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Honing The Eyes Of An Eagle - Seeing From A Distance

Home: The Best Wonder of the World! For many of us, our homes are the undisputed “best wonders of the world.” Wherever we go returning to our residences remain central on our minds. On the overall, there is no other place on earth which offers quite enough for us by way of comfort and convenience, except of course, an even more secure and enjoyable place to be. On occasion, for the sake

Home Service Validation System-A Social Enigma

[The “HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM” is a rare American, unexplored, ultra-conservative home improvement contractor screening alternative Introduction [Among the leading reasons for most contract-related home maintenance and improvement improprieties in America is that private home decision makers neglect doing the necessary research on contractors. The "HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM" can be enormously instrumental in changing that. It all begins with the "SERVICE VALIDATION FORM"] There is a website (match heading) where

HGRBS Honorary Volunteers In Relation To US Private Home Sector

HGRBS Honorary Volunteers In Relation To US Private Home Sector [HGRBS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation/ministry of independent volunteers. Exclusive emphasis is on supporting the rights and privileges of American private home heads towards making safer and wiser contract-related decisions and getting better results from contractors entrusted to assist with their special home maintenance and improvement projects.] Presently HGRBS is primarily an online entity with specialization in connecting with and supporting U.S.

New Resident- Friendly HGRBS Online Addition-‘Ghost Contractors, Ghost Website …

HGRBS, an American homeowner’s advocate non-profit has recently added “Ghost Contractors, Ghost Websites” to its resident-friendly site “HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM.” New Online Resident-Friendly Page HGRBS has recently added the new home service area, “Ghost Contractors, Ghost Websites” to its online repertoire of resident-friendly information which offer relative panaceas to contract-related home improvement challenges. In an age of hi-technology with residents increasingly using the internet as a major information resource for “contractor

New Online Booklet U.S. Private Home Heads Need for 2018 Home Improvement

This free online booklet “Legal-Leveraged Form for U.S. Homeowners” introduces over a dozen samples of impact-worthy legal forms which residents can use to protect their families and homes from scandalous contractors. Recent Case Study Recently, it was reported by the Bucks County DA’s Office (Pennsylvania – 1/6/2017) that a dishonest contractor of that area was convicted to serve 5-10 years in prison for home improvement improprieties. Reportedly, he was a habitual predator

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