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Scalability and Backup Recovery found to be Key in Virtualisation Adoption, reve …

London — A survey conducted by Symantec on 3,700 information technology managers in 35 countries, entitled “Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud” revealed key points in what benefits businesses expect from implementing a virtual strategy. While there were many findings, some specific findings also showed two-thirds of enterprises list performance degradation as a somewhat/extremely large factor in their hesitation to place business-critical applications into a private cloud. An excerpt from the

Survey Reveals How the Stressful Work Environment of IT Managers Can Be Improved

Help desk calls, hangs, freezes and crashes cut by up to 25 percent with new performance software London — a survey receiving almost 400 respondents carried out on IT and business staff revealed healthy percentage reductions of computer freezes, hangs and crashes, as well as reduced help desk calls when they installed Diskeeper® data performance software on their IT systems. The survey also revealed that the automated defragmentation and disk management

IT Manager and Microsoft Certified Partner Brian Le Flem reveals his personal ex …

Diskeeper improves server performance at the Northern Ireland branch of BITC London — IT Manager and MCP Brian Le Flem recently gave an account of his personal experiences using Diskeeper® data performance software, and why he took it from a home user application to implementing it in his IT network at BITC. The Northern Ireland based company which helps local businesses act responsibly and make a positive impact on their local

Diskeeper’s Data Performance Software Cuts Four-Day Backup Time in Half

In addition to increased backup data transfer speeds, since installing Diskeeper, drive failures have decreased, fewer drives have been replaced on the SAN, and Diskeeper has also improved access times London — David Anderson, Network Manager for Cramlington Learning Village School, gave his feedback on how Diskeeper® dramatically cut their server backup times in half. The school, which has been graded 'outstanding' in the last three OFSTED inspections, had the

Data Storage and Performance – Key Issues, Common Misconceptions

Webinar host: Mandeep Birdi, Senior Pre-Sales Technical Support Director, Diskeeper Corporation Europe. London, UK, May 13, 2011 -- In keeping with their leading position as Innovators in Performance and Reliability Technologies, Diskeeper Corporation Europe today announced a powerful new series of webinars addressing the key issues and common misconceptions surrounding Data Storage and Performance. These highly informative webinars also unveil cutting-edge solutions to the problems faced by key decision-makers and IT

Data Storage and Performance – Key Issues, Common Misconceptions

A Vital New Series of Diskeeper Webinars London — In keeping with their leading position as Innovators in Performance and Reliability Technologies, Diskeeper Corporation Europe today announced a powerful new series of webinars addressing the key issues and common misconceptions surrounding Data Storage and Performance. These highly informative webinars also unveil cutting-edge solutions to the problems faced by key decision-makers and IT administrators alike in today’s ever-changing environment. The webinars will

Diskeeper Corporation Ships New Virtual Platform Performance Optimizer - V-locit …

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation has officially shipped V-locity™, a new virtual platform performance optimizer designed to maximize server speeds on Microsoft’s Hyper-V. The upward move to develop V-locity was made to create a virtual-specific product that not only performs defragmentation functions, but also synchronizes the complex and ongoing activity between host and multiple guest operating systems. “The need to go beyond the scope of defragmentation was necessary,“ notes Diskeeper Product

Diskeeper Corporation: Now over 35 Million Licences Sold

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation today announced that its Diskeeper® automatic defragmenter surpassed the 35 million licenses sold mark. The software continues to grow in popularity as the top solution for computer performance bottlenecks in the enterprise. Disk fragmentation causes server crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups and system failures. If you're running Windows, you have fragmentation. Replacement hardware is not only costly, but "throwing more storage resources (hardware) at a problem should be

New Whitepaper Shows Diskeeper Speeds Server File Access up to 30%

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation, innovators in performance and reliability technologies, today announced the release of a new whitepaper that shows Diskeeper® 2009 improves server performance. The paper, "The Impact of Disk Fragmentation on Servers," by David Chernicoff of Windows IT Pro, tests the effects of fragmentation on typical storage related tasks such as file copy and file access. "The single, consistent result that appears in all of our tests is

Avoid Smashing Hard Drive to Prevent ID Theft with Secure Delete 2.0

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation announced today that with Undelete® 2009’s new feature, SecureDelete® 2.0, users can avoid using drastic solutions to safely and permanently erase data before discarding hard drives. Which? Computing magazine recently published an article alleging that people should not only delete all files in their systems before discarding them, but also hit them with a hammer so to make it impossible to access the machine. Few in

Diskeeper Launches Titan Defrag Engine: Enterprise Servers Receive Massive Perfo …

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation today announced the release of the Titan Defrag Engine™ technology, the most powerful automatic defrag engine ever built. Titan was engineered to rapidly and efficiently defragment volumes from 100GBs up to and exceeding 20 terabytes at maximum speeds. Recognizing today’s increasing storage necessities and the need to keep these systems running at top speed, Diskeeper has equipped its Diskeeper 2009 EnterpriseServer edition with the Titan Defrag

Diskeeper Corporation Launches New Diskeeper® 2009

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation announced today the launch of new Diskeeper 2009, now with defrag engines at highest-ever speeds for maximum system performance. The new Diskeeper 2009 includes enterprise features in all workstation editions matching the current need for peak efficiency of desktops with high storage capacity: Diskeeper Pro Premier workstation now contains the Terabyte Volume Engine™ technology to rapidly eliminate tens of thousands to millions of fragments on drives

Diskeeper Reveals Best Defrag Solution for Exchange Servers

EAST GRINSTEAD, England - Diskeeper Corporation Europe reveals that Diskeeper(R) 2008 Enterprise Server improves Exchange servers\' performance and reliability at all times; operating with outmost security in the background, it represents the safest and most efficient solution on the market. With the constant I/O that goes on with busy Exchange servers, fragmentation of files and free space can substantially degrade system performance and increase backup times on heavily used servers.

Diskeeper Corporation Europe presenta lo studio su Zehnder Ltd

EAST GRINSTEAD, Inghilterra - Zehnder Ltd, leader nel mercato europeo nella costruzione di radiatori speciali, ha riscontrato notevoli miglioramenti nella performance del suo sistema dopo aver installato Diskeeper sulla sua rete di computer. L\'infrastruttura informatica di Zehnder è costituita da 28 server, che sono collegati a 300 client e forniscono diversi servizi network agli utenti. Un grosso carico di lavoro e di dati in input, insieme a un utilizzo senza

5 Ways Diskeeper Saves Money

EAST GRINSTEAD - England - In times of impending financial crisis, the focus lies on keeping companies in the viability range. Every enterprise re-evaluates its expenditures and searches for the Return on Investment that will make a difference. Here are 5 key reasons why installing Diskeeper on Companies’ networks is vital to reduce costs and to insure that productivity stays at its highest: 1. Diskeeper® 2008 is an automatic defragmentation

Diskeeper Speeds Up Data Delivery

EAST GRINSTEAD, England - Diskeeper Corporation, the undisputed leader in defragmentation technology, reveals that Diskeeper Enterprise Server edition with I-FAAST ™2.0 can dramatically speed up data delivery for servers by up to 80%, helping companies reach unprecedented new levels of server productivity. Server performance is often evaluated on how fast the drives can deliver data. No matter how much is invested in multiple processors and additional memory, if the hard

Diskeeper Corporation Points out Risks of Manual Defragmentation

EAST GRINSTEAD, England - Diskeeper announced that manual defragmentation can lead to routine maintenance not getting done, making an automatic defragmenter the only workable solution for this critical task. No enterprise is immune to the requirements of regular defragmentation in order to maintain peak system performance. However, for most sites manual defragmentation is no longer an option due to the high fragmentation levels and the time required for a defragmenter

Undelete 5 Server Edition Restores Overwritten Files in no Time

EAST GRINSTEAD, England - Undelete® 5 Server Edition helps companies recover their accidentally overwritten files at full tilt, providing a safety net for important documents and speeding up production time. Overwriting files to later discover that we need to get back to a previous version is a recurring scenario in every working environment. Many hours or days of work can be wiped out the instant we click “save file” only

Diskeeper 2008 gets Fortune 1000 companies up to speed

EAST GRINSTEAD, ENGLAND - Diskeeper Corporation Europe announces that 75% of the current Fortune 1000 companies use Diskeeper® in order to keep their networks and systems at peak performance. This impressive figure proves that successful companies recognize that fragmentation slows down their productivity and that it has an impact on their long term success. By investing in Diskeeper 2008, enterprises increase their server and desktop performance and overall system reliability,

30 Million Licences Sold – Diskeeper Corporation Breaks Sonic Barrier

EAST GRINSTEAD, ENGLAND - Diskeeper Corporation Europe is proud to announce that its multi-award winning defragmentation software Diskeeper® 2008 has reached the milestone of 30 million licences sold worldwide - making it the best-selling automatic defragmenter of all time. With the introduction of newer and faster technologies such as virtual servers and terabyte capacity disks, almost every enterprise experiences a constant increase in the amount of information that needs to

Diskeeper’s Undelete® 5 Recovery Software Safeguards Your Networks

EAST GRINSTEAD, ENGLAND - Diskeeper Corporation announced that the server edition of its popular file recovery software, Undelete 5, can boost company’s production by making an easier and faster recovery of accidentally deleted files. At one point or another most IT administrators are confronted with a frantic call from an end user who accidentally deleted important files on his or her network share. Nowadays most data get erased unintentionally, resulting

Diskeeper Maximises Windows Server 2008 Performance and Reliability

EAST GRINSTEAD, ENGLAND - Diskeeper Corporation Europe announces that its multi-awarded defragmenter Diskeeper® 2008 Server is now certified for Windows Server 2008. Windows Server 2008 is the latest release of Microsoft server platform that features automation of daily tasks, improved security and virtualization to improve hardware utilization and server availability. Diskeeper® 2008 Server Edition shifts your servers into top gear, debugging fragmentation-based problems in real time, as they occur, allowing

Diskeeper Awarded Microsoft Gold Partner Status

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation has always taken pride in its excellent relations with Microsoft® and is delighted to announce once again the attainment of the coveted title of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Gold Certified Partners are required to meet a very high set of criteria for each category and thus represent the utmost level of knowledge and competence with Microsoft technologies and have the closest working relationship with

Diskeeper 2008 Can Make Your PC Greener

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe reveals that the use of its multi-awarded defragmenter, Diskeeper® 2008, does not only improve systems performance but can also make your Company greener by enhancing its power consumption. According to a recent study carried by a leading IT company, disk fragmentation directly affects the energy consumption over data access time. When comparing two 256MB files in fragmented and non-fragmented states, the latter’s reading

Diskeeper Issues Vital Freeware Tool For IT-Administrators

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks™, DPAN, a freeware application which allows administrators to closely monitor the affects of fragmentation across their network. Fragmentation affects performance on every system. Until today it was an extremely long-winded process for IT professionals to find out what the levels of fragmentation were on their systems, as a

Diskeeper Corporation Europe Presents Corporate Outsourcing Solution

Microsoft TechDays08 - Stand 70 EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation leads the way to a new concept of corporate outsourcing by introducing the revolutionary InvisiTasking™ technology as a software utility that provides the key to cost reduction and efficiency increase. InvisiTasking, implemented in Diskeeper® 2008, remedies hard disk fragmentation “on the fly” by invisibly operating in the background without any impact on system resources. It remotely verifies networks, clients and

Diskeeper Corporation Appoints New CEO

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe announces a groundbreaking development in its management structure, as long-standing Deputy CEO Lisa Terrenzi has been named Chief Executive Officer. In 2007 Diskeeper Corporation achieved the highest ever sales in its 26 year history, which is directly linked to the extraordinary and efficient leadership of Ms. Terrenzi. Founder and Chairman Craig Jensen stated: “Lisa Terrenzi has been indispensable to the success of Diskeeper

Diskeeper 2008: The Gatekeeper of Professional Graphic Workstations

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe is proud to announce the release of a new white paper that reflects the benefits of Diskeeper® 2008 on professional graphic workstations. The white paper is written by Professor Brian Robinson, a former owner of a company which assembled customized high-end system solutions for the professional graphics industry. He is better known through his website,, where he and a small team of

Diskeeper 2008 Provides Single Defrag Technology for Extended Volumes

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation Europe reports that Diskeeper® 2008 Enterprise Server Edition will speed up site wide data delivery with its Terabyte Volume Engine™. Terabyte Volume Engine is a specialized defragmentation engine for very large NTFS volumes (60 GB or larger in size). It is the only defrag technology capable to eliminate the rapid fragmentation that occurs in volumes which may handle tens of thousands and even millions of files.

Diskeeper Corporation Releases Vista Compatible Undelete Software

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper is very pleased to announce the release of a new, updated version of its popular file recovery tool Undelete® 5. Undelete® 5 securely recovers deleted files and provides a data protection safety net for future deletions, as well as automatic file version protection for Microsoft Office files on desktops, laptops and network file servers. Unlike the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), Undelete® works in real-time

System Integrators To Immensely Benefit from Diskeeper 2008

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe emphasizes that it’s newly released version of Diskeeper® 2008 helps system integrators to save vast amounts of time and money on service contracts. Support calls have great potential for money loss as every minute spent on minor issues impairs the already narrowed down win margins. Those calls include crashes, system freezes, slow boot times, boot failures, file corruption, data loss, program errors or

Diskeeper 2008 Set to Perform under Most Extreme Conditions

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe unveils that Diskeeper® 2008 allows defragmentation to occur in the most extreme cases of non free space availability. On busy workstations and 24/7 servers where thousands and thousands of files are being processed disk space can be jammed rather swiftly. As most defragmentation tools on the market still require 10% to 15% of free space, administrators are regularly forced to create space in

Diskeeper 2008 Internationally up to Speed

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe announces that its multi awarded defragmenter is now selling to people in 8 languages allowing a growing number of people around the world the usage of Diskeeper® 2008 in their native language. As Diskeeper is committed to make the utilisation of its products as user friendly and hassle-free as possible, the new Diskeeper® 2008 has been available in 8 different languages from the

Diskeeper 2008 Introduces Volume Shadow Copy Service Compatibility

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation Europe announces that one of the key features of its brand new Diskeeper® 2008 software is the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) compatibility mode, which leverages the data protection of VSS with the performance and reliability benefits found from defragmenting. Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is a feature introduced with Windows Server 2003 and is now regularly implemented in Windows Vista. It allows taking manual or

Diskeeper 2008 Assures Considerable Return of Investment

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation Europe published today that its brand new software Diskeeper® 2008 will provide every enterprise with a considerable return of investment. Today's businesses rely on internal and external networks with immense numbers of integrated workstations. An improvement in overall speed and performance will instantly save valuable time and by that considerable amounts of money. The slightest reduction of costs applied throughout a large network can make a

Over 26 Million Diskeeper Licences Sold

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe proudly announces that its award-winning performance enhancement software Diskeeper has officially sold over 26 million licences. As the company is looking into an even more successful year with the release of the brand new Diskeeper® 2008 there are plenty more triumphs ahead. Diskeeper now boasts more customer requested features implemented in Diskeeper® 2008 than any other product in the performance and reliability sector.

New Diskeeper 2008 Delivers Beyond Expectations

Diskeeper Corporation Europe announces the brand new version of its number one selling software Diskeeper the most successful product launch to date. As the new Diskeeper has been well anticipated expectations were understandably high. After a year of extensive research and public surveying there are now more customer requested features implemented in the software than in any other product in the performance and reliability segment. With first glances or thorough

Diskeeper Corporation Europe Will Attend IP’07 Showcase

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe announced that it will be attending the IP’07 showcase in London on 16th and 17th October. As the event at Earls Court is set to be a gathering of the biggest names in IT there will be various presentations of new technologies. Managing Director Paul Hoole stated: “Diskeeper Corporation will hold a press conference in order to unveil the latest, most definite solution

Diskeeper Corporation Europe Announces New Distribution Partnerships for Europea …

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation Europe has announced new distribution partnerships with key distributors across Europe in response to an increased global demand for Diskeeper Corporation’s multi award winning Diskeeper 2007 software which stands as the world’s number one automatic defragmenter. Paul Hoole, Diskeeper Corporation Europe’s Managing Director, stated: “As we have always been extremely satisfied with the services provided by our European distributors, we are glad to cooperate with yet

Diskeeper 2007 Keeps Going Strong as Number One Maintenance Efficiency Solution

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe conveyed that its number one selling product Diskeeper 2007 remains one of the backbone maintenance tools for system administrators worldwide. Being a system administrator can be an extremely time-consuming job, especially when it comes to essential maintenance cycles for extended networks. Although the usage of an automatic defragmenter will instantly save time and money for every enterprise, the application has to be deployed

Diskeeper Corporation Europe Announces Beginning of New Era

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation Europe stated that with the dawn of virtualisation technologies, automatic defragmentation has become an ever important measure in order to prevent operating system interferences. Virtualisation allows better use of system resources by generating multiple operating environments on a single physical platform. This technology is gradually taking over, with more and more software providers offering virtualisation solutions. However, among the multiple benefits that this technology presents, there

Diskeeper Corporation Europe: Customers Commend Service

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation Europe announced that the company’s constant endeavours to meet and exceed customer expectations have resulted in an all time high in positive customer feedback. As well as being committed to supply the best defragmenter on the market, Diskeeper Corporation insists that customer services such as instant delivery, extremely efficient technical support and after sales care is impeccable at all times. With Diskeeper’s dedicated staff it becomes

Diskeeper 2007 Enhances Anti-Malware Security Software

EAST GRINSTEAD, England - Diskeeper Corporation Europe announced that the usage of anti-malware security software becomes considerably more efficient when Diskeeper 2007 is deployed on a system. Anti-malware security software has become an ever-present commodity. Whether used on servers, desktops or laptops, the scanning of files on demand or as a scheduled process, is a significant part of the overall business security formula. Malicious software detection-and-removal applications scan files (including

Diskeeper Corporation Europe Outlines Urgent Requirement of Database Defragmenta …

EAST GRINSTEAD, England -- Diskeeper Corporation Europe pointed out that it is perfectly safe and extremely time efficient to perform thorough database defragmentation with its number one selling software Diskeeper 2007. The implemented InvisiTasking™ technology allows Diskeeper to perform completely unobtrusively in the background without having any impact on the resources of a database, which needs to run 24/7. Free/built-in defragmenters can prevent databases from being fully accessible while defragmentation

Diskeeper 2007 Asserts Technology Advance

EAST GRINSTEAD, England--Diskeeper Corporation Europe states that its number one selling product, Diskeeper 2007, can be regarded as one of the forerunners of native 64 bit operating system support. As an ever growing number of users complain about the 64 bit non-compatibility of their software, Diskeeper remains the most popular defragmentation tool on the market. Support for 64 bit systems has been available since Diskeeper 10, hence the company’s experience

Diskeeper Corporation Europe Identifies Vitality of System Enhancements

Software company Diskeeper Corporation Europe states that it is vitally important to defragment MFT and paging files. On an extremely busy server where hundreds of files are being created every day the Master File Table can become heavily fragmented and the native Windows defrag tool, despite interoperating with the file system and APIs, doesn’t actually support defragmentation of the MFT, the Paging File, FAT directories or files open for exclusive

Diskeeper Corporation Europe Reveals Fragmentation as One of the Main Barriers f …

EAST GRINSTEAD, England-- After concluding an extended cycle of studies based on comprehensive customer surveying, Diskeeper Corporation Europe outlines that a great deal of Diskeeper 2007 first-time customers started to intensely appreciate the software and its crucial improvements on productivity directly after the initial deployment. Albeit the fact that system reliability has become a vital part of production in every economy, the focus on protecting this valuable source can be

Fragmentation Affects Network and System Performance

A smooth running computer system and network is essential for any business or corporation in order for efficient day-to-day production to take place. There are many factors that can slow or even corrupt this process. Fragmentation is certainly one of these aspects, if not the most prominent. If it is not handled fragmentation can cause the computer and network to slow down dramatically and can sometimes even cause them to

Diskeeper 2007® Delivers System Safeguard Technology

As a result of an ever growing need for system reliability, Diskeeper Corporation Europe delivers a fully automated defragmentation technology that safeguards systems and increases their overall performance. Fragmentation can evolve into a serious problem that can cause incalculable damage on any system. Diskeeper 2007® prevents production from being jeopardised by such events. It tackles fragmentation as it is happening in a discreet and highly effective way. Diskeeper 2007® utilises

Diskeeper 2007: Storming the Market

Diskeeper Corporation Europe is proud to announce that unit sales of Diskeeper® have reached an 89.8% market share in System Utilities/General Disk Utilities sold (March 2006 - February 2007) according to data from The NPD Group\'s Distributor Track®. (The NPD Group is the leading global provider of consumer and retail market research information for a wide range of industries). Diskeeper Corporation Europe has also witnessed a 3.46% increase in UK

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