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Intelligent Server Management for Music Creation Network

Todtenweis/Germany. On musicians collaborate online on different music projects and share any kind of digital creativity, such as music files, videos or images. To distribute all requested files with best performance, a new and intelligent structure has been implemented. One year ago started to allow their members to upload their creative work on one server, using the FTP-Protocol. With a high performance connection to the World Wide Web, this Website Relaunch

After months of careful research and planning, is pleased to announce the relaunch of its music creation network. On musicians around the world creating music via the World Wide Web with sharing self created music files. Other musicians can pick the files up and play their preferred instrument over to get a completed song. The aim to redesign most common sections is to enable musicians and music interested people an

No need for Musicians to sell Songs

With simple and new ideas it’s not longer required for musicians to sell their songs to earn money for their creative work. The platform for online music collaboration,, launched a new – sponsorship based – solution for musicians to get paid without the need to sell own songs. The idea is simple: every music interested visitor of could browse for interesting songs and choose the musicians who should get

Next Generation Music Creation

With, musicians all around the world could find music projects easier and create music online, independent from time and location – together with real musicians. Creatives like a recording hobbyist, a professional musician or producers are invited to collaborate on the writing and recording of music entirely over the internet. All what\'s required is an internet connection to enjoy the power of the openness of To make it easier for

Virtual Music Video launched

Todtenweis, Germany. The platform for online music collaboration,, launched the first music video for a song created by musicians from three different continents. The song called \"Pirate of the deep blue sea\" sounds like a modern folk song including electronic elements. With recorded instruments provided by members from the USA and Germany the song went to life with lyrics and vocals written and recorded by a member from Australia. In addition

New Food for Podcaster and Radio Stations

The social network for online music collaboration,, puts together what musicians, podcasts and radio stations require. On musicians all around the world create songs together. The songs get presented on many distribution channels all around World Wide Web. As most musicians needs to keep their rights to the songs, most collaborations are based on legal copyright - what makes it difficult for podcaster and radio stations to play these

Radio Podcast Show Featuring Music by Members, a place for online music collaboration, presents the next radio show including new songs from unsigned musicians. Germany, Monday, August 27, 2007 -- The Radio Show, an audio podcast featuring new music created on The new episode presents completed collaborations created by unsigned musicians from different countries all around the world. The platform for online music collaboration allows musicians to create and join music projects, built up on multiple

Music collaboration in digital age

Todtenweis/Germany, 28th March 2007. Is the world ready for the digital age? With digital music downloads, video streams and user built content, based on \"Web 2.0\" Applications, one important part was missed: How could Artists use the word wide web for their music creation process? The new designed community \"\" (\"Virtual Band\") provides all features needed for musicans to collaborate online with people all over the world. Single artists such as

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