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29.06.07 - Airmotion GmbH

Airmotion brands the Nokia 5700 for MTV

The Munich mobile content agency Airmotion is branding the new Nokia 5700 mobile phone for MTV. As part of the “MTV Music-Pack by o2\", the new phones will be on the market in July. The Munich prov... mehr

01.02.07 - Airmotion GmbH

Airmotion builds upon gaming expertise with the Xbox 360 Magazine “360 Live”

Munich, February 01, 2007 - The Munich media agency Airmotion has taken over the publishing of the special interest journal “360 Live”. Their know-how and games expertise will now also augment th... mehr

22.01.07 - Airmotion GmbH

Airmotion Relaunches MTV Portal for 3 Austria

Munich, January 22, 2007 - The new world of MTV is now surfable with the mobile internet at Hutchison 3G Austria. The Munich media agency Airmotion created the portal. Various departments deliver... mehr

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