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11.12.18 - Fundsback

Fundsback supports Viva con Aqua

Since today, Fundsback is a supporter of Viva con Agua (VCA) and we are proud to be part of this family. We help people to bring back their pension. This is our business. But we want to do more. We wa... mehr

12.11.18 - Fundsback

How to apply for your German Pension: Interview with M. Miller from USA

Hi Mr Miller, thank you very much for taking some time for our interview. As CEO from Fundsback (visit us at it is a pleasure for me to talk to you today. I regularly interview cu... mehr

10.08.18 - Fundsback

Don't forget your German pension contributions!

Germany is a country, where many people from all over the world are coming to. They study or work here for several years. The famous and big German companies are constantly looking for international e... mehr

16.04.18 - Fundsback

Not Only Footballers, Hockey and Basketball Players Leave Behind Funds in Germany

Christian Haas, managing director of the service agency Fundsback, has already helped a large number of employees, who have lived and worked in Germany, to get their paid pension contributions reimbur... mehr

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