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Press Releases from AVnex Ltd. (38 total) Black Friday 2010 Sale Begins

AVnex has kicked off their Black Friday 2010 Sale by offering 30% off all products at More info can be found at Following Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year has arrived. On Black Friday 2010, AVnex promises the best offers for their customers. All of their products are 30% off their regular price. Users who visit on this Black Friday can grab AVnex’s top quality multimedia

A Brand New Support Center at Audio4fun Put In Operation

”Audio4fun has just put its brand new online customer support center into operation for the beginning of August, 2010.” AVnex, owner of, has just put their brand new online customer support center into operation for the beginning of August, 2010. The support center is a big improvement in customer service for the company, showing its non-stop efforts to serve its customers better and better. From now on, Audio4fun customers is planning for some fun on Independence Day

[, June 30, 2010] – The spirit of America’s greatest holiday is drawing near. The country’s big party is about to start and AVnex Ltd. wants to be a part of it., with their AV Voice Changer Software 7.0 product, offers users a fun time by giving them the ability to change their voice to sound like the president’s voice just in time for Independence Day. More information can

New AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0 hits music world with new features

[, June 4, 2010] - AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0 continues to stay on top of the download list at, one week after the new version release. This version of the leading music editor comes with many new features, including the unique AV Easy DJ, a brand new Converter module, and a compact Player-Only mode. More information can be found at “As experts in video and audio

AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0 Released And Offered With 20% OFF Discount At Audio4fu …

Audio4fun has just released AV Music Morpher Gold New Version 5.0, which is a full package of amazing new features, including new Player-Only Mode, new AV Easy DJ, new Morpher and Converter modules, and a brand-new, impressive skin. Anyone who is interested can get a copy of AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0 right now and receive a 20% OFF coupon. Learn more about AV Music Morher Gold 5.0 at

Audio4fun’s Voice Changer Software Line Updated With Windows 7 Support and Ver …

The latest builds of the genius voice changer software product line from Audio4fun are available with full support for Windows 7 and are completely endorsed by VeriSign Trust Seal as authorized software, which is the certification of being absolutely safe for use. For more information on the program, please visit Receiving this endorsement from VeriSign successfully fulfills a commitment by Audio4fun to make the program more reliable and safer

AVnex Ltd. Announces Major Improvement in VST Support

September 1, 2008: - AVnex Ltd. introduces new and improved VST host application support in the latest release of AV Music Morpher Gold. Music Morpher Gold has long provided VST support within the program. This latest release provides critical improvements and bug fixes, and will now provide users with a superior, stable support platform for all VST plug-ins. VST - Virtual Studio Technology by Steinberg - is an interface

Voice Changer Software as a gift for children - Gift idea for your kids on this year’s Children’s Day is expanding with Voice Changer Software available at AVnex corner voice-over.htm. AV Voice Changer Software is well known in the media world for its ability to change your voice in real-time. By using its pitch and timbre changing algorithm, the software is not only able to mimic other human voices, but also is able to make animal-like sounds,

DRM-free Trend Benefits AV Music Morpher Gold Users

“The new DRM-free trend provides AV Music Morpher Gold 4.0 (AV MMG) lovers with smoother multimedia experience,” according to the AVnex Ltd. annual year-end report. As more and more major online digital music providers limit the use of Digital Rights Management technologies in their offerings, AV MMG users reported more fluency when they apply their own creativity to their tracks with the MMG software. William Wilson, head of the Customer Service

Webcam Morpher 2.0 by AVnex Ltd.: from release candidate to official version

AVnex Ltd., a leader in the media morphing industry, today announced the release of the official version of its Webcam Morpher 2.0, following much success of an introductory Pre-order Program over the last few months. The webcam utility software, anxiously awaited by many lovers of its predecessor, Webcam Morpher 1.0, which will see its first commercial delivery on this January 15th. Designed along the lines of its previous version, this

Celebrating June Holidays With Music Morpher

Jun 8, 2007 – Music Morpher Center is introducing the new special offer for June holidays at This June, two important holidays are celebrated around the world, especially the US. Best Friends Day (Jun 8) is to honor the coolest pal for always being ready to erase your frowns and for being your constant support system. Father’s Day (Jun 17) is a special occasion to touch your Dad’s heart with

New Tutorial of Making Audio Clips for Cartoons or Movies

(April 24, 2007) - Music Morpher Center – Users now can apply two inventive AV multimedia applications to create their fully work-out movies or cartoons with some basic guidelines of the 10th tutorial at Capturing images and dubbing sound or voices for movies are two different tasks that usually require two different steps in the manufacturing process. More and more people want to create their own films and video

Products Localizing at Audio4fun Local Sites

(April 23, 2007) - Nicosia, Cyprus - With the hope of bringing their multimedia software to customers worldwide, Audio4fun has just expanded their local sites system in which users at some non-English speaking countries can pick up their favorite products much easier. As more than 60% of their orders come from Europe and USA, the current main shopping site of Audio4fun is written in English. However, due to the increasing

New Music Morpher Store Opening Soon

April 16, 2007 ( – The AVnex Ltd.’s Music Morpher Center announced the reconstruction of its music software store Apart from a completely new design and layout, the website will offer expanded contents, added site options as well as enhanced navigation and usability. “In today’s high-tech instant information age, it has been imperative for us as a leading online audio and video software provider to embrace new technological developments and design

New style of listening to music with AV Voice Changer Software 5.5

(April 12, 2007) With the new MP3 Player, AV Voice Changer Software will be a distinguished tool among many voice changer hardware and software in the market. This is the newest announcement of since all three newest editions of AV Voice Changer Software 5.5 were released a couple of weeks ago. With the main function of changing people’s real voice into different voice outputs, AV Voice Changer Software 5.5 can

Discover Guide Book to Begin with Vina Digital Talking Parrot

(9 Apr 07)- Nicosia, Cyprus- Some guides and tips for Vina talking parrot’s “trainers” in teaching and training him to be the smartest virtual pet are presented at Audio4fun website: Vina digital talking parrot is actually an interesting screen saver which gives the trainers plentiful relaxed time. Vina Pet can not only mimic any voices he heard, but also laugh, sing and change his sounds, voices, etc. This Training Book

Music Morpher Gold 4.0: Release Candidate 2 Now Available, Vista-compatible Fina …

April 4, 2007- – Music Morpher Gold (MMG) 4.0 Release Candidate (RC) 2, the latest preview release of the next version of our versatile music editor with the best Voice Remover and Voice Extractor on the market, is now available for download. More info is detailed at Those who want to get a sneak peek at the next version of MMG should already own the Plus version of

Music Morpher Gold 4.0 Release Candidate Update

(29 Mar 07)- – AVnex Ltd. is working to finish its music morphing line. Last week, the company released a near-final version of Music Morpher Gold 4.0. More information can be found at The RC is not offered to everybody. The company has made it available for their Music Morpher Gold 3.0 plus version owners. They are entitled to fully test all the new as well as improved features

Voice Changer Software Set a New Trend: Make Parody Voices

(March 21, 2007) informed that they had already successfully added new Parody Maker and Parody Mixer modules into their newest version 5.5 of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond and AV Voice Changer Software Gold ( Parody voice, parody maker and parody mixer are quite new definitions used in the newly released AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.5 and AV Voice Changer Software Gold 5.5. They indicate voice-mimicking and voice-mixing ability

AVnex Ltd. Frees Music Morpher Gold 4.0 Release Candidate

(March 19, 2007) Nicosia, Cyprus – The first release candidate of Music Morpher Gold 4.0 is now available for owners of version 3.0 to download, signifying a final release may not be far off. At the press conference publicizing the Release Candidate, Louise Anderson, Brand Manager in charge of Music Morpher line at AVnex Ltd., told reporters, “We’re happy to announce our Music Morpher Gold 4.0 Release Candidate, which has

Save Money with AV Economic Voice Changer Package

(March 16, 2007)- The updated Economic edition of AV Voice Changer Software now can satisfy normal practices of users in changing voice for voice chatting, voice dubbing or singers’ voice editing. Customers can save big with this economic package on this release week at As the most economical package, AV Voice Changer Software 5.5- the standard edition only costs users $29.95 for many new and improved features. “We call

New Launch Party for all editions of AV Voice Changer Software, Version 5.5

(March 15, 2007)- Welcome you to the New Launch Party of for the 5.5 version release of AV Voice Changer Software in which the Standard, the Gold and the Diamond editions are available today with many added and upgraded features: This new launch campaign marks a significant improvement of, in general, and AV Voice Changer Software range, in particular. The 5.5 version has a very good looking

Dubbing Films with New Hollywood Nickvoices Package

(March 12, 2007)- Audio4fun Download Hub has just updated their free downloadable nickvoice center in which new Valentine collection comprises a lot of Hollywood nickvoices for film dubbers to dub their movies and apply to many audio purposes. The collection divides into 2 smaller ones of Adam and Eva nickvoices (male and females’ nickvoices). Thus, users can easily choose a suitable voice for their actor or actress. Movies lovers Releases Voice Changer Software 5.5 All Editions

(March 9, 2007) – AVnex Ltd. has just officially announced the release of Voice Changer Software version 5.5 on their website All the three editions of AV Voice Changer Software version 5.5 are launched this time: economy edition Voice Changer Software, professional edition Voice Changer Software Gold, and deluxe edition Voice Changer Software Diamond. Those editions were upgraded with many features and the overall quality was improved as well. However,

Making Karaoke Background Music with Updated Features of AV Music Morpher Gold

(March 7, 2007)- Karaoke background music makers now can find out an outstanding equipment to perform superior during their job- AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0 with the latest updates for Voice Remover and Voice Extractor modules. More information about what’s new within these features is available at: To get high quality background music, the most important tool that users must have is a well-done voice remover. This is really

Pre-sale Promotion for soon-to-be-released Voice Changer Software Version 5.5

(March 5, 2007)- Media Morpher Center- Check out the updated and soon-to-be-released versions 5.5 of 3 Voice Changer Software editions to take advantage of the huge promotion campaign and have in hand an innovative high-tech tool at favorable price. Understanding the different purposes of customers such as normal use with an economic software edition, professional use with an advanced one or maximized exploration with a deluxe one, the simultaneous release

Get the Soon-To-Be-Released AV Voice Changer Software 5.5 Today

(March 2, 2007)- is in the final stage of finishing its work in the lab and ready to launch all the newest editions of AV Voice Changer Software 5.5 in the next 2 weeks. To mark this significant event, the audio-video software company has just kicked off a big promotion campaign before the official release at: On the pre-release week, give a special opportunity for all new

AVnex Ltd. Releases Music Morpher Gold 3.0.47 with New Updates

28 February 2007- – AVnex Ltd. has announced that the new build of their awarded Music Morpher Gold 3.0 was available on Tuesday, February 6, 2007. Download the trial version at The new build 3.0.47 has seen a significant upgraded algorithm of Voice Remover and Voice Extractor, the most favorite features of their all-in-one music editor software Music Morpher Gold. This build may include unspecified updates, enhancements and

“Same Old Brand New” Features of AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0

(26 February 2007)- Media Morpher Center- Two currently hot features of AV Music Morpher Gold: Voice Remover and Voice Extractor are now improved in the latest version 3.0.48. The promotion program going along with this upgrade is available at The main purpose of Voice Remover and Voice Extractor is removing vocals out of a song and extracting a voice/sound from a stereo mix. The results of this are usually

Updated Version of Music Morpher Gold: Better Voice Remover and Extractor

(February 12, 2007) AV Music Morpher Gold version 3.0.46 has been updated with better Voice Remover and Voice Extractor. This is a great endeavor of as the software including those features is very few in the market today. Music Morpher Gold is a music editing software which allows users to add audio effects into songs, change singer’s voice, create remixes, parodies, etc. Especially the Voice Remover and Voice Extractor built

Revive an Online Working Day with Smart Digital Talking Parrot Screen Savor

(February 9, 2007)- Introduced as an interesting screen savor, however, VINA digital talking parrot is also a technical application of voice changing technology of Audio4fun. To have a closer look of this pet, please visit this page: User can “purchase” this pet at “no cost” by downloading at: No need to feed it, no need to clean to cage, but users will surely have a funny time

A Sweet Valentine’s Day for Online Game Players

(February 5, 2007) Online game players can prove that they are not cold-hearted-and-minded people, as least on Valentine’s Day with AV VoizGame, a voice changer software from “Gamers, are you preparing for your loving season? Flowers, chocolate, greeting cards seem to be so classical. So, let try a new simple way with AV VoizGame as you can have more fun playing online games and create a sweet impression

Romantic High Tech Valentine: Blue For Him, Pink For Her

(February 2, 2007) ‘A high tech gift still reveals classic and romantic feeling’, that is the idea of to help tighten up the relationship of all lovers this Valentine with their new promotion campaign: “It’s lovely to see a couple wearing the same designed T-shirt on Valentine. Suddenly, I asked myself why we don’t do that with our software. Sounds funny but absolutely possible, as we have many

Next-generation Voice Changer Software Features More

January 24, 2007- Audio4Fun (a.k.a. Avnex Ltd.) has announced the release of its latest version of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0, with new features and enhancements. The latest version includes four major, new features. First, the Voice Mimicker module, uses similarity analysis, celebrity voice samples, and the ability to import anyone’s recorded voice, allows the user to learn how to mimic the voice of virtually anyone. By loading

Audio4Fun Releases AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0

January 19, 2007- Audio4Fun (a.k.a. AVnex Ltd.) has announced the release of its latest version of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0, with new features and enhancements: The latest version includes four major, new features: 1- Voice Mimicker – By using similarity analysis, celebrity voice samples, and the ability to import anyone’s recorded voice, you can learn to mimic the voice of virtually anyone. 2- Parody Maker –

Three multimedia product lines to download at Mediamorpher Center

(January 16, 2007)- Media Player Download Center presents 4 lines of multimedia products for users to free download and enrich their high-tech tools collection. Details of the downloadable stuffs can be found at Media Morpher Center has been developed to be a multimedia software hub for video makers and video editors. However, the Download Center introduces both audio and video software to support better users’ purpose of creating

Tutorial of extracting audio from movie files or DVD disc introduced by Audio4fu …

(December 23, 2007) - Nicosia, Cyprus - To support the practical need of customers, Audio4fun Customer Care Team has recently introduced the third tutorial of extracting audio soundtrack of a film or DVD disc. Step-by-step instruction is presented at “I love the song ‘Christmas is all around’ from ‘Love Actually’ movie and want to have this sweet soundtrack to prepare something special for our coming Christmas,” said Caroline Bradford, USA.

Audio4fun Announces Christmas Bonus Scheme

15 December 2006- Nicosia, Cyprus- a.k.a. AVnex Ltd, leading provider of Voice Changer Software, Music Morpher, DVD Player Morpher and Webcam Morpher has announced their seasonal Incentive Program entitled “Christmas Bonus Scheme”. This program is exclusively designed for Audio4fun’s Affiliate to multiply their benefits on this Christmas occasion. “Christmas Bonus Scheme” is known as a follow-up to successful Incentive Program branded “Countdown to Cash” launched last October. During this

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