics and character training efforts among schools and institutions on four continents. They assist organizations in the creation and development of

The Top Ten Online Universities in the World

Four of the top ten, online colleges in the world are not "born in the USA" according to the 2007 edition of THE BEST & WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS. The book examines the online programs using a five point rating system that weighs heavily on the quality and experience of each institution's faculty. The Book has been continuously published since 2002 and updates the list of rated colleges annually.

Meet Homer, The 112 Year Old Stock Market Guru

May 26, 2007,Washington DC -- Homer is 112 years old. He is, cranky, opinionated, and an investment guru that almost always seems to get it right. He shows up periodically in the online Blogosphere where he waxes philosophically about untapped investment opportunities and offers sage advise to the 'Kid', a 50's something know-it-all caricature of today's “must have everything” generation. By preaching to the 'Kid' he advises readers on the

Fabulous 150 Sought for Tuition Free Online Education

(Washington DC May 22, 2007) -- DiUlus Institute & University is recruiting 150 distance learner scholars from member nations of the UN. The University offers the scholars a tuition free e-education. It is being made available to scholars who otherwise might never have the opportunity to attend college due to distance, work commitments, and/or financial circumstance. University builder Global Academy Online, Inc. created and designed the University to be a

Free Online Platform For Those That Want To Teach

Washington DC, April 20, 2007 - Powered BY Global, PBG is the first online education platform that permits unrestricted access by anyone who wants to create and teach a class online. And the best part, according to Lou Cooper, the Director of PBG is that there is no cost for anyone to get started. A division of Global Academy Online, Inc., the online university builders and private-label online curriculum and

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