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Optaglio reunites laser and electron beam to enhance document protection

Optaglio has introduced its first holograms created with a combination of technologies, applied separately so far. Combination of technologies should prevent counterfeiters from easy identification what measures were used for hologram creation. It is a part of long-term Optaglio effort to keep holograms the most secure anti-counterfeit technology available. “It is no revolution. Some companies tried to combined laser and electron beam some ten years ago. The results were quite

Optaglio focuses on composite identity cards

Optaglio, the global leader in high-resolution security holograms, launched Optaglio OVConnect product for seamless integration of holograms into composite ID cards. This innovation complements unique patented solution for polycarbonate, OVMesh. “Our consultants are sometimes asked what is more suitable, polycarbonate or composite. It depends on the particular situation. A lot of factors play their role, but it seems that lifecycle is the key. If you can change cards each - let

Optaglio helps artists to learn designing security holograms based on advanced t …

Optaglio, the global leader in high-resolution security holograms, started a program of training and cooperation with young designers. In less than a year they should be able to create security holograms that will consistently apply latest origination features, can be used for easy identification of genuineness, and look great. “Our capacity is limited. Currently, we work with four people, and we do not plan to accept anybody else before they finish,“

Optaglio moves towards gamification of anti-counterfeit protection

Delicate colour scale, subtle visual effect and picture quality higher than usual printing. Optaglio, the global leader in high-resolution security holograms, demonstrated new features of its products to experts and journalists, passing another milestone to gamification of anti-counterfeit protection. These innovations are based on an enormous resolution of light diffraction structures. „Time of boring holograms is over. Users have right to require that protection elements are interesting, funny and including unique

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